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One month left (KL-Phuket) to 2009 journey

We're pretty close to our next journey to Malaysia and Thailand.
Its only one month left. So much to do, and so little time to prepare everything.
Me, i have most of my things packed already on my backpack. Because i will have no ti me to pack next month as i return to home from my job site one day before we're leaving.
Theres not much plan to do in KL because i have my family there. Its good for our budget tho.. hehe.
In Thailand we're planning to do some island hopping. I have few internet resource that said this could be done in budget. First thing first to do island hopping i should have ferry schedule to support us here. So i browse for it and found it here.
I think my cousin want to stay in Railey beach, it is much closer from Krabi. This island is one of the prettiest island in Andaman sea. We're going to be in tight budget so we decide we only stay for short length in Phi Phi. I just browse some of the accommodation and find some fair price guest house with pretty view, the name of the resort is Diamon Cave Resort check here if you want to see the website. Its not really in Railey but it does have good facility, and the price is quite cheap. Our other choice is this.. euuh.. not so convincing place called Yaya Resort. Thats our temporary plan for Railey.
Theres others island that more people suggest to me. Island like Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Naka Yai, Koh Lanta, Similans island (i love this one), Surin island and ofcourse Koh Phangan.
I think we prefer the less crowded places. Me and Maria like to see new friends on road, but not really like over crowded beach. We just want to relax abit after working for two years without vacation (thats me!).
We also plan to spent some times in Phuket and visit some interesting places. We both love Phuket. Its a small beautiful town, smaller than Jambi i think. But its beautiful. I am planning to do some bungee jumping here, sound like fun, hehe.
But we have less budget and less days (less than 20 days) to explore all of the beaches.. so i think Phi Phi will be on the top of all, and i think i will ask Maria if she would love to check on Similan & Surin island at the end of our journey.

I will keep update this post to tell you whats our final decision..hehehe

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