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Sentosa Island Singapore (Another fun in the sun....)

Today we are planning to go to Sentosa Island. Last two year on 2007 we didn't make it to this island. We heard so much story about this island but not had chance to get there.
Sun is shine bright and we woke up early to have breakfast and pack little bit of the bread for the brunch and extra water to go with.

Here come our train....

From MRT Lavender (North East Line) we go straight to Harbour Front Station. We need to change train at Outram Park Station/interchange (North East Line) to Harbour Front. At Harbour Front we go to Vivo City Mall to the 5th floor for another mono rail to Sentosa Island. We already check the bus fare and the cable car.. i really would love to ride on cable car because i love the view at the bay. But then its just few minutes ride. So we went to this Sentosa station and see lots of banners and fliers about package for Sentosa island. Its pretty cheap and interesting. We tok several flyers and maps from here. But we didn't plan to stay until night at Sentosa island so we only take the Mono rail ticket from the vending machine near the entrance of the station the price is S$ 3 for return. This ticket made from cardboard so its easy to bend and as big as a name card. Its only for one time use, so its not looks like the MRT ez-link card (made from plastic).
We tap the card and wait for the train to come. The train comes every 30 minutes back and forward from sentosa island to the VIVO City. The trip from VIVO city to sentosa station took about 10 minutes, with amazing view from the bay area. We are so lucky because its a sunny bright day, sky so blue.

We're here yaaaaayyyy !!!

Posing below the huge merlion

We arrive at the first station its the "Imbiah Station". From there we went to the huge merlion statue, probably the biggest in Singapore. We take several pictures here. I like the park so far its very clean ! There's water park with some girls playing with the waters. This first place called the "Merlion Walk". There is a cafe right under the merlion statue. We sit a while not far from the statue, there are several iron benches.

Cooling waterfall.. this is very nice...

Cafe under the merlion


Saved by the glorious bells !

We wont lost here for sure.. so many signs !

Casting for bollywood movie... Fika and the flowers hehe...

From here we walk up to the "Image of Singapore" a building with an old truck in front of it. The entrance fee is S$ 10 we decide just to walk trhough. Not far from there, there is a tall tower with circeling top, called "Tiger Sky Tower" its must be good to see the whole Singapore at that height, the ride to the top will cost you S$ 12.

Driver and the co-driver in action, hehehe... tarrriiikkk baaang !

Image of me !

Do i really want to go up there ? errrhhh?


After that we went to the "Nature Walk" althogh we wasn't so sure about the nature because we didn't see anything but trees and more people and trees. This road leads you to the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdoms the entrance fee would be S$ 16. Its good to see the butterfly and s oe insects, i think this would be a good place to take my niece and nephew if they were here... hm..
There's also 4D teather here.. along with new cineblast there are plenty children in queue lines with their parents, i think the title is the pirates of the carribean or something.

Then we walk and went to the "Siloso Beach" we don't know if the trams ride are for free. So we walk around there. But its quite fun and not that hot.

Outside the Beach Station, its very clean ! good place for walk... where the song of sea playing every night.

We take pictures at these beaches. Its a bit dissapointing after you went to Phuket beach and see these beaches. The beaches are smaller but well maintained. There's several beach volley ball court, and there is people sun bathing too. But as much as in Thailand ofcourse hehehe... but not bad..

Mini beach with lots of tankers passing by

Still... no swimming at night (aaaaww!) no littering, no fishing, even no DOGS, etc...

Coconut tree !!

But still its a fun place. They had this trapeze but its seemed locked. We see huge "SILOSO" letters in bright colors.. hmm heheh good place to take some more pictures !

We ride back to the monorail station at Beach Station (the 2nd station after Imbiah) with the free trem ride from Siloso Point (the end of siloso beach). We think we had enough of Sentosa and want to go to Chinatown (hehe shop shop).

Narciss "mode on" on the trem

On the Trem

At the beach station our card cannot tapped, i thought it was expired or broken, but then hehehe the officer there said the scanner machine was broken hehehe... so i could keep the card as souvenir, yay!

Beach Station Monorail

Inside the monorail from Beach Station to VIVO City

We ride back to VIVO City and had some shopping for Ms Peni. I would like to have some Body Shop parfumes. So i did shopping while Maria just wait. I got things that i need and we use the same MRT Train from Harbour Front to Chinatown station.....


Overall... Sentosa Island is worth the visit, i think its nice at day time and night.. good for children to learn about Singapore cultures and many things like insects and i like the rides... also hehe would be romantic idea to go at night for sure..hmmm hmmm.... (cable car ride with stars ? walk on the beach shore hand in hand...aaawww!).

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