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Day 2: Krabi town is small

We woke up not in rush today.
We were planning to do our own city tour around Krabi. Yesterday is hell of fun day, and we need to do something that wont made us exhausted or get water splashes for today.
We need to get rest for tomorrow because tomorrow is a big day.
We will go to Phiphi Island, i've been waiting this for so long. I want to do more snorkeling for sure if i went there. It said as the "Jewel of Andaman Sea". So, its the big thing for me !
After having our breakfast with a cup of noodle and hot milk, we went to front office and rent the motorcycle for a day, its 300 baht, we rent it since last night.
With a help of 3 different maps we hit the road.
Lost several times, but then we find everything in all sudden.
We went to the morning market, buy some t-shirt. And then went to Krabi biggest dept Store "VOGUE".. no don't imagine it as big as malls in Jakarta. Its only 3 level and its just small. But at least it have Mc D, a place to eat for me.
After went to vogue and bought a jeans, we went to up hill areas, and see a beautiful temple. When we were in, there's several monks doing praying. I'm just afraid that i will disturb them, so i told Maria not to go inside, i don't see any other tourist there also, so we went outside again.
We finally go to the bottom of the temple and take some of the pictures there on the stairs.
We went to smaller shops then to find t-shirts for our family. I bought a wooden box for my sisters, also 3 different coaster for glasses made from wooden with beautiful carvings and pictures of Thailand elephant in a shop not far from a river.
We take few pictures near the river too. The river is not so big, but its quite clean.
We met with the friend that on the same tour with us yesterday. They suggest us to see the waterfall. But we don't think its a good idea because the sky is cloudy and its a bout to raining.
So we headed to Baan Iyara to get some rest. On the way back to hostel we stop in a restaurant and have a taste of Thai food in Kampan restaurant.
I have Khow Pad Poo which is a fried rice ! and maria had something with thiaw, i forgot the full name but its the noodle. I'm just afraid if it's cooked with pork. Something that definitely i can't eat.

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