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Strasbourg My First 1st Class (Part 1)

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter." -- Izaak Walton

.....Brussels-Paris-Strasbourg...... 3 cities in a day.. wow....(this is running through my head that day!)

From Paris Est at 6pm my train ride smoothly. TGV runs with average speed of 300kms per hour. I think im lucky enough to get the First Class ticket with the price of 2nd class wich is 40 Euro.

Strasbourg is an important city located between French and Germany. Thats where i am heading after Brussels. Theres some places that i book marked on my Lonely Planet books that been my guide for past few days.

I got text messeges from Mr T said that he drive from Karlsruhe, right from work. I met Mr T last year when i went to Macau. This time he invite me to see Europe, and its been 7 months since last time i see him! i hope he really there, if hes not..GRRRHH!!

The service is so so... i prefer 2nd class perhaps. I think this is the first time i regret to get the first class/luxury treats. Because i think its not for me. From the very beginning i step on the train with my extra bulky purple luggage.... This is the veru first time for me to ride train in Europe. My experience with train is quite less.
In Sumatra-Indonesia not much train, only return journey from Bandar Lampung to Prabumulih is my chance to get a train ride, that was back when i was in University, almost 10 years ago. The other chance to ride train in Java island is from Jakarta to Bandung. And even if its executive train, its a whole different train--all i could say: "ohh sh*t" when i see the other passengers with tie suite...Armani, Hugo Boss.. ohh.. Shuuuuuuutt! and an old lady with white grey hairs sit down elegangt on the seat i know i'm doomed.

Me on the other side wearing my flat, my black pantyhose (thank Lord i had brain to buy it at Champ Elyses!!) the best skirt that i had on my luggage, and a clean white shirt. I feel like a house maid on wrong train. Huhuhuhu...

Its not over with the feeling, i did made sure i am on the right train #13 first class and i look at my seat number is 61. So i sit down on the first 61 seat number. And this guy, age 35-45 come with snob face, maybe he had a drama school or something, so over react (perhaps too much opera) bhe stood with his ticket waving it on air say "this is my seat, hello this is my seat" he could ask to me if i get wrong seat. I said its 61 i show my ticket and he said "no its mine he show his ticket to me and point it right to my face" such a harsh guy. And then all sudden an old guy say "Miss i think this is your seat" i cant help say thank you to that guy. The jerk stood in dramaticly way and nod to everyone i think he could hear an applause there (jerrkkk!!) i sit on my seat and say thank you to that old guy, giving my best smile. He just smile and said no problem.

Its such humiliating moment, i just hate it instantly.. killing my mood for sure. The car it self very nice, you had electric socket and the seat are amazing. Talk about the seat, i just realize that me and that jerk actually right. There are two numbers on each seat. so Theres two 61 seat number on this car.. well well... difference only where that seat face...i didn't see that!! beside don't blame me i've done great job trying to interprete the ticket which is in FRENCH language!

During the trip i trie dto connect with wifi that available on the train.. but then if i want to use it i have to subscribe. So all i did just update my blog with word :( not cool! i tried to do something else like going to toilet and explore a bit... the next car is restaurant... there are plenty people there... all speak in French.. i could see some of them from my car with their suite and tie and black shiny shoes.. errhh.. i feel im very lost :( i just wish i could see someone in plain tshirt and shorts.. with friendly smile..

I got back to my seat and just try to enjoy the scenery.. at the average 300kms/hour this trin just like a bullet on a rail!! the view is amazing, i could see cows, houses and rivers.. some huge field with grass.. very different vegatation than Indonesia. Sun still shines as if its 3pm in Indonesia. I know its over 6pm and the sun lights fall on the scenery outside made it as unforgetful sight for me.

The beauty of Europe at a glimpse thats the correct thing to say. I wave to some people that wave to me from outside its fun...hahaha a bit hill billies but.. ijust like it when they smile and wave to me when the train slower-when it gets to a small city... i like how they live there.. surrounded by mountains.. theres kids with bicycle.. must be fresh and healthy there... very different than a small village in Indonesia for sure!

Its over 8 pm and i know that we're closing to Strasbourg as the train get slower and there are more houses outside. I see some factory, farms and i see a sign said Strasbourg Gare, oh my! its very close... i could see that some of the passenger even get ready and get their stuff on the compartement above.

We finally arrive nearly 8.30, i was so damn hungry!! i just ate crackers!

As the train stop, i just dont want to get any more attention i just let everyone goes down first--include the anoying guy. I was the last passenger on the train...

When i get down, there he was Mr T with LoL his "Germany" best looks hahahaha!! black tshirt, short and socks and sandal LoL thats very Germany. He looks like upset hahah! he was he told me about the traffic jam and he said something about trying to drive here fast because he afraid that he's going to be late.

Surprise, Mr T drive a car. Hahaha its rental car, but well... i think hes not use with driving! There are still sun lights when we drive out the station. We look for dinner that night.

One of Strasburg church
Theres not much i could see on the first night since its pretty late... i could see little bit around city as we walk down the city.. almost everything closed at 9pm! oh my! hahahahah

Strasburg streets- everything is closed after 9pm!
I went to several places that  night and actually quite spooky because less lights there... we went to a church and somehow went to the Cathedral. I wish i could see the view at night must be amazing.
spooky tower...
There are several people passes by, and we actually use tram to get from one point to another. The tram at Strasburg running until midnight. And its quite convinient actually. I rarely see taxi tho.

Strasburg cathedral at night
I dont know if i consider this good, but i am glad i could took some of pictures at night because some of this places must be very touristy at day light! but all i could say everything is clean, the road too...

Strassburg Cathedral door carvings 

Strasburg cathedral at night

We rushed back to hotel as we feel very tired after walking sevrela hours. Its close to midnight and there are less people walking on street already. Some bars still open tho..

Strasburg traditional house, i like it!

This guy create publications first time!
Mr T said Strasbourg is  the city of publications since its the very first time the printing machine invented here... i note.. i thought chinese found it first?? he just said i dont know hahahaha!

Midnight at Strasburg-empty street

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Jimbo said...

Wow sounds like a very nice journey except for the jerk who was so rude. Sorry you experience that but glad you did not let it bother you too much. I had experience on train in China and could not read the Chinese ticket for my seat number. The train attendant even showed me to the wrong seat. I had to move about 3 times because kept getting in the wrong seat. :-)

Fico said...

@ Jimbo
Hahah bad guys is always there along the way, you can not bothered by one of them especially after the long flights and train ride to get to where you are :)

I just don't like the fact that he humiliate a girl and seemed very proud of it.. if he's in South East Asia, in a sweaty hot bus, the table is turning :D and we will see if he could do the drama act haha (too good to be true to see this guy in ugly buses from khaosan road!)

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