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Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!

Porsche Stuttgart

Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac. ~Author Unknown

As we reach for Stuttgart, Mr T start talking about Marcedes museum.... so i thought we were heading to Marcedes Museum.... when i did realize why everyone near the street using Porsche.. like almost all oh my.. and they're all super nice!!

As we getting closer i realize that we are not going to Marcedes Benz Museum, instead we were heading to Porsche Museum!! I kind of remember once i had huge Porsche Boxter poster when i was in primary school... i love it so very much! it was cherry red.....

We arrive and try to find the parking for the museum.. but then he remember its MONDAY.. the museum closed. I actually want to laugh, but he just been too upset with this so i just smile. Remember this museum only open from TUESDAY-SUNDAY from 9am  to 6pm!

I think its on my list too, i actually want to go to Marcededes Benz Museum, but Mr T been there before, and i know he will spoil the surprise that i will see there *bummer* so yah... porsche is ok... i love cherry red porsche on tv now im going to see it for real hohohoh.....

The next day... the very determined Mr T come again this time fully prepared we know where to park etc. When we were there he smile so wide.. haha... boys and fast cars (he said its the technology..ya ya...)

**click on pictures to made it larger**

Infront of Stuttgart Porsche Museum

The museum looks like a spaceship! from outter side it looks so modern ^^ i can not wait to get inside when we get there.... inside this pearly spaceship Mr T deal with the ticketing while i took some pictures.. the fee is 8 euro for adult.

On the ground floor beside the ticketing/lobby theres also souvenir shop and i could see mechanic shop behind glass window from a canteen not far from ticketing-toilet also on the same level.

My Porsche entrance ticket
All the people who work there look very professional in black suite and tie... omg.. very exclusive! It is an exclusive place indeed. I hold my breathe as im about to see the 80 cars on the show... all of things in here wayyy beyon my reach too expensive thats all on my brain.. on Mr T brain?? the technology that they use to built the engine etc! lol.. guys and girls thoughts i guess!

Some of the Porsche cars and motorcycle that i like!

The thing that i could get from here is... Ferdinand Porsche actually work for VW before he had his own company... and he actually the one who concepting the first Volks Wagen car-VW kaffer in 1934. This first car had air cooling system on the rear engine and this is the first model that inspiring the next 4 beetle VW. By 1950 there are over 100.000 VW kaffer that been sold (16 years later). And by 2003 the total units of this type that been sold was reaching 21.5 million units--an amazing number for a car that design for the people of Germany!

Porsche race cars!

The history of Porsche fast cars/sport cars start with type 356, which is roll on in June 8 1948 also called the "Number 1". The very first time 356 prove it self as racing car is at Innsbrucke city race. These days Posrsche also produce small numbers of other type/series such as the 911, 914, 924, 944, 928, and the Boxster and the Cayenne, the former sports-car specialist has developed into one of the world's most successful automobile manufacturers.

Porsche GT 3 This is my fave Porsche of all! i love it so very much!!!
 Porsche also use for police car in some countries like in Netherlands (in 1966 there are 356 units sent to Netherland) and Germany since 1950es. They use it for fast reaction units.

First picture on top left: VW Kaffer-The number 1/Type 356-The classic Boxter-
Porsche 924 GTP Le Manns & Porsche 936/77 Spyders
 At Porsche museum you could see how advance their technology in cars design, especially in sports car. I could see the fastest cars--too fast that as in the down force theory this car could actually stay on roof of a building (upside down) and not falling because its wayy too fast for gravity too took part; i also see the lightest car from fibers, also the oldest.. this museum is a must for car lover!

Trying the Porsche 911 Carrera, yippie!!

I also had the chance to try the Porsche 911 Carrera and sit there.. omg! the leathers.. the feels.. the steering.. omg! i could imagine driving this at autobahn with over 200kms speed... amazing!!! this type out first time in 2008 so its still new model.

There was also a sound simulators that told you the difference that each car type made. Like a purring of a car.. sound even enginered hahaha!

Awe!! Porsche GT3 in Cherry red!!! want this!!

My fave car of all? i dont know why the GT3 really draw my attention. I am a girl i shouldn't be this "visual" but i love it. I even said to Mr T this car if its a girl, its like the sexy soanish girls with their body curve... its sexy! (now im wondering about my gender hahaha!)

Theres plenty of information i could get about cars here. Mr T even use the audio guide to explain about the cars here. They use both english and germany.

Hybrid bicycle and one of car that i like! also the museum
After the 3rd floor (oh the design this museum very well!) we go down and had some coffee. After coffee, i look up at merchandise shop and get my self a pink porsche hat. Its cute! thats when we saw a gentleman talking to other visitor about time for factory tour.

