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Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!

Football Fans for a day-Bundes Liga experience with FC Union Berlin!

I think i was born tomboy. I always love football, despite that in Asia, at least in my region its kind of "big sin" and "humiliating" for parents to allow or let their daughter to play football. I love it, i like it, and even play until i work with other secretaries on my company--we play futsal, the indoor football. Its not only liking the handsome football players or to please my boyfriend (yep, most other girls reason i guess), basically i just love sports.

In 2011, i was so excited when i reach Munich and had the chance to  visit the Arena. The football stadium already want to made me cry.

It was a great feeling just to sit there on an empty massive stadium, just to say to your self this is where my fave team doing their match, warming ups, rolling running, and so on. I could "imagine" the feelings when the match is on! Some people if i talk to them regarding this will think i am over react and just cant understand, the feeling.

I thought, that was it.... my Bundes Liga experience at the home of my favorite team Bayern Muenchen.... i call it the home of Germany football kings! (please dont throw that empty beer cans to my head!) but yes, basically i love all of Germany football players since 1998!!

One day, i got the invitation, to experience what i call "Germany Football Fans culture".

It was awesome!!!!

I never get to Indonesia footbal match. Since long time ago, Indonesia football most of time will end up in riots. Fights, burning tires, police everywhere, thats how crazy as it goes. Its just in past few years it slightly became better. But still, not really encourage me to watch it live. Only in TV.

Indonesian love football, you could see lots of little kids play without any shoes on dirt, sometimes they only use ball made of newspaper. They are...too passionate on the game i would say :P

So, this would be the very first time i will see a big match (with lots of people). The latest match ive been is when i play Jakarta region women futsal/indoor football championship, but i think its only few hundreds of people in the stadium.

I got my expectation what is it going to be on a Germany football match (at least more "civilize"?).


Showing my love to FC Union!
Its a 2nd tier team called "Union Berlin FC" my host introduce me this team, their players, statical numbers, pictures, before i went to one of their match in Schwarzwald Stadion Freiburg.

My FC Union gears-i am ready!
I found out that the team colors is match with my country flag colors (red and white), and basically i love red. Its all set... i sent my host the pictures of things i will wear on the match--yes he is a big fans of this club, and i want to do it as fans, so we should do it right. We will have our place at the fans corner.

autobahn on the way to Freiburg
So, we drove from Frankfurt to Freiburg in early morning, driving through autobahn fogs. Sometimes i saw some other cars with Union flags or attributes on it. Even some ride in big motorcycle. I like how everyone salute each others! i heard from news that most of fans already leaving from Berlin a day before. Now, thats a group of fans i need to see!

very hazy autobahn
At the outskirt of Freiburgh we had to park the car because it will be difficult to find a parking spot there. So we use the local train to complete the journey to the stadium. They sky are blue and magically the weather was slowly warm up. Its not that very cold.

Even on the train the passengers mostly both of football fans meet up and cheer up singing, and i know theres mocking talking to each others but not that crazy way that its dangerous. So far i really like it.

A short walk from the train to the Schwarzwald stadium
He reminds me not to bring bags, and all of the do's and dont's which is im badly need to know before entering the stadium. No foods or drinks. No sharp objects not even a bottle. I just bring my passport with me and my phone with a powerbank.

At entrance they made two lines check for woman and men. I feel like i was lost in middle of big people wave. Hahah in Indonesia i might be the tallest of most... in here i am small/average size for women!

at the entrace of the stadium, i became not so tall!
My turn, they ask me to open my hat, check my collar, my coat, my pockets, and the police pull my passport out im just saying, im an expat hahah she just smile (dont know if she understand me or not).

Pass the security check i scan my ticket and im in!

There are huge groups of Unions fans already. We pick our spot and not long after the fans start their choreography, yells ad singing. It feels so good to follow the fans! The game was start at 13.00

On the FC Unions supporters stands
The game it self its quite difficult. Freiburg was on first tier before. Its a strong opponent for FC Union. But they play hard, and i like this kind of game!

