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Hostel/Accomodation on our trip 2009 (Malaysia, Phuket Thailand, Singapore)

This 2009 we go to several places like KL-Malaysia, Phuket & Phi-phi - Thailand, Singapore. We stay in several new accommodation, so we have new input on the story.

In KL, i stay with my family in Petaling Jaya. But one night we decide to sleep at Bukit bintang because we want to go to KLCC Twin Tower Sky Bridge (ticket open at 6 am).

We stay at Hotel Sungai Wang and the room rate is MYR 138 for a night. The room condition bit bulky. I believe i could find better price and room at guest houses, but i already promise my uncle have to stay in a place with price more than RM 100 (he wont allow me if i don't). The room is quite spooky. With a bathroom, hot water (it work good) also tv and small fridge.

The room not really clean, as i could find someone else hair on the bedsheet (cleaners?previous guest??yuck !). We just stay for a night so, we just think ..apa the heck !!

When we arrive at Phuket, it was 9 pm when we out of airport. The shuttle bus to Phulet town end it service at 6 pm so we runing out of choice. We decide to go to Patong beach and stay for a night. I did booking from internet for "Karma Guesthouse" seemed okay at internet, lots of pictures about the rooms, but.... when we go there.. GOSH. Its far from the centre of attraction (Bangla Road) and far from the beach ! and also its placed in a HILL area, the hike is KILLING ME ! especially if you go up with 10 kg's on your back, its impossible to do (more than 60 degrees incline ! very slippery !). Its cheap, but i dont think its worthy if we have to fall down hill.

We find a tuk tuk and ask us to ride to Bangla Road instead. After browsing few guest house on Son sa bai the street right after bangla road we decide to stay at "Sheila Guest house" the fare is Baht 500 per room, and its not included breakfast. Its a good deal, but i feel bit concern about, theres no window, and only one access stair, no fire detector what so ever, and i remember about the "fire trap" thing. But once again we're planning to stay only for a night because the next day we will go to Phi-Phi island. At least they offer free wi-fi so we could browse with my cellphone. On our way back to phuket me and Kak Mari decide to stay here again for two nights before we head to Phuket.
At Phi phi island, after browse with our luggage we found out that the hotel near the beach is very expensive gosh !!

We stay at Phi-Phi Andaman Resort with rate Baht 1100 but its worthy because they gave us room only 15-20 meters from beach ! We stay for 3 days here, awesome days !

And when we're traveling back to Phuket town.. ofcourse. we stay at Phuket Backpacker Hostel ! I book the room from internet with hostel bookers with rate Baht 300 per night per person. But then when we arrive and stay they gave us discount ! we only had to pay Baht 200 pernight per person ! yay ! This hostel is the best !! we stay for 3 days.

Two thumbs up (four !!) for this hostel for its cleanliness, ambience, entertaintment, and strategic place (busses to patong beach is right in front of this hostel !). And its not that far from the bus station. Its on Ranong Road infront of Thai Airways office, easy to find.

And the last stop is in singapore. We stay at Empire Hostel. This hostel is among the cheapest in Singapore (and we finally know..why). The funny thing is every day they change the price, and they WILL ask additional 10% service charge for FREE BREAKFAST that they said included on their price. The room we stayed in is for 4 person with two bunk bed, the room size like 1.5 meters X 6 meters, it feels like squeezing us, not all guest can put their bags on the room (could you imagine it ???). Ill say this is the most ridiculous hostel that i ever stay.

So i'll rate all the hostel and the price per night start from the best to the worse:
1. Phuket Backpacker Hostel (PHU)>> Dorm Room (4 bed) >> Not Included Breakfast >> Baht 200/person
2. Sheila Guest House Patong (PHU) >> Double bed Room >> Not Included Breakfast >> Baht 500/room
3. Phi-Phi Andaman Resort >> Twin Room >> Not Included Breakfast >> Baht 1100/room
4. Hotel Sungai Wang (KL) >> Double Bed Room >> Not Included Breakfast >> RM 138/room
5. Empire Hostel (SING) >> Dorm Room (4 bed) >> Included Breakfast >> Sing $ 12/person (rate changed daily !)

Time we're staying the rate:
1 Baht = Rp 320,-
1 RM = Rp 3. 200,-
1 Sing $ = Rp 7.200,-

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