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Back to Work ! (day dreaming) Pk Baru-Home

At May 9, 2009 We arrive in Pekan Baru.
The flight is a bit headache since there's a baby that constantly crying all the time during the flight, honestly i love little children, but crying constantly for more than one hour near me ? wow... my ear plugs at my bag.. so i can't do anything !
Because of the swine flu they check our body temperature before the immigration both.
I feel okay so does Maria.
We eat another junk food at CFC near the departure gate after we had our luggage. First plan is we will stay inside the terminal until the travel bus is picking us up.
But then seemed the airport security DOESN'T understand what we're trying to say so we just walk outside and sit near a padang restaurant (forget the name) between international arrival and checking entrance.
We wait until 3 pm then decide to go by taxi to the travel pool. We use Wijaya Kesuma Travel, and it cost us Rp 180.000 to go to Jambi. The taxi, after bargaining, is Rp 40. 000,- we didn't use the taxi that provided by the airport because they ask for Rp 50.000 plus Rp 10.000 comission for them, so total will be Rp 60.000.. thanks..but no ! we will take the 40 thousand !
After locked up our bags (theres no locker). Actually i feel very sleepy so does Maria, but we still have like 4 hours to wait before we leave. The bus leave at 8 pm.
So we went with public transport to Pekan Baru Mall from the car pool cost us each Rp 2000.
I just got some snack for the trip, we will spent 11 hrs on the car !
We went for gado-gado near the bus pool. We actually walk on our way back... when we saw lots of people parade, its chinese with chinese costumes, and there's barongsai dancers and lots more... very.. unique !
After we went for gado2 we wait like 30 min before we leave.
The road is bumpy, i try hard to sleep and use my eye mask and turn on my music player.
Maria decide to go straight to our work field. I think it 5.40 am when finally we arrive at "simpang 35" the driver a bit concern because its not a safe place to drop off passenger especially a girl. Its a jungle ! but that's where we work (its 40 min from Jambi city).
We didn't take lots of picture here because we just spent few hours only.

So that's how our journey end. Day after we arrive we're officially work ! (aaaawww!!!)

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Hostel/Accomodation on our trip 2009 (Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, Singapore)

This 2009 we go to several places like KL-Malaysia, Phuket & Phi-phi - Thailand, Singapore. We stay in several new accommodation, so we have new input on the story.

In KL, i stay with my family in Petaling Jaya. But one night we decide to sleep at Bukit bintang because we want to go to KLCC Twin Tower Sky Bridge (ticket open at 6 am).

We stay at Hotel Sungai Wang and the room rate is MYR 138 for a night. The room condition bit bulky. I believe i could find better price and room at guest houses, but i already promise my uncle have to stay in a place with price more than RM 100 (he wont allow me if i don't). The room is quite spooky. With a bathroom, hot water (it work good) also tv and small fridge.

The room not really clean, as i could find someone else hair on the bedsheet (cleaners?previous guest??yuck !). We just stay for a night so, we just think ..apa the heck !!

When we arrive at Phuket, it was 9 pm when we out of airport. The shuttle bus to Phulet town end it service at 6 pm so we runing out of choice. We decide to go to Patong beach and stay for a night. I did booking from internet for "Karma Guesthouse" seemed okay at internet, lots of pictures about the rooms, but.... when we go there.. GOSH. Its far from the centre of attraction (Bangla Road) and far from the beach ! and also its placed in a HILL area, the hike is KILLING ME ! especially if you go up with 10 kg's on your back, its impossible to do (more than 60 degrees incline ! very slippery !). Its cheap, but i dont think its worthy if we have to fall down hill.

We find a tuk tuk and ask us to ride to Bangla Road instead. After browsing few guest house on Son sa bai the street right after bangla road we decide to stay at "Sheila Guest house" the fare is Baht 500 per room, and its not included breakfast. Its a good deal, but i feel bit concern about, theres no window, and only one access stair, no fire detector what so ever, and i remember about the "fire trap" thing. But once again we're planning to stay only for a night because the next day we will go to Phi-Phi island. At least they offer free wi-fi so we could browse with my cellphone. On our way back to phuket me and Kak Mari decide to stay here again for two nights before we head to Phuket.
At Phi phi island, after browse with our luggage we found out that the hotel near the beach is very expensive gosh !!