After the 2nd goal from Freiburg i could sense at some moment the disappointment was there at the Union fans line. But i also help to cheer them up, hey, its not as bad as it looks!

Not gave up yet FC Union!

I held my hands up, following the cheers (no, i dont speak Germany!) claps my hands, i want to also let them know they shouldnt gave up!! i swirl the syal up my head! and i am getting it. Taking as much pictures as i can as well with my phone at the same time! i am quite busy!

And it goes on and on! My hands was hurt because i was clapping so hard! At the last minutes of the game, the fans start to sing: Always look on bright sight of life! And this is the part i love the most!!

Supporters FC Union singing & dancing; Always look on bright side of life
Its 3-0 and i think they just want to show the support at the very last of it.


Its not a really good day for FC Union. But they fought hard, they could play better.... but for what i know their fans love them so very much! and i do enjoy this. I dance and sing with them as well!

Its not a good day for match i could see the disappointment but i like the way the fans doing it! only those with big heart could still sing and dance when their team got beaten on the score board! they hell of a fans group! and i am happy to be there to enjoy it!

Also one of the best part when the players go to the fence--yes they are that close, to where the fans still cheering and singing. Its something i never seen in Indonesia!

FC Union fans still cheering for their players

I like how humble their player to greet their fans!

My host ask me if this is what i think of a football match should be? i say nah... i thought all of you would be sit down and do nothing. This is fun, and i look at the fans inn different way here. It could goes bad, because they are disappointed but its not, they choose to sing and dance! Where else i could see that?!!

End of game!

I ask my host if this is common? the dancing at the very end of game? he say NO hahaha so, yes, the sky is blue, its a warm day, and the match not so good but i am happy to support the team (until my hands hurt for clapping).

Thank you FC Union i really enjoy the fun of being a fan! I think ill be one of FC Union fans too!

Police with horse outside the stadium

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Schengen visa-Pengajuan Konsulat Jerman Surabaya-Part 2

Setelah mengumpulakan seluruh dokumen pendukung persyaratan visa, aku akhirnya mengontak konsulat Jerman di Surabaya untuk menanyakan beberapa hal melalui email (alamat emailnya; Aku buat janji untuk pengajuan dinomor telepon 031-563-1871, dapatnya janji di hari rabu tanggal 28 Oktober 2015 jam 11 pagi. Lumayan masih berapa minggu sebelum jadwal berangkat.

Hari rabu, naik kereta dari Bojoneoro, aku udah bawa semua dokumen dalam map sampe bawa lem kertas dan straples ibarat siap tempur ala UMPTN (hahah ketawan angkatan jadul ngomong UMPTN). Itupun masih bawa flashdisk sama laptop segala biar komplit.

Mengenang tahun 2011, segala horor dan suspense jadi keinget semua waktu mau apply Schengen dari Kedutaan Jerman di Jakarta. Cuma bisa pasrah kalau kejadian lagi,

Sampai di stasiun Ps. Turi, keluar dari stasiun langsung naik Bluebird jam 8.30, bekal alamat yang di print out, maklum bukan orang Surabaya--GPS HP on langsung! Lapernnya ngga ketulungan, jadi di jalan liat Mc D drive way jadi mampirlah buat beli sekedar menu breakfast plus kopi.

Oh ya, jangan lupa siapkan duit cash yang pas untuk bayar visa. Di putaran konsulat aku ngga liat ada ATM. Patokan konsulat yang aku udah google dari semalaman itu adalah hotel Mercure yang gak jauh (kurang dari 1km) dari konsul (lebih gampang di cari via google map).

Hotel Mercure,  gak jauh dari Konsul
Waktu sampai di Jalan Wahidin, aku malah tidak melihat tanda-tanda konsul. Tapi lihat bendera Swiss yang merah besar (catchy banget dah) di pagar konsul Swiss, jadi saya memutuskan berhenti.

Dan memang benar, di sebelah konsulat Swiss memang konsulat Jerman.