Mr T and i get closer to these guys, they had the factory tours oh wow!! we ask if we could join but then they ask if we made any appointment yet? we both say no. And the tour in germany :( i told its ok... because Mr T could explain it to me, and the tour guide said if its small english he will try to explain it to me. The tour is for free :) oh yes they actually had the tour in english but by the time i went there the option only in germany the english tour will start in like an hour after :(
No camera, or cellphone allowed inside the factory as its highly sensitive things to do. But it was a very amazing 2 hours tours! as i see  the raw Porsche from its skeleton to the assembly and everything, its just amazing how they treat every each of the porsche as if its a space ship!

The details on the each cars, they made it into personal. Each cars had its own personality. And to keep it exclusive they actually did limit the production and they said never going to create any mass produce car as it wont be exclusive anymore! wow.... talk about the pride.

Anyway its not Volks Wagen- the car for people... its the highest standard for everything. Car it self, engines, even the tire are custom made and very carefuly controlled. No wonder the price so up high! They mixed the quality as well the knowledge into a car. Its a devotion for every each of people who work here.. the mechanics, engineers even the researchers! its amazing!

He also explain about the "black horse" on the Porsche logo. I just found out that its logo for Stuttgart. And if any other company use it.. well he said Porsche use it from beginning of the cars out!

Its an unforgetful day for sure. I think this is also a best place to take your children on tour too... they could see what they could do in future an enginer? mechanics? its worth the tour... if you come to Stuttgart you definetly have to go to this museum!

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Museum Porsche Stuttgart-Mimpi Jadi Orang Kaya!

Mulai masuk ke kota Stuttgart, Mr T mulai cerita soal pengalaman die ngunjungin museum Marcedes... huh bikin sirik... dan akupun ngirain ohh kita bakalan ngunjungin museum yang sama! tapi gue sebenarnya heran.. kenapa makin banyak yang naik mobil Porsche ya?? banyak banget kek majority of that pasrt of the town pada pake Porsche.. hummm thats when i see the Porsche logo.. ohhhdan terlihatlah museum porsche yang bentuknya asli kek pesawat luar angkasa, errh rada mirip sama rektoratnya UNILA kampus aku dulu sih hahaha!

Saya jadi terbayang dengan poster Porsche Boxter yang latarnya warna kekuningan dan mobil itu warna merah membara cinta mate dah gue (matre dot com) dulu entah dari mana datangnya yang aku tempelkan di kamar.. huhuh kenangan lama...

Setelah doi bingung dan marah2 di putaran depan museum itu..erhh kita mutar2 kek naik carroussel loh! hahah entah siapa yang salah! too many traffict light and junction... dia teriak teriak it doesnt make sense.. dah jutek dah doi! waktu kita akhirnya parkir di showroom nya Porsche yang letaknya seberangan.. doi baru ingat errhhh inikan hari SENIN ya? he eh gue bilang.. huhuh pantesa tempat parkiran museum tutup lah wong museumnya juga tutup hari SENIN!! hahah

Museum Porsche Stuttgart cuma buka dari hari Selasa sampe hari Minggu!!! Jam bukanya dari jam 9 pagi sampe dengan 6 sore!

Sumpah serapah berterbangan dari Mr T hahah salah siapa coba! Akhirnya kita spent sometimes di Taman dekat Stuttgart 21.. yang jadi tempat demo massal sore itu...

Baca selengkapnya di Nona Backpacker

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Backpacker Girls Under Construction

As you could see, i recently had the idea of making big change on this blog layout.

This idea start since few days ago, so i've been working hard with my very limited time to work on the website html and lack knowledge to do it... i still did try to made most of buttons in here linked with the post... I had very limited time while i still at work site, so this construction will take sometime....

But all of the post archive is still open and you still could read most of the things i write here...

So sorry for the inconvenience!

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Europe, Land for Special (disabled) Person

"  Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."   ~ Miriam Beard

One thing that i did notice since i was landed in Munich May 24, 2011. How people in here so care about disabled person. People with special requirements, in wheel chair, or can't see... its amazing the level of caring that i can not stop feeling sad!!

I see one of these in Strasbourg...

And for those with all special needs, there are NO limitation for them to do activities like other people! go to school, doing sports, swim, going to cafe, had lunch in park, sun bathing.... no limitation!! they could mobile as easy as they could.. i feel so envy!

They build special ramp every where so it could easily accessible for wheel chair, start from castles, bus stop, tram, and trains!

Space for whee chair at Train/Metro

At cities, they build the side walk also accessible very easily for the disabled person. Even for city that had cobbled street like in Strasbourg or in Brussels, i could see many senior citizen with their electric/mobility scooter doing things like normal. Seeing friends, buy groceries.

My great great grandmother who live in mountains in Sumatra never see this for sure. Chance for senior people to do their activity like normal and not to depends to anyone!

Special entrance for wheelchair

This is also the very first time i see someone... who doesn't have legs to drive by him self (in Brussels) its amazed me!

........ i feel sad because.....