We stay at Phi-Phi Andaman Resort with rate Baht 1100 but its worthy because they gave us room only 15-20 meters from beach ! We stay for 3 days here, awesome days !

And when we're traveling back to Phuket town.. ofcourse. we stay at Phuket Backpacker Hostel ! I book the room from internet with hostel bookers with rate Baht 300 per night per person. But then when we arrive and stay they gave us discount ! we only had to pay Baht 200 pernight per person ! yay ! This hostel is the best !! we stay for 3 days.

Two thumbs up (four !!) for this hostel for its cleanliness, ambience, entertaintment, and strategic place (busses to patong beach is right in front of this hostel !). And its not that far from the bus station. Its on Ranong Road infront of Thai Airways office, easy to find.

And the last stop is in singapore. We stay at Empire Hostel. This hostel is among the cheapest in Singapore (and we finally know..why). The funny thing is every day they change the price, and they WILL ask additional 10% service charge for FREE BREAKFAST that they said included on their price. The room we stayed in is for 4 person with two bunk bed, the room size like 1.5 meters X 6 meters, it feels like squeezing us, not all guest can put their bags on the room (could you imagine it ???). Ill say this is the most ridiculous hostel that i ever stay.

So i'll rate all the hostel and the price per night start from the best to the worse:
1. Phuket Backpacker Hostel (PHU)>> Dorm Room (4 bed) >> Not Included Breakfast >> Baht 200/person
2. Sheila Guest House Patong (PHU) >> Double bed Room >> Not Included Breakfast >> Baht 500/room
3. Phi-Phi Andaman Resort >> Twin Room >> Not Included Breakfast >> Baht 1100/room
4. Hotel Sungai Wang (KL) >> Double Bed Room >> Not Included Breakfast >> RM 138/room
5. Empire Hostel (SING) >> Dorm Room (4 bed) >> Included Breakfast >> Sing $ 12/person (rate changed daily !)

Time we're staying the rate:
1 Baht = Rp 320,-
1 RM = Rp 3. 200,-
1 Sing $ = Rp 7.200,-

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Sentosa Island Singapore (Another fun in the sun....)

Today we are planning to go to Sentosa Island. Last two year on 2007 we didn't make it to this island. We heard so much story about this island but not had chance to get there.
Sun is shine bright and we woke up early to have breakfast and pack little bit of the bread for the brunch and extra water to go with.

Here come our train....

From MRT Lavender (North East Line) we go straight to Harbour Front Station. We need to change train at Outram Park Station/interchange (North East Line) to Harbour Front. At Harbour Front we go to Vivo City Mall to the 5th floor for another mono rail to Sentosa Island. We already check the bus fare and the cable car.. i really would love to ride on cable car because i love the view at the bay. But then its just few minutes ride. So we went to this Sentosa station and see lots of banners and fliers about package for Sentosa island. Its pretty cheap and interesting. We tok several flyers and maps from here. But we didn't plan to stay until night at Sentosa island so we only take the Mono rail ticket from the vending machine near the entrance of the station the price is S$ 3 for return. This ticket made from cardboard so its easy to bend and as big as a name card. Its only for one time use, so its not looks like the MRT ez-link card (made from plastic).
We tap the card and wait for the train to come. The train comes every 30 minutes back and forward from sentosa island to the VIVO City. The trip from VIVO city to sentosa station took about 10 minutes, with amazing view from the bay area. We are so lucky because its a sunny bright day, sky so blue.

We're here yaaaaayyyy !!!

Posing below the huge merlion

We arrive at the first station its the "Imbiah Station". From there we went to the huge merlion statue, probably the biggest in Singapore. We take several pictures here. I like the park so far its very clean ! There's water park with some girls playing with the waters. This first place called the "Merlion Walk". There is a cafe right under the merlion statue. We sit a while not far from the statue, there are several iron benches.

Cooling waterfall.. this is very nice...

Cafe under the merlion


Saved by the glorious bells !

We wont lost here for sure.. so many signs !

Casting for bollywood movie... Fika and the flowers hehe...

From here we walk up to the "Image of Singapore" a building with an old truck in front of it. The entrance fee is S$ 10 we decide just to walk trhough. Not far from there, there is a tall tower with circeling top, called "Tiger Sky Tower" its must be good to see the whole Singapore at that height, the ride to the top will cost you S$ 12.