Di dalam ruang tunggu Konsul Swiss-Pagar konsulatnya Catchy dengan logo  + merah gede

Aku langsung mendatangi Pak Satpam, dan memberitahukan kalau saya ada janji jam 11. Pak Satpam langsung mengarahkan untuk mengisi buku tamu. Dia juga pegang check list untuk janji temu hari ini. Saya di suruh menunggu di ruang tunggu konsul Swiss yang lebih adem.

Di ruang tunggu ada satu keluarga sepertinya dengan travel agent yang juga menungggu.

Lumayan sepi dan tenang, aku gak liat2 lagi cuek makan sarapan yang aku beli di Mc D tadi. Gak nyadar banget ada mbak2 di balik meja di ruangan sebelah hahahah mungkin mikir tuh mbak gila amit makannya buas (sumpah gue lapar).

Pas habis makan, mbaknya yang sepertinya sudah nunggu, manggil dan minta semua dokumen di serahkan. Dia susun ulang semua dokumen dan cek ulang kelengkapan.

Sampe sini herannya aku nga seberapa deg2an. Gak sama dengan suasana waktu di Kedutaan Jerman yang Jakarta, dari awal tuh suspense abis. Di sini berasa lebih relax. Aku juga masih di perbolehkan pakai hp (gue gak nyadar ada tuh mbak jadi selfie2 lah gue hahahah).

Bukan promo sepatu-tapi takjub aja ngga seketat Jakarta

Jam 11 lewat (yupp agak ngaret), aku di suruh naik ke konsul. Keluar dari ruang tunggu ngelewatin pos securty (nga di suruh titip tas segala) menuju lantai 2.

Di lantai 2 ternyata lebih sepi lagi. Cuma ada 2 petugas di sana. Ada ruang tunggu kecil di sana.
Sampai di sana aku langsung menghampiri loket dan menyerahkan semua dokumen.

Waktu aku menyerahkan print out dari website Videx, ternyata memang benar aku melakukan kesalahan.

NOTE: kosongkan bagian yang tidak perlu!!! bahkan jangan di tulis "N/A" (Not applicable)
Aku tulis di sebagian besar form tersebut dengan N/A sebab dari pengalaman pengajuan visa terdahulu aku di bilang tidak boleh mengosongkan jawaban (di lembar permohonan manual).

Jadi beruntunglah aku bawa laptop dan langsung sambung ke internet via HP, dan mbak yang di konsulat baik banget boleh minta tolong print ulang. Jadi aku simpan form yang sudah selesai di revisi dan simpan  melalui flashdisk untuk kemudian di print. Fiuuuhhhh!!!

Selain dari itu, berhubung aku juga dapat surat undangan resmi/Verpflichtungserklarung, dan di nyatakan semua pembiayaan di tanggung oleh pengundang (ada kolom contengan di bawah surat yang menyatakan demikian), seharusnya tidak butuh print out dari tabungan aku. Tapi memang aku buat jaga-jaga sudah siapkan---daaannn kemudian di tanyakan. Aku langsung serahkan semua copy print out tabungan. Untuk pengajuan yang sebelumnya dari kedutaan Jerman di Jakarta aku malah tidak diminta. Menurut mbaknya, ini adalah aturan baru--wokkey baiklah.

NOTE: walaupun sudah ada pengundang dan ada surat resmi, untuk jaga2 yah print out sajalah tabungan!

Selesai seluruh dokumen di serah terima, tentunya ada sesi tanya jawab yang ternyata pertanyaannya masih sama dengan beberapa tahun yang lalu. Yang di tanyakan seputar pekerjaan kita, apakah punya aset atau tidak (mobil/motor, tanah, rumah atau apartemen), pegawai kontrak atau permanen, dimana kerja kita, dan soal pengundang/penanggung. Di mana ketemu, cara komunikasi dengan bahasa apa, sudah berapa lama kenal dengan pengundang, dll. Tapi jangan khawatir, ngga terlalu detail sampe nanya nama orang tua, nama saudara dsb (hahah gue sempat stres waktu pertama mikir ini yang bakalan di tanyakan). Pertanyaan juga akan seputar rencana perjalanan. Tapi berhubung selama 14 hari aku cuma di Frankfurt dan sekitarnya jadi aku cuma kasih tau kota-kota sekitar aja. Tapi sepertinya si mbak rada relax dengan pertanyaan sebab aku sudah pernah ke sana dan malah banyak tanya soal proyek aku **grin** pekerjaan pasti bakalan di tanyakan sebab mereka juga gak mau kita ke sana nantinya malah cari kerja.

