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Last day In Phuket

I woke up early as usual... woke up and try to remember what happened last nite.. hehe i am not drunk but i think i wake up several times last night.
I went to bathroom and brush my teeth, kak Mari Already finish bath and change her clothes. She went dont stairs for internet.
Tini is getting ready to chek out, she already drag her bag outside her room. Kak Mari came from down stairs and we said our good bye with Tini. She is going to teach in small Phuket village for a month.
After that, i took a bath and went down stairs for breakfast. Already put my swim suit and my sun block. We're going to Patong for the last time today.
I went to 7/11 to have some noodle "MAMA" brand as some said its good, this time its tom yam with shrimp flavour. Its good.
We finally book our hostel at Singapore this time were staying in a guest house near Al Juned MRT station. The name of the hostel is Empire hostel the rate is cheap its Sing $ 48 for two person for 2 days. Its included breakfast and free internet.
I am little bit concern about the distance from MRT station to the hostel itself. Because i would carry my bag with weight more than 22 kgs. I hope its not as far as if its on map.
After booking our hostel in Singapore. We went outside to catch bus to Patonmg beach, its next to our hostel, infront of 7/11, and the fare its only 25 baht per person one way.
Its mid day when we arrive at Patong. I change and went for water, and swim a bit. Kak Mari choose just to sleep at beach. This time were closer to Surin beach rather than in the middle of Patong beach. We take several pictures and kak Mari back to sleep and i swim more.
Its kind of fun because its not as hot as its before. But the wave is quite higher than in Phi Phi island. Ad when i swim 50-70 meters from the beach the water just about my shoulder if i stand up. So its not a kiddies beach.
After swim a bit, i just realize we didnt bring any towels with us so i just sit and wait for water to dry abit. Kak Mari said she was hungry so we put our clothes back and go to Mc Donald, it have promotion for the whole month so everytime we buy something there they gave us free cheese burgers. (hehehe indonesia gak mau rugi !).
After lunch, we went to Junglecyon for shopping. I still can't find anything for my sister and for my mom.
We went back to beach for last time at 4.30 pm and take some afternoon pictures and rush for the last bus. And i could say that were lucky because we did catch the last bus from Patong to Phuket exactly at 5 pm passing the Bangla Road !
But the bus very full, kak Mari manage to have a seat while me hanging on the back of the bus !!!
Its quite scary because the road gback to town is passing seriously high and curvy road !
The bus even stop for more passenger, i am pushed trhough the bus with half of my body inside the bus, and another hanging on the back of the bus ! its not really comfortable, but much better than hanging loose outside, at least i had the door wood to hang on !
After 15 minutes i have a seat and started to enjoy the trip. Its just nice to ride in public transport.
We met another girl that stay at the guest house and we ride until we see the surin circle and walk back, we split since she want to get some dinner. We went to the wet market not far from the hostel we bought our self some banana and then we have fried chicken and sticky rice..
Went back to hostel and browse internet..

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