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Tanjung Lesung Banten Part 3; Calica Resort & Beach Club

The Beach Club is quite nice.. but the beach is so-so. Its clean, and you could see father and daughter kayaking there’s another guy also doing jet ski. The beach club also had toilet and shower place to clean up if you decide to swim. I would say its good that the beach is clean but I don’t think I would swim or snorkel. It’s clear water to snorkel but I think there’s not really much to see there.
Beach Club @ Calica Resort

When we were there, plenty of people trying the water sport such as banana boat, jet ski or even kayaking. Some just sit around the bench and relaxing. The parking spot are great. They also provide shower to clean up and pretty good/clean toilet if you decide to change clothes and to clean up after swimming on beach.

"mini beach" at beach club

The Beach Club not so appealing "beach"

The beach span less than 100 meters with rocky white sands... a mix with broken shells, sands and broken corals. Its also only less than 2 meters wide. Its quiet also... The visitors as much as i could see mostly locals.. and with head scarf (possibly still conservative--glad im not planning to do some bikini show up!!). There are at least two expat families doing kayaking and relaxing.

The "fishing bridge" at Beach Club Tanjung Lesung

Im not in the mood for doing anything with water. Its just 6 weeks after my retina detachment surgery anyway... no swimming!

the walk along the shores, reminds me of Sanur

they keep the resort clean-i like this!

Green Coral-where you could sleep with tent

the path along the beach from Beach Club to Calica

The air is fresh and we decide to have a stroll along the beach. They made this good pavement for walking/using bicycle. But i think it’s a little bit too short for bicycle. We walk to the harbor where you could rent some fishing rod and fish by the hour there. Also it’s not a good idea because I barely see fish there.

Beach Club from the fishing bridge

why the evacuation route not on the map?? **safety first**

We walk to the left side of the beach house and not for so long we enter the Tanjung Lesung Beach hotel. It’s not that bad. It’s bigger area than our hotel. It had gazebos on the beach area. But the beach itself not much to see or do. The swimming pool is the main attraction I guess. I saw lots of families there. Including family of goat haha!

very close to "nature" kind of hotel-welcoming the goat family (on vacation sir??)

We walk more to the east and we enter the Hotel Calica beach resort. Saw some tv/movie crew making video on beach. There are several beach bed but I can’t understand the concrete under it…

Beach bed in front of Calica Beach Hotel
The hotel looks nice, better than any accommodation there—I would say the best. They even had this souvenir shop. We decide to relax a bit on one of their comfy rattan bed shape like circle… I even fall a sleep there.

pretty comfy and the restaurant lend us their pillow

Its soo quiet and I love it so much. Calica beach area not that much better than any of beach in the resort area. It’s still rocky and had this sign said you can’t swim there. I think its related to the fact that they don’t have any beach guard to watch you while you swim on beach. But for me as I am not allowed to swim yet, I could enjoy the beach as far as sleeping on it.

We had another drinks on Calica restaurant. It’s by the beach, and the price is not that expensive (except for the liquors, beer is around Rp 40.000,-/can). So, better buy your own beer at alfamart or indomart outside the resort (but if you think the price is all right, it doesn’t matter then).

rocky quiet beach

Overall it’s a nice lazy PEACEFUL afternoon for me. We walk over to the beach club when the sun sets already. It’s quite dark when we walk by, the lights was on but still its darker than we thought it would be.

dinner time!

We did our dinner at a restaurant outside the resort. It’s called Kampoeng Nelayan. It’s on the left side from the Calica resort direction. When we came there, there are many locals. They had this chess tournament.

inside the restaurant--we are the only customer!

We had the steamed red snapper and grilled fish. It’s really fresh and the price is very good. The restaurant is quite empty. They also had rooms for guest. It’s like small room and quite basic. The room on week day cost 400k and on weekend it goes to 500k.

You could see small fishing houses in the middle of sea. There’s hundreds of it and you could see the tiny rocking lights from each of it. It’s very nice to eat fresh sweet fish while watching this lights and hearing the wave sounds. We stayed until around 8.30pm and go back to the resort, very full and satisfied!

On our way back, as I already thought, the resort turn into a horror like scene!! Yikes!! Its pitch dark! And I just ONLY wish we don’t have flat tire or no animals crossing!! Hahaha! Been working in jungle for 6 years I know what you could expect from this kind of road!!

If you’re staying with your family, I think, on the safe side just order food from your resort. It’s not that its not safe or anything. But 2 kms from NEAREST security “booth” there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it’s just rice fields and bushes! Again… been working in jungles.. I know what I expect hahah! There are ranging from flat tire, upset engines **out of nowhere** wild boars, snakes So it would be less stress with small kids who afraid of darks or those who get freak out very quick to just stay at hotel!

We had quite long day with the car trip, we fall asleep very quick. It was a great day anyway with delicious dinner!

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