Ibu satunya, baru bertanya ketika semua proses selesai, dia menanyakan soal facial paralysis aku--hahah dia tadinya menngira aku pernah kena stroke! (anyway ini OOT banget ya).

Daaannn setelah itu, aku di kasih selembar surat bukti pembayaran, disuruh datang lagi setelah 14 hari kerja. Dokumen asli seperti Verpflichtungserklarung di kembalikan.

Keluar dari konsul aku akhirnya jalan kaki ke arah Hotel Mercure, sebab aku ingat di jalan di samping hotel tersebut ada pangkalan taksi Blue Bird. Jadi yo wesss... jalan kaki biar hapal nih jalan (sambil berdoa komat kamit di tiap langkah, suatu saat bakalan apply lagi visa Schengen dan jalan lagi melalui jalan ini--amiiinnn).

Jreeeenggg jreeeengg..... demikianlah.

Tinggal ngarep dot com, dapat mukjizat dari negara yang paling pelit dengan visa, dapat multiply buat 3 bulan hahaaayyyy!

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My dearest Schengen Visa (pengajuan via Konsulat Jerman Surabaya)

Kemarin baru aja buat visa schengen melalui Konsul Kehormatan Jerman di Surabaya. To make it short langsung aja deh. Jadi pokok bahasan curhat gue kali ini soal proses yang di Surabaya ya walopun kurang lebih sama dengan di Jakarta…….

Awal cerita di mulai dari pikiran sumpek kerja di daerah terpencil (dan alesan2 gak masuk di akal lainnya) keisengan nanya-nanya kantor soal liburan apakah di bolehkan atau ngga dan akhirnya ditanya mau kemana sih?? Gue sih iseng jawab YUROP lah… tapi hahah memang kangen sih.. jadi yah diiringi doa (dan lirikan tajam bos) akhirnya di niatkan benar ke Eropa (dadakan).

Tujuannya kali ini hanya di Jerman dan seputarannya. Cuma 14 hari dan dikala winter, sebab aku sudah pernah datang waktu summer. Ngga punya banyak rencana sebab yang aku tau aktivitas selama musim dingin agak terbatas, kecuali kalau kamu suka winter adventure, ski dll. (guehh kaga tahan dingin cuyy)

Berhubung lokasi kerja aku sekarang pindah ke Jawa timur dengan segala pertimbangan dan hasil terawangan, maka ya sudahlah apply dari Konsul Jerman di Surabaya ajalah. Namanya juga dadakan ngga ada rencana matang.

Alamat Konsul Kehormatan Jerman ada di Jl. Dr Wahidin No 29 Surabaya.

Dulu waktu ke Eropa 2011, rencana dibuat matang sebab belum pernah ke sana dan secara sendirian, antisipasi segala macam keadaan deh pokoknya. Tiket sudah di beli 3 bulan sebelum keberangkatan. Itinerary selesai, mateng di buat di excel isinya rincian biaya and how to get there, semua moda transport yang available di tulis, just incase ketinggalan bus atau kereta. Sampe packing list di buat juga dengan detail. Pokoknya komplit lah.

Pengurusan visa juga di buat di bulan February (berangkat Mei), izin kantor berangkat ke Jakarta dan akhir Maret visa di approve.

Kali ini gue beda. Ngga ada persiapannya hahahha (ketawa gila stress abis).

Kali ini mulai pengumpulan dokumen September akhir dan pengajuan visa Oktober niat berangkat November akhir sampai dengan Desember hahahha…..

