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Visa.. unfair !)

Well.. most people ask me why i went back to Thailand and Malaysia for the 2nd time this year.
My answer is.. if we don't need to have visa to go to Australia or Europe countries.. i will might go there...
Visa require me to have at least US$ 4000 on my bank account for at least 3 month (where the hell i am going to find that much money ehh???). In some other countries even more also depend on how long we will stay in that country. The visa it self only cost less than a m illion.. but the requirement.. hurt me so much lah !!

Hehehe.. im a dirt cheap traveler... I just want to pay for flight ticket and hostel and my food while there..hehehe... (thats an extra income for the country !)

I could understand well, most of these country afraid of illegal imigrant (who? me??!!!!) that come to their country and cant go back to their country (sumpeh loh.. gue gak nyusahin kook !)

I try to seek other countries beside my South East Asia destination that doesn't require Visa (for indoensia passport holder). I found that some interesting countries doesn't require visa..(ehh..)

Untuk yang punya passport indonesia silakan klik disini untuk melihat daftar negara mana aja yang dengan baik hati memperbolehkan kita masuk dengan tanpa syarat gonoh gonih...

Did i read it right ? Morocco is free? ehehehehehehehhe... next time time....

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