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Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!

Can you speak #x@yfzx@#!!???

I was on a Jakarta public bus-Busway when I saw foreigner looks with wonder to a few people talking in Bahasa Indonesia. His eyes wide open-staring people, and his lips were smiling all the time. Sometimes he tilts his head to one side, seemed trying to understand or thinking what everyone talking about.

I think "Lost in Translation" is always funny"

I can’t help myself but smiling and remind myself that I’ve been there before.

When we went first time to a country we never been before, everything seemed so amazing. Something that made you smile, eyes bigger, and your mouth will say “wow” lots of time.

When first time I went to Singapore I can’t describe how happy I was, because I hear NO ONE speaking in Bahasa Indonesia. Mainly it’s English with some Malay language, and Hindi language. But I still could understand what people saying and its cool.

When I went to Thailand, I was frowning. Darn.. I can’t understand what they said. But the fun thing is Asian mainly very EXPRESSIVE. They use their facial, their arms, and other body part to describe things they want to communicate.

And when I flew to Paris, and then go to Brussels-Belgium. The main language is French. I was short of like a car that needs warming up, and all of my SLEEPING BRAIN cells that once knew French language like zap several times trying to wake up. I will do facial move like blink, and my face will blush and the most extreme I will knock my head (knock..knoch.. come on brain.. let’s work). And with snail speed my corroded French works, I could understand some of the sentences and even If I can’t reply back with French.. I could understand most of the conversation. This is like the computer trying to fix the “bad sectors” on the hard disk (and making the sound buzzing) that’s how hard my brain trying to translate from French-English-Indonesia. My head was warm hahahaha!

With train, I arrive at Germany. Even in train.. I was smiling like stupid girl. Not because I was happy its more like “damn, I can’t understand a single word they said” yes… it’s more like that hahahha! The train crew was checking my ticket with some electronic device (not with the old ticket puncher). He talks in both language French and Germany. I just understand the “mademoiselle” and “ticket” part.

When I was arrive in Germany…. I often use public transport, and I always enjoy watching local people talk. Old lady with her friends… seemed talk about something really serious, and the friend was replying to her with long comments and the other also seemed had her own opinion. I was amazed and looking at the as they were doing some interesting conversation about who shall lead the human race against aliens or some nuclear rocket launching.

Listen some gossips at tram-its a confusing cool!

My eyes was on them (impolite I am so sorry) and I was smiling trying to short of “dubbing” the conversation. Well, they might only chatting about how expensive radish and tomatoes on the market or chatting about the new young girl at the neighbor who like to flirt with the hubbies—errh not so important gossip??

Result of language barrier

I am glad I had such experience that foreigner had. He might had this “dubbing” stuff and crazy funny thought trying to translate the conversation and it’s something you short of remember and made you smile.. just like I did when I saw him.

I will try at least to remember the words that will often help me out during the journey, my dad teach me 5 sentences that made you be a humble person no matter where you are;

1.    Please (S'il vous plait/Bitte)
2.    I am sorry (Je suis désolée/Es tut mir leid)
3.    Excuse me (Excusez-moi/Entschuldigen Sie bitte)
4.    Thank you (Merci/Danke)
5.    You’re welcome (De rien /Gern geschehen)

I think with knowing local sentences or words to say all the above would help you a lot while you’re traveling. It helps me (as well as a sincere smile). And the most important sentences I use during my Europe trip was:

1.    Do you speak English? (Parlez-vous anglais?/ Sprechen Sie Englisch?)
2.    Sorry, I don’t understand (je ne comprends pas/ich verstehe nicht)

Those are my savior hahahah! It seemed too much to prepare on this language things. But, it does help much. And try not to worry if you might sound weird when you say those sentences… they will forgive you for that!

Thank you-simple but show lots of respect

When I pass by someone who speak in Germany language, I remember how much silliness I did while I was there because of these language barrier, but they do help and understand that I am a foreigner and it’s kind of funny how we tried so hard to understand each other with different languages, but the things is….

The laugh or smile still had the same meaning in every each place I visit….

Instead of making it such big thing and burden you during your travel, try to laugh at every each difficulties, including the language… because one day.. finally you will look back and said.. oh yeah that was really funny!!

Do you have any "lost in translation" experience during your trip?? think about it... i bet now you could laugh at it!!

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