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Porsche Stuttgart

Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac. ~Author Unknown

As we reach for Stuttgart, Mr T start talking about Marcedes museum.... so i thought we were heading to Marcedes Museum.... when i did realize why everyone near the street using Porsche.. like almost all oh my.. and they're all super nice!!

As we getting closer i realize that we are not going to Marcedes Benz Museum, instead we were heading to Porsche Museum!! I kind of remember once i had huge Porsche Boxter poster when i was in primary school... i love it so very much! it was cherry red.....

We arrive and try to find the parking for the museum.. but then he remember its MONDAY.. the museum closed. I actually want to laugh, but he just been too upset with this so i just smile. Remember this museum only open from TUESDAY-SUNDAY from 9am  to 6pm!

I think its on my list too, i actually want to go to Marcededes Benz Museum, but Mr T been there before, and i know he will spoil the surprise that i will see there *bummer* so yah... porsche is ok... i love cherry red porsche on tv now im going to see it for real hohohoh.....

The next day... the very determined Mr T come again this time fully prepared we know where to park etc. When we were there he smile so wide.. haha... boys and fast cars (he said its the technology..ya ya...)

**click on pictures to made it larger**

Infront of Stuttgart Porsche Museum

The museum looks like a spaceship! from outter side it looks so modern ^^ i can not wait to get inside when we get there.... inside this pearly spaceship Mr T deal with the ticketing while i took some pictures.. the fee is 8 euro for adult.

On the ground floor beside the ticketing/lobby theres also souvenir shop and i could see mechanic shop behind glass window from a canteen not far from ticketing-toilet also on the same level.

My Porsche entrance ticket
All the people who work there look very professional in black suite and tie... omg.. very exclusive! It is an exclusive place indeed. I hold my breathe as im about to see the 80 cars on the show... all of things in here wayyy beyon my reach too expensive thats all on my brain.. on Mr T brain?? the technology that they use to built the engine etc! lol.. guys and girls thoughts i guess!

Some of the Porsche cars and motorcycle that i like!

The thing that i could get from here is... Ferdinand Porsche actually work for VW before he had his own company... and he actually the one who concepting the first Volks Wagen car-VW kaffer in 1934. This first car had air cooling system on the rear engine and this is the first model that inspiring the next 4 beetle VW. By 1950 there are over 100.000 VW kaffer that been sold (16 years later). And by 2003 the total units of this type that been sold was reaching 21.5 million units--an amazing number for a car that design for the people of Germany!

Porsche race cars!

The history of Porsche fast cars/sport cars start with type 356, which is roll on in June 8 1948 also called the "Number 1". The very first time 356 prove it self as racing car is at Innsbrucke city race. These days Posrsche also produce small numbers of other type/series such as the 911, 914, 924, 944, 928, and the Boxster and the Cayenne, the former sports-car specialist has developed into one of the world's most successful automobile manufacturers.

Porsche GT 3 This is my fave Porsche of all! i love it so very much!!!
 Porsche also use for police car in some countries like in Netherlands (in 1966 there are 356 units sent to Netherland) and Germany since 1950es. They use it for fast reaction units.

First picture on top left: VW Kaffer-The number 1/Type 356-The classic Boxter-
Porsche 924 GTP Le Manns & Porsche 936/77 Spyders
 At Porsche museum you could see how advance their technology in cars design, especially in sports car. I could see the fastest cars--too fast that as in the down force theory this car could actually stay on roof of a building (upside down) and not falling because its wayy too fast for gravity too took part; i also see the lightest car from fibers, also the oldest.. this museum is a must for car lover!

Trying the Porsche 911 Carrera, yippie!!

I also had the chance to try the Porsche 911 Carrera and sit there.. omg! the leathers.. the feels.. the steering.. omg! i could imagine driving this at autobahn with over 200kms speed... amazing!!! this type out first time in 2008 so its still new model.

There was also a sound simulators that told you the difference that each car type made. Like a purring of a car.. sound even enginered hahaha!

Awe!! Porsche GT3 in Cherry red!!! want this!!

My fave car of all? i dont know why the GT3 really draw my attention. I am a girl i shouldn't be this "visual" but i love it. I even said to Mr T this car if its a girl, its like the sexy soanish girls with their body curve... its sexy! (now im wondering about my gender hahaha!)

Theres plenty of information i could get about cars here. Mr T even use the audio guide to explain about the cars here. They use both english and germany.

Hybrid bicycle and one of car that i like! also the museum
After the 3rd floor (oh the design this museum very well!) we go down and had some coffee. After coffee, i look up at merchandise shop and get my self a pink porsche hat. Its cute! thats when we saw a gentleman talking to other visitor about time for factory tour.

Mr T and i get closer to these guys, they had the factory tours oh wow!! we ask if we could join but then they ask if we made any appointment yet? we both say no. And the tour in germany :( i told its ok... because Mr T could explain it to me, and the tour guide said if its small english he will try to explain it to me. The tour is for free :) oh yes they actually had the tour in english but by the time i went there the option only in germany the english tour will start in like an hour after :(
No camera, or cellphone allowed inside the factory as its highly sensitive things to do. But it was a very amazing 2 hours tours! as i see  the raw Porsche from its skeleton to the assembly and everything, its just amazing how they treat every each of the porsche as if its a space ship!

The details on the each cars, they made it into personal. Each cars had its own personality. And to keep it exclusive they actually did limit the production and they said never going to create any mass produce car as it wont be exclusive anymore! wow.... talk about the pride.

Anyway its not Volks Wagen- the car for people... its the highest standard for everything. Car it self, engines, even the tire are custom made and very carefuly controlled. No wonder the price so up high! They mixed the quality as well the knowledge into a car. Its a devotion for every each of people who work here.. the mechanics, engineers even the researchers! its amazing!

He also explain about the "black horse" on the Porsche logo. I just found out that its logo for Stuttgart. And if any other company use it.. well he said Porsche use it from beginning of the cars out!

Its an unforgetful day for sure. I think this is also a best place to take your children on tour too... they could see what they could do in future an enginer? mechanics? its worth the tour... if you come to Stuttgart you definetly have to go to this museum!

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