This is the countries that me and my friends used to called people "had-cripple-ice cold-emotions" too independent, high individualism and NOT CARE about their parents, and their neighbor. And when i see it now, it changed... if they don't care, they wont build ramps, they wont build things that made the life of those elders and "unique" people MUCH EASIER....

Toilets in train for wheel chaired people

In sight seeing places, there will be hundreds of signs show where these unique people could enter/access the places. Special parking, special entrance... oh my ....

In Indonesia where i thought people much "care" i could see lots of disabled person stay at home, doing nothing, old people on porch just sit on chair, can not do anything.. can not go anywhere as they wanted to... its just sad....

Special Bus ramps for special people ^^

Special kids with down syndromes wont go by them self in Indonesia, people will stare look down, others kids will laugh at them and oh my God... in Germany they could do high five on their wheelchairs and say see you again, and laugh and cross the street WITHOUT ANY HELP!! and no one will disturb them!!

I can not help to feel sad and envy... i wish one day Indonesia will be like that, someday my country will be more fair to those who in needs, and more caring to senior citizen. I could only wish........

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Strasbourg Day 2-Tales of confuse people! (with beautiful parks!)

This is the 2nd day in Strasbourg. I learn a lot about this town today. Still with Mr T we walk and use tram to the city center. Mr T actually teach me bad stuff... we actually go on tram without paying! arrgghh! how can i believe its free!! (i know i am way too naive!) but please do not try this lol i felt guilty!

The sights of Strasbourg

First fact that Mr T told me is, this city is between Germany and French so there's a mix of cultures everywhere. Anyone here speak fluent French and Germany, i heard more French tho. And Mr T told me too that between 1870 until 1945 this city switch nationality up to 4 times!! between Germany and French. Strasbourg is the capital city of Alsace region. Its the 7th largest city in France with almost 280.000. people live here (not included tourist like us hehe)

oldest clock inside the NotreDame Catredal Strasbourg

This city was founded first time by the Romans, so its very old.. well if you consider 2000 years is old hehe... this city first build as a military camp for the Romans-to protect the northern territory from the barbarian attack.

With Germany and French culture also the old Romans its highly cultured city that surely will amazed you. This city also been on world heritage since 1988. There are plenty historical buildings to fulfill your needs of beauty *sigh* another interesting fact about this city is... its a "young people" city, with over 60% of it populations is people below age 40! (wink wink) its not all serious city because if the head of Europe Nation based here, its a good place to mingle for single hehehe...

Strasbourg history link with vineyard-Huge barrel gift from Couronne d'Or

First we went inside the cathedral that built in 1176-1436. The entrance is free. Inside is amazing.... its different from Notredame in Paris its more dark not much color.. the thing that i notice is the similar rose facade window. I like it better in Notredame in Paris somehome the light goes perfectly there in here.. its kind of darker..

This cathedral is the biggest church in Alsace but smaller compare to any other church in other regions.

Inside the church there's pipe organs and few sculpture also two tombs that i could see. But the most interesting part of this church was on  the back left side of it. There is a large/huge old astronomical clock. It was there since the medieval times as Mr T explain.

It's called the "Three king clock". Its just like a massive 18 meters tall cuckoo clock made from woods, copper and iron. Next to the clock on the left side is the prettiest pillar of all the church.. its called the angels pillars. There are actually 3 different clock there but the one that attract me is the huge one. Mr T show me how it work... he just laugh synicly because there are like almost hundred of people there taking pictures in front of the clock but none know how to make it work! i just said... ok Mr Mc Gyver show us!

About two meters from the left side of the clock theres a box made from glass.. i thought it was for church "contribution" lol hahaha... and its only took 2 euro to turn on the clock lights it said on the box hahah thats why Mr T so grumpy!!

As soon as he put on the 2 euro the lights is on and the dolls on the clock moving and its last for several minutes... awww!! why no one notice those???

After that we went outside to the right side of the cathedral... as we want to visit the tower. The ticket to get to the tower is 10 euro per person... but its a historical building once again... its worth the climb.. and again we love high places!!

But then after they gave us the ticket--First thing first Mr T said, we have to do lunch European way... i said its 10.30am.. its not really lunch time... but ok.. i wont mind. So we go back to the NotreDamde and there are plenty of tourist there. Very different than last night when we went there. Passing through the Place du Marche

So we had the brunch Mr T and me had crepe, but i had the large menu with ice cream and chocolate also banana (lol). W e enjoy the sun like every one else. I didn't bring any sun block because i just thought----a very wrong thought that it wont do anything to my already brown skin. LoL, it gets darker for sure! Because in Indonesia when you had these temperature around 18-19 degrees you wont get the sun burn... i dont think so in Indonesia.

No sweat just sun shine.. and i like it that way.. its just too dry for  me that i need to use high moist lip balm all the time! also using olive oil to keep my skin from dryness.

Its really nice to had the sun lights also to watch the tourist passing through around the NotreDame.  Admiring the cathedral that once held the world highest building (1647-1874). I can't stop telling Mr T about the difference between this cathedral with Notredame in Paris. The gargoyle is the most interesting for sure! This cathedral was designed by Erwin Von Steinbach also one of the most beautiful gothic architecture.