Driver and the co-driver in action, hehehe... tarrriiikkk baaang !

Image of me !

Do i really want to go up there ? errrhhh?


After that we went to the "Nature Walk" althogh we wasn't so sure about the nature because we didn't see anything but trees and more people and trees. This road leads you to the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdoms the entrance fee would be S$ 16. Its good to see the butterfly and s oe insects, i think this would be a good place to take my niece and nephew if they were here... hm..
There's also 4D teather here.. along with new cineblast there are plenty children in queue lines with their parents, i think the title is the pirates of the carribean or something.

Then we walk and went to the "Siloso Beach" we don't know if the trams ride are for free. So we walk around there. But its quite fun and not that hot.

Outside the Beach Station, its very clean ! good place for walk... where the song of sea playing every night.

We take pictures at these beaches. Its a bit dissapointing after you went to Phuket beach and see these beaches. The beaches are smaller but well maintained. There's several beach volley ball court, and there is people sun bathing too. But as much as in Thailand ofcourse hehehe... but not bad..

Mini beach with lots of tankers passing by

Still... no swimming at night (aaaaww!) no littering, no fishing, even no DOGS, etc...

Coconut tree !!

But still its a fun place. They had this trapeze but its seemed locked. We see huge "SILOSO" letters in bright colors.. hmm heheh good place to take some more pictures !

We ride back to the monorail station at Beach Station (the 2nd station after Imbiah) with the free trem ride from Siloso Point (the end of siloso beach). We think we had enough of Sentosa and want to go to Chinatown (hehe shop shop).

Narciss "mode on" on the trem

On the Trem

At the beach station our card cannot tapped, i thought it was expired or broken, but then hehehe the officer there said the scanner machine was broken hehehe... so i could keep the card as souvenir, yay!

Beach Station Monorail

Inside the monorail from Beach Station to VIVO City

We ride back to VIVO City and had some shopping for Ms Peni. I would like to have some Body Shop parfumes. So i did shopping while Maria just wait. I got things that i need and we use the same MRT Train from Harbour Front to Chinatown station.....


Overall... Sentosa Island is worth the visit, i think its nice at day time and night.. good for children to learn about Singapore cultures and many things like insects and i like the rides... also hehe would be romantic idea to go at night for sure..hmmm hmmm.... (cable car ride with stars ? walk on the beach shore hand in hand...aaawww!).

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Last day In Phuket

I woke up early as usual... woke up and try to remember what happened last nite.. hehe i am not drunk but i think i wake up several times last night.
I went to bathroom and brush my teeth, kak Mari Already finish bath and change her clothes. She went dont stairs for internet.
Tini is getting ready to chek out, she already drag her bag outside her room. Kak Mari came from down stairs and we said our good bye with Tini. She is going to teach in small Phuket village for a month.
After that, i took a bath and went down stairs for breakfast. Already put my swim suit and my sun block. We're going to Patong for the last time today.
I went to 7/11 to have some noodle "MAMA" brand as some said its good, this time its tom yam with shrimp flavour. Its good.
We finally book our hostel at Singapore this time were staying in a guest house near Al Juned MRT station. The name of the hostel is Empire hostel the rate is cheap its Sing $ 48 for two person for 2 days. Its included breakfast and free internet.
I am little bit concern about the distance from MRT station to the hostel itself. Because i would carry my bag with weight more than 22 kgs. I hope its not as far as if its on map.
After booking our hostel in Singapore. We went outside to catch bus to Patonmg beach, its next to our hostel, infront of 7/11, and the fare its only 25 baht per person one way.
Its mid day when we arrive at Patong. I change and went for water, and swim a bit. Kak Mari choose just to sleep at beach. This time were closer to Surin beach rather than in the middle of Patong beach. We take several pictures and kak Mari back to sleep and i swim more.
Its kind of fun because its not as hot as its before. But the wave is quite higher than in Phi Phi island. Ad when i swim 50-70 meters from the beach the water just about my shoulder if i stand up. So its not a kiddies beach.
After swim a bit, i just realize we didnt bring any towels with us so i just sit and wait for water to dry abit. Kak Mari said she was hungry so we put our clothes back and go to Mc Donald, it have promotion for the whole month so everytime we buy something there they gave us free cheese burgers. (hehehe indonesia gak mau rugi !).
After lunch, we went to Junglecyon for shopping. I still can't find anything for my sister and for my mom.
We went back to beach for last time at 4.30 pm and take some afternoon pictures and rush for the last bus. And i could say that were lucky because we did catch the last bus from Patong to Phuket exactly at 5 pm passing the Bangla Road !
But the bus very full, kak Mari manage to have a seat while me hanging on the back of the bus !!!
Its quite scary because the road gback to town is passing seriously high and curvy road !
The bus even stop for more passenger, i am pushed trhough the bus with half of my body inside the bus, and another hanging on the back of the bus ! its not really comfortable, but much better than hanging loose outside, at least i had the door wood to hang on !
After 15 minutes i have a seat and started to enjoy the trip. Its just nice to ride in public transport.
We met another girl that stay at the guest house and we ride until we see the surin circle and walk back, we split since she want to get some dinner. We went to the wet market not far from the hostel we bought our self some banana and then we have fried chicken and sticky rice..
Went back to hostel and browse internet..

