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In a search for the beach--Sukabumi, Pelabuhan Ratu (Day 1)

No, you're kidding me? i hope its not Ancol, the one that full of garbage and polluted black water from river that cross the city?? No i wont call that a beach thank you so very much, and i wont swim there!! i dont think fish want to swim there ahhahah!

This is just few lines i threw to my sisters when they said we will have Christmast and End year gathering in beach somewhere near Jakarta. After experiencing Belitung and Bangka island with white sand more beautiful than Koh Phi Phi at Andaman in Thailand... why would i ruin it with going to swim with garbage in Jakarta bay?? its so sick... i did miss the beach but i am not that desperado!!!

Its early December 2012 when they-my sisters assign me on browsing for this new beach destination. You know sisters and mom, there are long list requirements among those search. Its not easy to find the next heaven as we call it.

So somehow i found this pictures of Karang Aji beach with stunning view of Cimaja area in Sukabumi. First we want to stay somewhere else but its kind of hectic in my office and those girls not coming back to me again as they promise me.. and its just a week away before the xmast!!!

View from the 3rd floor of Karang Aji You could see some part of the Ocean Queen Resort

So i call more than 5 resort to see if they were available for 7 people! and its very hard to do when you just one week away from the holiday! the one that i would say a "shame" to loose is the booking with Ocean Queen Resort. Its not shabby at all. Its cheap deal and they had this villa few meters from the beach. The owner is an expat who reply my email right away that time. But as i said, i loose it because the due time he gave me and my sister just cant decide--DUH.

So back to Karang aji resort, i got the owner phone number and we text several time, hes very friendly and having this fast response. We got our self 3 separated room for Rp 900.000,- total per night. They had guess kitchen we could use. Its very cheap considering its xmast holiday!

View from the 3rd floor sundeck, amazing!

It took us agonizing 6 hours drive due to heavy traffic to Sukabumi. We stop around 5-6 times to refuel once and last stop is for lunch. We leave the house at 8am and arrive around 2.30pm.

One of the 5th stop near the Sukabumi-Lunch time!

The first surprise is how steep the resort is that we need to go back down again after up about 20 meters and feel like the car wont make it even for the first turn... with the smell of rubber burned (i dont want to know what the hell it was-just think its just the tire). We finally made it to the top!! and its toyota kijang inova we use!! not some junk car!! geez...

Smelly burning tire

First day we spent our time just relaxing at the resort. One thing for sure its not really for kids age below 5 so many stairs made of wooden and theres not much light to show the stairs. Theres also several dogs belong to the owner that keep barking on us whenever we went out to the public kitchen. Its very nice of them to have this and allow the guest to use it. But the thing is its separated from main building, so when its raining youll get wet before you able to cook hehehe...

Theres a small swimming pool for children there, the joy of my niece and nephew. Despite its getting cooler they insist on taking a dip. While my mom making us hot spicy noodles, me and two off my sister thinking of sneaking out to the resort across the street, the Ocean Queen Resort.

Walking down to the street was a struggle due to the steep way down, my sisters keep doing they crazy girlie screaming all way down. My youngest sister even took off her sandals hahahah!! because the street not only steep but in most of part also had lots of slippery green moss...

Crossing the street yet another struggle awaits us on the way to the Ocean Queen Resort.

But its just all worthy,  the resort seemed nicer. And its straight on the beach front. There are more family with small kids here. The bungalow also not so small.

Me and my sister
 And we went to receptionist just to find that the bungalow are full. Huhuhuhuhu....

We were spending some of our afternoon playing at the black sandy beach. Its not as clean as i thought it would be. And the wave so huge... some of the expat family seemed bring surfing boards for their kids as well.

I would recommend this place for family, and even the price bit higher but i think its all worthy. You could bring your cooking utensils and cook at your own bungalows with family. And the beach just less than 100 meters from the door step.

As its getting darker we walk back up to Karang Aji--out of breathe..... catching time for sunset, everyone relaxing and getting massage... what a day!

Sunset.. not so clear tho its cloudy afternoon

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