Ticket to get to Strasbourg NotreDame tower!

Mr T said, lets go to the tower now... so up up and awayyy we climb the tower... i feel very fit and stop several times for Mr T. Well he seemed on fit conditions too as we mocked each other to race to the top. We stop to admire the gargoyle on the top of the cathedral.

View from the top of Strasbourg cathedral

Some pictures that i take from top and around the cathedral...

More view from Strasbourg Notredame Cathedral

another part of the Strasbourg city

more view of the Strasbourg city

After enjoying the view of the Strasbourg city from top we walk through the Place du Marche again Mr T ask if i want to join the tour with the train in front of the Cathedral tower. I said, no problem. But eeekk... they closest tour was in Germany language. I wont enjoy those! So we walk again to the river bank..and next to the Palais Rohan we saw a boat tour ticketing! I'll ask Mr T said.

Swan family near the boat tour

While i am taking pictures Mr T back again waving two tickets.. wow.. we're going on a boat tour! Its a different boat compare to the one in Paris. I think the one in Paris much better.. because this one had glass on the top so its harder to take pictures because i can not use flash!

Strasbourg home of Council of Europe & European Parliement

The tour very informative, i really like it because they explain in details about the city history.. and even about the European Council! This is why the City was chosen by the Europeans as the seat of three institutions: the Council of Europe (since 1949), the European Court of Human Rights (since 1959) and the European Parliament (since 1979).

Near Palais Rohan Strasbourg

This city had amazing history since the Romans and now the house of 3 European council its a great achievements!

Palais Rohan Strasbourg

After the tour i told Mr T about the Orangerie Jardin and we walk a bit and use tram to get there.

Strasbourg-going to Orangerie Jardin!

Swan Family at Orangerie Strasbourg

Alsace crane? they eat meats!!!

The Pavillion Josephine at Parc De l'Orangerie

More pictures from Strasbourg

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Strasbourg My First 1st Class (Part 1)

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter." -- Izaak Walton

.....Brussels-Paris-Strasbourg...... 3 cities in a day.. wow....(this is running through my head that day!)

From Paris Est at 6pm my train ride smoothly. TGV runs with average speed of 300kms per hour. I think im lucky enough to get the First Class ticket with the price of 2nd class wich is 40 Euro.

Strasbourg is an important city located between French and Germany. Thats where i am heading after Brussels. Theres some places that i book marked on my Lonely Planet books that been my guide for past few days.

I got text messeges from Mr T said that he drive from Karlsruhe, right from work. I met Mr T last year when i went to Macau. This time he invite me to see Europe, and its been 7 months since last time i see him! i hope he really there, if hes not..GRRRHH!!

The service is so so... i prefer 2nd class perhaps. I think this is the first time i regret to get the first class/luxury treats. Because i think its not for me. From the very beginning i step on the train with my extra bulky purple luggage.... This is the veru first time for me to ride train in Europe. My experience with train is quite less.
In Sumatra-Indonesia not much train, only return journey from Bandar Lampung to Prabumulih is my chance to get a train ride, that was back when i was in University, almost 10 years ago. The other chance to ride train in Java island is from Jakarta to Bandung. And even if its executive train, its a whole different train--all i could say: "ohh sh*t" when i see the other passengers with tie suite...Armani, Hugo Boss.. ohh.. Shuuuuuuutt! and an old lady with white grey hairs sit down elegangt on the seat i know i'm doomed.

Me on the other side wearing my flat, my black pantyhose (thank Lord i had brain to buy it at Champ Elyses!!) the best skirt that i had on my luggage, and a clean white shirt. I feel like a house maid on wrong train. Huhuhuhu...

Its not over with the feeling, i did made sure i am on the right train #13 first class and i look at my seat number is 61. So i sit down on the first 61 seat number. And this guy, age 35-45 come with snob face, maybe he had a drama school or something, so over react (perhaps too much opera) bhe stood with his ticket waving it on air say "this is my seat, hello this is my seat" he could ask to me if i get wrong seat. I said its 61 i show my ticket and he said "no its mine he show his ticket to me and point it right to my face" such a harsh guy. And then all sudden an old guy say "Miss i think this is your seat" i cant help say thank you to that guy. The jerk stood in dramaticly way and nod to everyone i think he could hear an applause there (jerrkkk!!) i sit on my seat and say thank you to that old guy, giving my best smile. He just smile and said no problem.

Its such humiliating moment, i just hate it instantly.. killing my mood for sure. The car it self very nice, you had electric socket and the seat are amazing. Talk about the seat, i just realize that me and that jerk actually right. There are two numbers on each seat. so Theres two 61 seat number on this car.. well well... difference only where that seat face...i didn't see that!! beside don't blame me i've done great job trying to interprete the ticket which is in FRENCH language!