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Patong Special Edition (Oh Mi God !)

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Colorfull Phi Phi Don Phuket ( easy-lazy life too...)

When we arrive we had no accommodation booked yet. I heard about Hussin Guest house online and decide to find it. After find the guest house and check the room, we are all not really satisfy because it will be quite a walk from the beach and also they only have one vacant room, instead of two. So we walk from the pier and check one by one the hotel/hostel/guesthouse along the beach for price comparison from the pier to the Ton Sai Bai beach. There are many options here, just depends on your preferences and also prices. We are looking for cheap rooms that very close to the beach and have air conditioner, cause Nana can't stay in heat (explosive...hehehe)

After long walk we finally decide to stay in phi-phi Andaman Resort at Ton Sai Bay for price Baht 1100 per night per room. And its not included breakfast. Its a high season, so the price is bit high but its quite a bargain price from baht 1500.

The room is clean, the air conditioner is cool and bathroom is clean with hot water and water run well. Our room is like a small bungalow not next to each other. But its a fine one with terrace and two chair on the front and we had twin bed.

For first day we just walk around the island. We had our lunch in thai restaurant. Its not pricy like other restaurant because its where other thai eat too. I had chicken and rice for lunch. The total price not more than baht 60.

After had lunch we saw.. wow.. goreng pisaaang ! hehe its crispy banana and spring rolls.. taste so delicious ! (hehe gak ngira jauh-jauh makan pisang goreng !). This is the best thing about going to local market, you got good price, yummy food, and more nicer people to greet you.

We then try to find the half day tour for us for next day activity. We also went to other beach on the back of tonsai beach.. oh god... its beautiful... its in mid day and there are plenty people doing sun bathing... the white sand is so soft... we just walk through because that time we haven't find the tour yet.

There are alot of travel agent here so, we try to bargain one by one, and choose with the better price. Finally find a tour infront of a book store that seemed so nice, with good price ofcourse. We try to bargain for discount as always. The price for half day tour is baht 550 per person. We choose the sunset tour (hehe how romantic is that sound?).

After book the tour, we decide to go back to our room for a little nap. On the way back to hotel we saw flyer about free buffet dinner ! yay ! and fire show ofcourse, on the bar next to the beach "The hippies Bar". Sound like a hip party. So we take a little nap and wake up at 6 pm for Phi-Phi night life.
Instead of having great nap, i just feel a little bit too anxious about this island and wake up at 3 pm. See my cellphone, Nana, my cousin from Malaysia send me sms said she want to swim at the beach. We gear up and meet her and her friend Ainoon lying down at the sand... ohhh this is just beautiful. We sit for a while and then take a dip on the ocean.. its very cool. we swim until nearly sunset. Have to get ready for the night life at phi-phi.

Ainoon and her super camera ready for some action !

I am ready for the night.. plus a fan (it looks stylish but for me its a secret weapons hahaha !)

We only need to pay for cokes that we drink and we had the whole buffet consist of fried rice and some vegetables with shrimps and there's chicken also, and fruits. Over all.. yums !

