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Solo Traveling

I have less travel experience than any other travelers that i met (yes.. yess i knowww).
But i already decide to put traveling into one of my hobbies. Its a very addictive thing for me (but not more than chocolate hehehe...)
I like travel companions, two head are better than one, thats what they say, and also it made things cheaper (some) like for taxi, and accommodations, and sometimes foods.
I also like traveling by my self. Feel more relax, cause we don't really have to follow the schedule that we made before traveling. I could plan day per day things that i want to do my self.
Also.. hehehe... i wont feel awkward if theres a guy want to get to know me. Its easier to start a conversation to someone else when you are alone, and find new friends !

Heres some tips that i found:

PACKING "If it's your first time traveling alone, remember that you'll be carrying your own bags. Pack stuff that can do double duty: I've used a velour dress as a towel but also dressed it up with a blouse and belt to dine out." --Diane Redfern, founder of Connecting: Solo Travel Network

APPROACHABILITY "You may not meet people if you're listening to an iPod. So many people have started a conversation while I was reading or sitting alone. But they wouldn't have done that if I were plugged into an iPod." --Doug Lansky, The Rough Guide: First-Time Around the World

LODGING "Hotels in remote locations, while romantic for couples, aren't great for people on their own. Instead, stay in areas that get lots of foot traffic, where there's lots to do." --Teresa Rodriguez Williamson, Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places on Earth for a Girl to Travel Alone

STAYING IN TOUCH "Text-messaging is great for avoiding loneliness. I texted my wife from atop Mount Kilimanjaro, and she wrote me back right away." --Donovan Pacholl, adventure-travel specialist, BootsnAll Travel Network

SAFETY "When making plans with new acquaintances, go for coffee--and say you're meeting friends afterward, so you have a reason to leave. Before heading out, tell the hotel's front desk where you're going and when to expect you back. Leave a note in your room, so if something happens to you, there's evidence detailing where you went." --Tammy Weiler, founder, Singles Travel International

DINING "Eat at a restaurant bar or a diner counter. Singles usually dine there, and you're likely to chat with the workers. Cafés and B&Bs with meals at shared tables also provide an opportunity to interact." --Beth Whitman, Wanderlust and Lipstick: The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo

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