During the trip i trie dto connect with wifi that available on the train.. but then if i want to use it i have to subscribe. So all i did just update my blog with word :( not cool! i tried to do something else like going to toilet and explore a bit... the next car is restaurant... there are plenty people there... all speak in French.. i could see some of them from my car with their suite and tie and black shiny shoes.. errhh.. i feel im very lost :( i just wish i could see someone in plain tshirt and shorts.. with friendly smile..

I got back to my seat and just try to enjoy the scenery.. at the average 300kms/hour this trin just like a bullet on a rail!! the view is amazing, i could see cows, houses and rivers.. some huge field with grass.. very different vegatation than Indonesia. Sun still shines as if its 3pm in Indonesia. I know its over 6pm and the sun lights fall on the scenery outside made it as unforgetful sight for me.

The beauty of Europe at a glimpse thats the correct thing to say. I wave to some people that wave to me from outside its fun...hahaha a bit hill billies but.. ijust like it when they smile and wave to me when the train slower-when it gets to a small city... i like how they live there.. surrounded by mountains.. theres kids with bicycle.. must be fresh and healthy there... very different than a small village in Indonesia for sure!

Its over 8 pm and i know that we're closing to Strasbourg as the train get slower and there are more houses outside. I see some factory, farms and i see a sign said Strasbourg Gare, oh my! its very close... i could see that some of the passenger even get ready and get their stuff on the compartement above.

We finally arrive nearly 8.30, i was so damn hungry!! i just ate crackers!

As the train stop, i just dont want to get any more attention i just let everyone goes down first--include the anoying guy. I was the last passenger on the train...

When i get down, there he was Mr T with LoL his "Germany" best looks hahahaha!! black tshirt, short and socks and sandal LoL thats very Germany. He looks like upset hahah! he was he told me about the traffic jam and he said something about trying to drive here fast because he afraid that he's going to be late.

Surprise, Mr T drive a car. Hahaha its rental car, but well... i think hes not use with driving! There are still sun lights when we drive out the station. We look for dinner that night.

One of Strasburg church
Theres not much i could see on the first night since its pretty late... i could see little bit around city as we walk down the city.. almost everything closed at 9pm! oh my! hahahahah

Strasburg streets- everything is closed after 9pm!
I went to several places that  night and actually quite spooky because less lights there... we went to a church and somehow went to the Cathedral. I wish i could see the view at night must be amazing.
spooky tower...
There are several people passes by, and we actually use tram to get from one point to another. The tram at Strasburg running until midnight. And its quite convinient actually. I rarely see taxi tho.

Strasburg cathedral at night
I dont know if i consider this good, but i am glad i could took some of pictures at night because some of this places must be very touristy at day light! but all i could say everything is clean, the road too...

Strassburg Cathedral door carvings 

Strasburg cathedral at night

We rushed back to hotel as we feel very tired after walking sevrela hours. Its close to midnight and there are less people walking on street already. Some bars still open tho..

Strasburg traditional house, i like it!

This guy create publications first time!
Mr T said Strasbourg is  the city of publications since its the very first time the printing machine invented here... i note.. i thought chinese found it first?? he just said i dont know hahahaha!

Midnight at Strasburg-empty street

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My Germany Culinary List!

These are the foods that i try while i was traveling in Germany. Just too bad some had the restaurant name and some not.. also it might not be the "BEST" one but.. like i said.. i'll try to be honest on it!

I will rate this from 1 to 5, 1 is the worse-don't try this ever!

1. Chocolate Crepe with banana, ice cream and whipped cream. Location: In front of Strasbourg Cathedral (Place de la cathedral). I will give this 3, Crepe is just like average nothing really special, but the view is good and you could do sunbathe and see people/tourist coming to the Cathedral of course!

Oh my.. eating this and enjoy the view and the sun.. hummm

2. Eclair and Almond cake at Europa Park. I think that time we are still in between Italy ans Swiss Part of the park, near the huge pond (near the circling high ride). The coffee and cake shop is in front of the pond with few duckies. Its not actually an opt when you really hungry tho.. just something between your breakfast and lunch. Eclaire is nice.. i'll give 4!

3. Spinach Pasta at Food Loop a food roller Restaurant at Europa Park (you figure this out!). We just ate the cake but then i feel so hungry so we eat at this restaurant. Unique thing about this restaurant is everything comes from a reel and its spin.. and it feels like inside a space ship.. especially because you order your food from a touch screen and then the food will come in reels ...hehe i had a Pasta with spinach and a glass of apple juice. I will say 5 for the restaurant! have to see this! (and errhh yes there's queue to get the table! hehe)

4. Pizza with 4 different cheese/Pizza 4 Formaggi. OH MY! this is really good!! the restaurant name is Rheinblick in Leopoldshafen Baden Baden Karlsruhe! you could see the Rhein river flow with grace while eating your hot melting pizza ohh my..i am so drooling now! i'll give 5!! and ohh i see lots of bikers stop here for pizza too! nice!