After dinner, and full, we watch the fire show that start at 11 pm. Its a great show. I never sen a fire show before. I like the ambience, really feels like we are on holidays hehehe...

I went back to the room with kak Mari past mid night. We need some rest for tomorrow snorkeling !

Wake up, i said to Maria about swimming in the morning, we both pretty excited and get very dissapointed when we went to the beach.. ohhh gooosssshhh its very shallow ! we can't swim in the morning.. aawww ! so we just walk around the island, to the other beach.. for luck hehe.. but its just same the water just too shallow and far far ahead.. so we cancel our morning swim. Next time better make sure if the water is shallow in the morning or afternoon hehehe...

When we went to Loh Dalum the other beach back to back with the long beach, there are so many people lying down the sand on the beach..yup.. the "wasted" people who get party too much last nigyht. Its quite funny to see how they are lying down... in very weird position.. and.. sometimes.. their clothes is not in the right position...

We went back to our room for breakfast. We have bread from market and some orange juice. Our snorkeling will start at 11 am. We pack several things like camera and towels for the trip, and two bottles of sun block spf50 (HO-HO-HO) for the trip.

Kak Mari dan abang comel on the back ground...

We are ready with our fins (Ainoon: can we walk with this to the boat ??)

We are taken to a diving/snorkeling shop to get our fin and mask. We try to find the perfect fin for our feet size. Only nana have problem finding the right fin size.

We then march to the boat not far from the shop. The boat name is "Naemah" i think its kind of "melayu" name. There are several other people with out groups. We also have to pick up a couple in a very beautiful beach not far from long beach.. they had very nice hut. After all the group complete we heading to the shark point for snorkeling yaaaaay !!

Leaving phi-phi harbour for snorkeling.. its a beautiful day

Going to shark point..

And when we arrive at shark point the water not as clear as we went here two years ago. I can't really see the bottom. But i really want to snorkel so i take the life jacket and swim. Ainoon and Nana also kak Mari also swim.

And then ... gosh.. i see it.. dark blurry thing on the bottom of the sea.. its a sharkk
!! EEEKKKKK !! this is the first time i see life shark swim not far from me ! i got pretty scare first, because it follow me where ever i swim, and made the bottom of the sea dark because of the sand from the bottom goes up. I swim as fast as i can to the rest of the group, and i didn;t say anything about the shark. Its not that big white shark as i seen on National Geographic, but its about a meter long.. big enough to scare me hehehe....

Because its not so fun and blurry plus the shark experience i decide to jump up to the boat, and not really feeling satisfy. Its weird because its in April... the water should be like crystal clear....should be better than two years ago when we came on the raining season in August!

Then... that happened... i heard kak Mari said something but i can not hear
it clear. She mentioned about shark and i said yes theres a shark. And then she said help.. but i can't understand what she said, i ask other people but all show their puzzled face. Including Ainoon and Nana. And then i understand when she tried to lift her feet. She got crammed. Must be hurt, i ask the boat to go closer to pick her up, but they can not understand. I said hurry but they just so slow.

When we finally got kak Mari she was very upset (haha at me??) i try to explain, but she kept angry so i just think okay, i don't want to waste this good day into anger and upsetting thing. If i know my friends in trouble i will try hard to help, she is my travel companion afterall !. But she just don't get it. So i just try to talk with other girls and not want to discuss about that.

We went for lunch at bamboo island, and seemed all already forget about what happened. We had lunch and take few pictures on the island and had long rest. I slept under the tree we swim alot and then we had so much fun.

Ainoon and the rest of the group

We went for monkey beach after bamboo island. There is so many monkey here.. but not long after we landed on this small beach there are a lot of other tourist come and join us so its like a pack of tourist with a pack of monkeys... but yeah.. i am not so interested
since at our work place there are so many wild monkeys to see everyday.. heheh... so its not a wonder for us.

After feeding the monkeys we went to the viking cave and see the sea gypsy.. still the same like two years ago... and final destination.. my fave place... phi-phi ley... or well known with the MAYA BEACH ! yaaayyyy !

A little bit hungry so we eat at Khunva a restaurant that some of the bloggers recommend its in the middle of the island. I have the pinaple fried rice.. and wow.. it is literally served inside a pinnaple, its bit pricey from the lunch that we had but its excellent.

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