Kali ini pengurusan visa schengen sudah agak berbeda dengan tahun 2011, selain ada system VIS yang baru sejak November 2013, perbedaan juga ada hubungannya dengan lokasi pengajuan sih. Bedanya;

  1. Konsul Jerman di Surabaya hanya menerima formulir yang di isi secara online melalui website Videx ( Keduaan besar Jerman di Jakarta masih menerima formulir manual yang di berikan secara gratis. Aku terusterang agak grogi dengan Videx sebab kalau ada kesalahan maka akan butuh di upload ulang filenya dan di print lagi. Kalau untuk form manual bisa di copy/print sebanyaknya kalau salah bisa di tulis tangan ulang.
  2. Biaya proses visa melalui konsulat lebih mahal. Rincian biayanya: 60 euro untuk biaya pembuatan, 30 euro untuk konsulat dan Rp 50.000,- untuk ongkos kirim. Semuanya di bayarkan dalam mata uangn rupiah (aku kena total Rp 1.400.000,-). Di kedutaan besar Jerman di Jakarta biaya yang di keluarkan hanya 60 euro (hanya biaya pembuatan)
  3. Lama proses visa. Di Kedutaan besar Jerman di Jakarta lama proses hanya 10 hari (dari yang tadinya hanya 3 hari hikkkssss). Lama proses pembuatan visa melalui konsulat adalah sampai dengan 14 hari. Jadi kurang lebih di buatlah timelinenya... kalau butuh buru-buru 4 hari selisih itu memang sesuatu bangeddd... tapi kalau kek aku yang kepepet... apa boleh buat deh.
  4. Untuk membuat janji dengan konsul hanya bisa via telepon masih belum bisa melalui website seperti kedutaan besar. Nomor telepon konsul kehormatan Jerman di Surabaya: 031 563 1871

Untuk syarat2 wajib/utama masih sama sih dengan kedutaan besar di Jakarta. Cuma saran aku mendingan dokumen pendukung lainnya juga di bawa.

  1. Formulir yang di isi online di website Videx ini (asli 1 lembar). Untuk formulir manualnya bisa di download disiniTips: beda dengan formulir manual yang dulu gue isi, yang kali ini kalau memang ngga perlu diisi yaaa di kosongkan aja ngga perlu di tulis “N/A” kek formulir manual tahun 2011 dulu. Sebab yang di baca sama mesin scan permohonan nanti adalah barcode jawaban dari formulir videx yang di isi
  2. Lembar pernyataan berdasarkan Undang-undang izin tinggal pasal 54, 55 serta jadwal perjalanan yang sudah di tanda tangani (semua harus asli). Formulir bisa di download klik disin Tips:  isi tanggal sesuai dengan tanggal pengajuan visa. Kasih daftar detail sesuai dengan rencana perjalanan berapa lama tinggal di suatu Negara (kalau mau traveling ke negara lain selain Jerman) dengan memberikan kode Negara sesuai petunjuk. Kalau mau ambil visa 90 hari dengan multiple entry, jadwal perjalanan berikutnya ke negara2 Schengen harus juga diisi. Jangan lupa untuk membuat asuransi yang masa berlakunya mengcover 90 hari kalau perlu satu tahun.
  3. Foto biometris berwarna dengan latar belakang putih atau abu-abu muda, ukuran 3,5 x 4,5 cm. Wajah setidaknya mengisi 80% dari keseluruhan gambar. Untuk foto ini aku sengaja udah foto dari bulan September di Fuji film di ground level Mall Grand Indonesia Jakarta. Mereka benar-benar mengecek foto ini loh jangan sampai salah ukuran dan komposisi perbandingan. Yang dii butuhkan 2 lembar. Satu di tempelkan ke formulir dan satu di kelipkan ke formulir.
  4. Passport yang masih berlaku, minimal 3 bulan sebelum masa visa berakhir. Minimal ada 2 halaman kosong (asli ngga perlu fotocopy). Kalau ada passport lama yang banyak stempel visanya, lampirkan juga buat referensi. Aku kemarin dengan pertimbangan di passport lama ada visa Schengen dari kedutaan Jerman juga jadi aku lampirkan juga.
  5. Untuk Asuransi, Isi formulir yang bisa di download di siniPolis asuransi yang memenuhi syarat adalah mengcover jumlah pertanggungan minimal 30.000 euro. Bukan harganya yang 30.000 euro ya… perhatikan nominalnya juga jangan kejebak sebab 30.000 usd beda dengan 30.000 euro. Untuk asuransi lokal, aku masih liat ACA dan AXA yang masih jadi favorit traveler yang mengajukan visa schengen. Kedua asuransi ini mengcover nilai pertanggungan sesuai dengan syarat pengajuan visa schengen. Tapi AXA kelebihannya bisa di ajukan secara online jadi ngga perlu mendatangi kantor asuransi. Untuk ACA, keknya postingan aku yang lama tahun 2011 dulu nemu satu agen yang mau ngantarin asuransi langsung hari minggu pula. Kalau mau visa 90 hari pastikan di halaman ke dua di isikan tanggal berlaku asuransi. Kalau mau 90 hari ya belilah asuransi yang berlaku sampai dengan 3-6 bulan, atau yang satu tahun, mudah2an bisa di approve 90 harinya.
  6. Biaya pembuatan visa sebagaimana yang gue sebutin sebelumnya. Untuk di Konsulat ada biaya tambahan 30 euro dan ongkos kirim sebesar Rp 50. 000,- biaya pembuatan visa ini di bayarkan dalam rupiah dan tergantung kurs Euro pada saat pengajuan permohonan
  7. Surat Keterangan kerja dari kantor. Isinya intinya menyatakan bahwa perusahaan mengetahui rencana perjalanan kita dan menjamin bahwa kita akan kembali bekerja serta meminta agar di bantu proses pembuatan visanya.
Surat Keterangan Kerja aplikasi Schengen