5. Tortillas & Fajitas with baked potatoes and fish with shrimps at Maredo. Its near the Karlsruhe Baden baden museum. I was hungry so very much (you could see from food that i order!) I think i will give 4, i love it! its in big portion so.. i am full and smiling like cat in mad hat!

6. Kisher Spaetzle-Cheese noodles. Oh my.. i love this! I think its almost in every Germany original cuisine restaurant... i dont know i just like it...maybe its the noodle part hahah! I will give 4!

Kisher Spaetzle-cure for my noodle itchy... more yummy!!

7. Baked Soft Cheese & Blue Berries also salads. Its near the University of Heidelberg (i think its near philosophy faculty!). I will give 3! i almost eat pork in here (i am not suppose to!)

Might not the correct picture for baked cheese.. too bad i can not find my picture.. :(

8. Mushroom sauce & cheese noodle, also roasted lamb. I believe i ate this near Frankfurt red district. But its Bavarian restaurant.. it feels GOOD! i will give 5!

9. Spargel Soup with Cheese Sauce, Oh my.. i love this, i love love love it!! the taste is so creamy!! i'll g ive 10!!

Spargel Soup/Asparagus soup with melted cheese.. ohhhh.........

The information also not complete yet.. i will upload the pictures.. yess i do have the pictures!! and also there are many things i tried beside these... just have to manage where i put the note is!! (i use sticky note!)

Nb. No worries, i loose 2 kgs instead gain while i was in Europe!! i love the foods!

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Paris-Strasbourg Kelas 1 yang bikin down! (Part 1)

.....Brussels-Paris-Strasbourg...... 3 kota dalam 1 hari saja.. wow....(gak kebayang aku bakalan ngelakuin ini semua..)

Aku berangkat dari kota Paris jam 6 sore waktu setempat. Kereta TGV yang aku naikin smooth banget gak unjlak2an kek kereta di Indonesia.. berasa dalam pesawat malahan... TGV ini kecepatan rata2nya di atas 300kms/jam. Dan eng ing engg gue dapat kelas 1 sodara2.. harga tiket yang gue dapat bahkan lebih murah dari tiket kelas 2 yaitu 40 Euro.

Strasbourg termasuk salah satu kota penting di benua Eropa. Terletak di perbatasan Perancis dan Jerman. Kota ini tujuan ke tiga setelah Paris dan Brussels dalam itinerary ku. Aku juga dah bookmark beberapa tempat dari lonely planets ku buat di kunjungi.

Pemandangan dari luar kereta bagus banget loh, kek iklan2 susu di Indonesia.. banyak ladang rumput yang luas banget, pertanian.. ada kuda2 yang segede gaban, beserta sapi hitam putih yang jarang aku liat di Sumatra... anak2 main sepeda yang nunggu kereta lewat dengan pipi mereka yang merah2 kek peach! uhh uhhh.. dan pegunungan dengan pohon pinus...

Aku juga dah dapat sms dari from Mr T dia bilang dia bakalan jemput aku langsung dari tempat kerja. Mr T adalah host aku selama aku berada di Jerman. Aku pertama kali ketemu sama Mr T waktu aku pergi liburan ke Hongkong dan Macau tahun kemaren.

Mr T tinggal di Karlsruhe jadi lumayan agak jauh juga dari tempat dia. Ini kali pertama aku ketemu lagi setelah lebih 7 bulan gak ketemu.. huhuh rada deg degan juga sih masih sama kek dulu gak ya orangnya! haha dan berharap banget dia datang buat jemput akyuuu.... tapi rules dengan back up plan tetap aku jalanin.. aku juga sudah contact teman lama aku dari Stuttgart buat cadangan kalau2 nih Mr T gak bisa host aku atau jemput.... i hope he really there, if hes not..GRRRHH!!

Servis di kelas 1 ternyata biasa aja.. aku juga bingung apa sih kelebihannya? selain tempat duduk yang super gede gini.. mau di recliningpun kekenya mustahil sebab dengan tinggi aku yang 173cm aja jarak lutut sama kursi depan aku kurang dari sejengkal.. kebayang kalau aku recline seat ke belakang pasti yang duduk di belakang aku ngoceh2 pake bahasa  perancis atau jerman..... matelah awak!!

Aku terusterang lebih suka kelas 2 atau ekonomi deh kalau kek gini... tapi berhubung murah tiketnya kenapa ngga kan??? ini kali pertama aku agak nyesal berada di kelas 1 yang luxury banget. Sebab aku cuma ngerasa... aku bukan berada di tempat aku... hiks... kek nyasar gitu deh perasaan..

Dari awal aku naik ke gerbong ini dengan tas koper gede warna ungu aku... dan di bantu sama om2 genteng banget ya olloh.. dan harumm...... ini kali pertama aku naik kereta di Eropa. Bukannya di Indonesia aku juga sering naik kereta loh... mana ada kereta di Jambi hahaha...

