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The Plan again

After thinking for several times, i decide to get air asia ticket to go to Bali at April 21, 2008, and stay there until April 3o, 2008.
I never been to Bali before.
At 1998 i did decide to take the invitation from one of Bali University to be their students with scholarship. I won two scholarship, one to Lampung for Communication Science and another one is at Udayana Bali for Tourism.
My mom threat me that she will never ever visit me if i choose Bali. So i choose Lampung. And during 5 years untl my graduation she only went there twice, first to drive me there, and seconde when i got to ICU for malaria extremely high fever (41 C) that doctors said could kill me (yes they did said so).
I ever planned to backpack during my university to Bali, both at the same time when the bombing happened.
So, i haven't been there before....

After i booked the flight at January 20, 2008. I browse and reads things about Bali. I've made plans where to stay, what to do, where to eat, transportation, etc.

I am planning to stay at Kuta, Ubud, Bedugul, and Lovina.
This are the hotels that i might stay in Kuta:
1. Kedins Inn, Poppies lane 1
2. Ayu Beach Inn, Poppies Lane 1
3. AP Inn, Poppies Lane 1
4. Kuta Inn, Poppies Lane 2
5. Masa Inn, Poppies Lane 2

In Ubud I haven't had any plan yet. But been browsing this Guest house called "Teba House" and "Rumah Kunang-Kunang" or the firefly guest house. Like the scenic places like this two... and the price its quite reasonable with the view just like that.

I havent had much info's about the other places that i want to visit. But for sure, just lying at beach not sitting infront of my computer is a huge progress in relaxation. See sunsets, sunrise or stars... ohhhhh.. it even made me smiling now.

But i think i already got some hostels names to think about in Lovina and Bedugul area. Not a big worry since i dont have to think about language difference and i already got my self a Bali map !

I might will meet an old friend there, or new one. This is what i love about travelling.

I'll keep posted up the plan...

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