Syarat tambahan (tergantung faktor keberuntungan) baiknya disiapkan juga;

  1. Payrolslip dari kantor (gue siapin 3 bulan terakhir)
  2. Rekening koran tabungan selama 3 bulan terakhir (kalau BCA di charge per lembar Rp 8000,-)
  3. Booking tiket pesawat/itinerary. Ingat, bukan issued tiket sebab kalau visa tidak di approve sayang dunk uang tiket yang pastinya di atas 5 juta. Aku booking melalui website KLM, dan metode pembayaran dengan melalui ATM sehingga ada waktu 48 jam pelunasan, nomor booking sudah keluar juga
  4. Kalau pakai penjamin dari Jerman, minta buatkan surat undangan tertulis dan Verpflichtungserklärung yang di buat di Jerman. Surat Verpflichtungserklärung harus di serahkan yang asli dan 1 fotocopy. Surat undangan cukup yang asli. Fotokopi identitas pengundang KTP/Passport juga harus di lampirkan   

Invitation Letter Schengen Visa

Untuk seluruh checklist dokumen yang di perlukan bisa liat di halaman ini.

Untuk detail pengalaman applynya aku tulis di tulisan berikutnya yaaaaa…….

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Tanjung Lesung Banten Part 3; Calica Resort & Beach Club

The Beach Club is quite nice.. but the beach is so-so. Its clean, and you could see father and daughter kayaking there’s another guy also doing jet ski. The beach club also had toilet and shower place to clean up if you decide to swim. I would say its good that the beach is clean but I don’t think I would swim or snorkel. It’s clear water to snorkel but I think there’s not really much to see there.
Beach Club @ Calica Resort

When we were there, plenty of people trying the water sport such as banana boat, jet ski or even kayaking. Some just sit around the bench and relaxing. The parking spot are great. They also provide shower to clean up and pretty good/clean toilet if you decide to change clothes and to clean up after swimming on beach.