Di Sumatra, kereta cuma ada di Aceh, Medan, sama Padang... daerah Riau, Jambi ngga ada... karena tanahnya rawa2 gitu sih kata orang tua. Pengalaman gue naik kereta di sumatra cuma dari Prabumulih Palembang ke Bandar Lampung PP itu aja... dan itu mungkin 10 tahun yang lalu waktu aku masih kuliah di UNILA.

Kalau di Jawa aku pernah naik 1 kali dari Jakarta ke Bandung. Memangsih kelas executive.. tapi itu waktu aku umur 13-14 tahun hahaha jadi hampir 20 tahun yang lalu!!

Kereta ini mewahnya berasa bo..jadi waktu naik aku cuma bisa bilang: "ohh sh*t" penumpangnya juga aje gile... setelan jas SEMUA haduuh piyeeeee..iki.. wong deso.. kok nyampur sama yang kek ginian...Armani, Hugo Boss.. ohh.. Shuuuuuuutt! trus yang ibu2nya dandanan juga mewah dengan kalung mutiara segede batu kali elegan banget.. cewek muda ada juga tapi tampang esmud juga, pake setelan hitam dengan stocking dan rambut rapi gitu... ohhhhhh matelaaah awaaakkkkk!!

Gue sudah pake pakaian terbaik gue.. yang cuma ada waktu itu black flat shoes, black paty house, rok pendek warna hitam putih sama baju kaos oblong warna putih.. nyantaaaiii banget! (syukur2 gue beli tuh pantyhose di Champ Elyses!!) Rok juga atu2 nya yang ada di dalam tas hahahah berasa jadi babu di kereta mener2 Huhuhuhu...
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Schloss Neuschwanstein-Most Romantic Castle

Nothing you love is lost. Not really. Things, people - they always go away, sooner or later. You can't hold them, any more than you can hold moonlight. But if they've touched you, if they're inside you, then
they're still yours. The only things you ever really have are the ones you hold inside your heart.

Note: this is not so budget idea of traveling in Germany, but its worth the trip if you see the castle your self.

Still riding our rent car in beuaty of Bavaria land.... riding through the "Romantic Road". Mr T and i hopelessly romantic people errhh me actually hahahaha... but he took me to this most inspiring places for love, not only love for a person but also to art and other thing (i called this "passion")

As usual Mr T never told me whats the schedule for today, so we ride on our cherry red car (rent car) and drive along the autobahn for several hours. The scenery is breathtaking...  we stop over on a lake with amazing view of the Alps.. its just reminds me of the "Highlander" tv series.. ehehe...

**Click on pictures if you want to see it bigger**

Lake Alpsee near Neuschwanstein castle

The Königswinkel or literally Kings Corner is a large area of natural beauty. It includes the towns of Füssen and Schwangau as well as Pfronten and the resort village on Lake Hopfensee. This is as part of the romantic road that i mention before.... romantic roads is the trader roads its consist of the most breathtaking scenery and most beautiful medieval castles and parks in the world..

To get here by train just take the train (Deutsche Bahn) to Füssen direction, then at Fussen station take the bus RVA/OVG 73 in the direction to Steingaden / Garmisch-Partenkirchen or the bus RVA/OVG 78 in the direction to Schwangau until you reach the stop Hohenschwangau / Alpseestraße. From here you could either goes by foot or use bus with departure point: Schlosshotel Lisl. The bus goes via Bleckenaustraße to the "Jugend" lookout point (Marienbrücke) from where it is about 600 m or a 10-15 minute walk on a steep downhill path to the entrance of the castle (its beautiful!).

On the bottom of the castle we go to the parking and walk for around 1 kms for the ticketing and information on a building "Konigs Schlosser" with grey roof near the Mueller Hotel. You could get the ticket for both castles online too. But the day i went there there are less queue so we could get the ticket pretty easy.

There are literally hundreds people there that i could see... all colors.. ages... languages its amazing! The entrance ticket for this castle is 12 Euro, we pick the English guided tour. You could choose the audio guide too if you like. The guided tour only in two language English or Germany, while the audio guide with more variable languages; Japanese, Frenchm Spanish, Porteguese, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, Hungarian and Slovenian. We only had less than 1 hour to get up there, so we rushed to get some lunch near the ticketing, i had rice for the very first time since i step foot in Germany!!! heheh thanks to Mr T he order my fave food, but somehow its just different :p

Place to buy ticket and get information

On the ticket printed the TIME TO ENTER THE CASTLE, please notice this, as you will need to be at the castle entrance as the printed time there. Also your group numbers and the ticket only valid for the day on the specific tour only.

So with less time we watch the horse carriage humm its pretty slow... the horse carriage is 6 Euro uphill and 3 Euro down hill, and you have wait in front of Mueller Hotel for the horse carriage.

