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Europe, Land for Special (disabled) Person

"  Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."   ~ Miriam Beard

One thing that i did notice since i was landed in Munich May 24, 2011. How people in here so care about disabled person. People with special requirements, in wheel chair, or can't see... its amazing the level of caring that i can not stop feeling sad!!

I see one of these in Strasbourg...

And for those with all special needs, there are NO limitation for them to do activities like other people! go to school, doing sports, swim, going to cafe, had lunch in park, sun bathing.... no limitation!! they could mobile as easy as they could.. i feel so envy!

They build special ramp every where so it could easily accessible for wheel chair, start from castles, bus stop, tram, and trains!

Space for whee chair at Train/Metro

At cities, they build the side walk also accessible very easily for the disabled person. Even for city that had cobbled street like in Strasbourg or in Brussels, i could see many senior citizen with their electric/mobility scooter doing things like normal. Seeing friends, buy groceries.

My great great grandmother who live in mountains in Sumatra never see this for sure. Chance for senior people to do their activity like normal and not to depends to anyone!

Special entrance for wheelchair

This is also the very first time i see someone... who doesn't have legs to drive by him self (in Brussels) its amazed me!

........ i feel sad because.....

This is the countries that me and my friends used to called people "had-cripple-ice cold-emotions" too independent, high individualism and NOT CARE about their parents, and their neighbor. And when i see it now, it changed... if they don't care, they wont build ramps, they wont build things that made the life of those elders and "unique" people MUCH EASIER....

Toilets in train for wheel chaired people

In sight seeing places, there will be hundreds of signs show where these unique people could enter/access the places. Special parking, special entrance... oh my ....

In Indonesia where i thought people much "care" i could see lots of disabled person stay at home, doing nothing, old people on porch just sit on chair, can not do anything.. can not go anywhere as they wanted to... its just sad....

Special Bus ramps for special people ^^

Special kids with down syndromes wont go by them self in Indonesia, people will stare look down, others kids will laugh at them and oh my God... in Germany they could do high five on their wheelchairs and say see you again, and laugh and cross the street WITHOUT ANY HELP!! and no one will disturb them!!

I can not help to feel sad and envy... i wish one day Indonesia will be like that, someday my country will be more fair to those who in needs, and more caring to senior citizen. I could only wish........

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