"mini beach" at beach club

The Beach Club not so appealing "beach"

The beach span less than 100 meters with rocky white sands... a mix with broken shells, sands and broken corals. Its also only less than 2 meters wide. Its quiet also... The visitors as much as i could see mostly locals.. and with head scarf (possibly still conservative--glad im not planning to do some bikini show up!!). There are at least two expat families doing kayaking and relaxing.

The "fishing bridge" at Beach Club Tanjung Lesung

Im not in the mood for doing anything with water. Its just 6 weeks after my retina detachment surgery anyway... no swimming!

the walk along the shores, reminds me of Sanur

they keep the resort clean-i like this!

Green Coral-where you could sleep with tent

the path along the beach from Beach Club to Calica

The air is fresh and we decide to have a stroll along the beach. They made this good pavement for walking/using bicycle. But i think it’s a little bit too short for bicycle. We walk to the harbor where you could rent some fishing rod and fish by the hour there. Also it’s not a good idea because I barely see fish there.

Beach Club from the fishing bridge

why the evacuation route not on the map?? **safety first**

We walk to the left side of the beach house and not for so long we enter the Tanjung Lesung Beach hotel. It’s not that bad. It’s bigger area than our hotel. It had gazebos on the beach area. But the beach itself not much to see or do. The swimming pool is the main attraction I guess. I saw lots of families there. Including family of goat haha!

very close to "nature" kind of hotel-welcoming the goat family (on vacation sir??)

We walk more to the east and we enter the Hotel Calica beach resort. Saw some tv/movie crew making video on beach. There are several beach bed but I can’t understand the concrete under it…

Beach bed in front of Calica Beach Hotel
The hotel looks nice, better than any accommodation there—I would say the best. They even had this souvenir shop. We decide to relax a bit on one of their comfy rattan bed shape like circle… I even fall a sleep there.

pretty comfy and the restaurant lend us their pillow

Its soo quiet and I love it so much. Calica beach area not that much better than any of beach in the resort area. It’s still rocky and had this sign said you can’t swim there. I think its related to the fact that they don’t have any beach guard to watch you while you swim on beach. But for me as I am not allowed to swim yet, I could enjoy the beach as far as sleeping on it.

We had another drinks on Calica restaurant. It’s by the beach, and the price is not that expensive (except for the liquors, beer is around Rp 40.000,-/can). So, better buy your own beer at alfamart or indomart outside the resort (but if you think the price is all right, it doesn’t matter then).

rocky quiet beach

Overall it’s a nice lazy PEACEFUL afternoon for me. We walk over to the beach club when the sun sets already. It’s quite dark when we walk by, the lights was on but still its darker than we thought it would be.

dinner time!

We did our dinner at a restaurant outside the resort. It’s called Kampoeng Nelayan. It’s on the left side from the Calica resort direction. When we came there, there are many locals. They had this chess tournament.

inside the restaurant--we are the only customer!

We had the steamed red snapper and grilled fish. It’s really fresh and the price is very good. The restaurant is quite empty. They also had rooms for guest. It’s like small room and quite basic. The room on week day cost 400k and on weekend it goes to 500k.

You could see small fishing houses in the middle of sea. There’s hundreds of it and you could see the tiny rocking lights from each of it. It’s very nice to eat fresh sweet fish while watching this lights and hearing the wave sounds. We stayed until around 8.30pm and go back to the resort, very full and satisfied!

On our way back, as I already thought, the resort turn into a horror like scene!! Yikes!! Its pitch dark! And I just ONLY wish we don’t have flat tire or no animals crossing!! Hahaha! Been working in jungle for 6 years I know what you could expect from this kind of road!!

If you’re staying with your family, I think, on the safe side just order food from your resort. It’s not that its not safe or anything. But 2 kms from NEAREST security “booth” there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it’s just rice fields and bushes! Again… been working in jungles.. I know what I expect hahah! There are ranging from flat tire, upset engines **out of nowhere** wild boars, snakes So it would be less stress with small kids who afraid of darks or those who get freak out very quick to just stay at hotel!

We had quite long day with the car trip, we fall asleep very quick. It was a great day anyway with delicious dinner!

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