As for us, first we plan for the horse ride. And I am afraid of horse hahaha... then we decide to walk up. I told Mr T that i am more firt than him, as last time we went holiday in Macau he can't walk too long! we race to the top. The temperature its too cold for me, maybe around 14-15 degrees, so i like running or walking fast to make me feel warmer!

Race to the castle its good when its cold!
It only took us about 20 minutes (fast walk-don't try this if you're not that fit!) faster than riding horse! but be aware of horse poop on the street!! the air is fresh but yah... thats the problem sometimes you could inhale those pretty ...smelly of fresh horse poop too.. hehehe...

Its is worth the walk the view above is beautiful i can't help it but stand still there, try to catch every glimpse of it. The smell of fresh air and the grass.. the view of mountains and lakes... also the sound of winds, the sound of cow bells, and some goats.. i feel this is Germany! hehehe somehow very different... skies blue and everything beautiful!

The castle!
I will say i agree that people called King Ludwig II as an insane king. Its is insanity to build such beautiful castle! the view and the castle it self so amazing! This castle was build for King fave artist Richard Wagner. Its not even finished until the day that the King found dead on the lake near the castle--tragic.. but thats how most of the great people end up ...sadly. Its still a mystery though how King Ludwig II die... he just found dead on the lake, whether its a suicide or its a murder.. none know.... so much for a opera lover....

View from the castle!
This castle built meant to blend with the scenery surrounding it. Its just looks like a huge play stage. The backgrounds with mountains, lakes and King Ludwig beloved land the Bavarian land... stood still with grace the wonderful Neuschwanstein Castle.

Tragically, this castle was built be a private refuge, “sacred and out of reach” (“heilig und unnahbar”), but these days host to thousands of tourists each day. Another irony: although it was built largely as a stage for Wagnerian productions (“a worthy temple for the divine friend [Robert Wagner]”), the composer never set foot in Neuschwanstein. Nor was the castle’s throne room ever completed in time to contain a throne it self.

Some more pictures of the castles

This castle project named by Ludwig with “Neue Burg Hohenschwangau” or “New Castle Hohenschwangau” because it was build on a castle ruins. Only later, when the castle was opened to the public on August 1, 1886, just weeks after Ludwig’s death, did the edifice come to be known as “Neuschwanstein” (“new swan stone”). I think its related to most of the castle detail with swans his fave animals (door handle, pictures, water tap, etc) but swans also a heraldic animal of the Counts of Schwangau, whose successor the king considered himself to be. It is also the Christian symbol of the "purity" for which Ludwig strived.

More Neuschwanstein castle pictures

Just too bad that we can not take pictures inside the castle! the tour took 36 minutes and i felt like in a movie already! its just like storybook... was built 1868 but everything still in good condition. My fave room would be the king chambers ofcourse. Its fascinate me because he had his own reading corner. Also everything with swan :) and ohhh had to see the King toilet.. very first modern toilet with flush.. hahah if you consider this is important the castle also had forced air central heating system (i think this is a very good fact).

Another important fact? the King had electric bells to call his servant! oh beside the toilet all the tap had cold and hot water system... isnt this fit for the insanity those days? nope.. i think thats why people call him crazy.. because they see thats as crazy stuff (like when we heard about the newest iphone product or new car model wesay "hey thats insane dude!!")

The kitchen also amazingly modern for a building that built in 1800. Everything is modern! well you wont find any electric stuff yet here.. but its just like a normal kitchen these days! well the castle construction it self last until 23 years even after the king death!

Oh another sad part.. king only spent 11 days here in the castle! after all of the hard works!

View from the castle, one of my fave is the Marianbrucke (bridge)

After finishing touring inside we walk to the Marienbrucke. A stunning bridge where you could see the castle from distance. It was amazing! i think this is also the best spot for taking Neuschwanstein castle pictures.

View from Marienbrucke-good for bungee jump!

I said to Mr T can we do bungee from here? he said "no, you're crazy" heheheh i know that....

Pictures of Neuschwanstein from Marienbrucke
The bridge also had lots of lock with names.. just the same with Paris.... and some are soooo romantic!!

*sigh* see... this is why i said its just romantic!!

From the bridge we want to use the bus to go down... but then some large group of India tourist "hack" the bus, disrespecting the long queue of people who already wait there over 20 mins made Mr T upset, and i said... nope.. thats not Indonesian (mingkem dot com) heheheh

Its not a nice thing to do... i hate it when someone do that to a long queue. The temperature down again until i could see fogs when i breate.. so i can not stand still any longer, i told Mr T better if we walk.. so we did!

India tourist "hacking" Neuschwanstein tourist bus..doohh Calcutta style i guess

We walk down the hill and he took unusual path, that i swear if we ever got lost i'm going to bite him!! grrrhh! but then we arrive near the parking but don't try the alternative roads its very slippery!

**click on pictures to made it bigger**

My fave Schloss Neuschwanstein picture

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