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Football Fans for a day-Bundes Liga experience with FC Union Berlin!

I think i was born tomboy. I always love football, despite that in Asia, at least in my region its kind of "big sin" and "humiliating" for parents to allow or let their daughter to play football. I love it, i like it, and even play until i work with other secretaries on my company--we play futsal, the indoor football. Its not only liking the handsome football players or to please my boyfriend (yep, most other girls reason i guess), basically i just love sports.

In 2011, i was so excited when i reach Munich and had the chance to  visit the Arena. The football stadium already want to made me cry.

It was a great feeling just to sit there on an empty massive stadium, just to say to your self this is where my fave team doing their match, warming ups, rolling running, and so on. I could "imagine" the feelings when the match is on! Some people if i talk to them regarding this will think i am over react and just cant understand, the feeling.

My first Union Game ticket!

I thought, that was it.... my Bundes Liga experience at the home of my favorite team Bayern Muenchen.... i call it the home of Germany football kings! (please dont throw that empty beer cans to my head!) but yes, basically i love all of Germany football players since 1998!!

One day, i got the invitation, to experience what i call "Germany Football Fans culture".

It was awesome!!!!

I never get to Indonesia footbal match. Since long time ago, Indonesia football most of time will end up in riots. Fights, burning tires, police everywhere, thats how crazy as it goes. Its where you mostly see other sports rather than football (count it as boxing, martial arts, etc). Its just in past few years it slightly became better. But still, not really encourage me to watch it live on the stadium. Only in TV.

Indonesian love football, you could see lots of little kids play without any shoes on dirt, sometimes they only use ball made of newspaper. They are...too passionate on the game i would say :P

So, this would be the very first time i will see a big match (with lots of people). The latest match ive been is when i play Jakarta region women futsal/indoor football championship, but i think its only few hundreds of people in the stadium--and i play hahaha.

I got my expectation what is it going to be on a Germany football match (at least more "civilize"?).

So...... here we go.
Showing my love to FC Union!
Its a 2nd tier team called "Union Berlin FC" my host introduce me this team, their players, statical numbers, pictures, before i went to one of their match in Schwarzwald Stadion Freiburg.

I only heard so much about it since my host quite a fan (lol i think ive heard it for past 2 years).

My FC Union gears-i am ready!
I found out that the team colors is match with my country flag colors (red and white), and basically i love red. Its all set... i sent my host the pictures of things i will wear on the match--yes he is a big fans of this club, and i want to do it as fans, so we should do it right. We will have our place at the fans corner. Ok in Indonesia we dont have fans corner i think, all the same they only made separation between the home team and the visitor team.

autobahn on the way to Freiburg
So, we drove from Frankfurt to Freiburg in early morning, driving through autobahn fogs. Sometimes i saw some other cars with Union flags or attributes on it. Even some ride in big motorcycle. I like how everyone salute each others! i heard from news that most of fans already leaving from Berlin a day before. Now, thats a group of fans i need to see!

very hazy autobahn
At the outskirt of Freiburgh we had to park the car because it will be difficult to find a parking spot there. So we use the local train to complete the journey to the stadium. They sky are blue and magically the weather was slowly warm up. Its not that very cold (from somewhere where 40c degrees is normal, 12c is freezing for me!).

Even on the train the passengers mostly both of football fans meet up and cheer up singing, and i know theres mocking talking to each others but not that crazy way that its dangerous. So far i really like it.

A short walk from the train to the Schwarzwald stadium
He reminds me not to bring bags, and all of the do's and dont's which is im badly need to know before entering the stadium. No foods or drinks. No sharp objects not even a bottle. I just bring my passport with me and my phone with a powerbank.

At entrance they made two lines check for woman and men. I feel like i was lost in middle of big people wave. Hahah in Indonesia i might be the tallest of most... in here i am small/average size for women!

at the entrace of the stadium, i became not so tall!
My turn, they ask me to open my hat, check my collar, my coat, my pockets, and the police pull my passport out im just saying, im an expat hahah she just smile (dont know if she understand me or not).

Pass the security check i scan my ticket and im in!

There are huge groups of Unions fans already. We pick our spot and not long after the fans start their choreography, yells ad singing. It feels so good to follow the fans! The game was start at 13.00

On the FC Unions supporters stands
The game it self its quite difficult. Freiburg was on first tier before. Its a strong opponent for FC Union. But they play hard, and i like this kind of game!

After the 2nd goal from Freiburg i could sense at some moment the disappointment was there at the Union fans line. But i also help to cheer them up, hey, its not as bad as it looks!

Not gave up yet FC Union!

I held my hands up, following the cheers (no, i dont speak Germany!) claps my hands, i want to also let them know they shouldnt gave up!! i swirl the syal up my head! and i am getting it. Taking as much pictures as i can as well with my phone at the same time! i am quite busy!

And it goes on and on! My hands was hurt because i was clapping so hard! At the last minutes of the game, the fans start to sing: Always look on bright sight of life! And this is the part i love the most!!

Supporters FC Union singing & dancing; Always look on bright side of life
Its 3-0 and i think they just want to show the support at the very last of it.

Its not a really good day for FC Union. But they fought hard, they could play better.... but for what i know their fans love them so very much! and i do enjoy this. I dance and sing with them as well!

Its not a good day for match i could see the disappointment but i like the way the fans doing it! only those with big heart could still sing and dance when their team got beaten on the score board! they hell of a fans group! and i am happy to be there to enjoy it!

Also one of the best part when the players go to the fence--yes they are that close, to where the fans still cheering and singing. Its something i never seen in Indonesia!

FC Union fans still cheering for their players
Its made me happy how the fans appreciate the players, not a single "boo!" coming from them! instead they claps their hands and calls out their players by their name!

If its other team i think they will had so much boo and mocking and bad words. I was an athlete before, i know the feeling of defeated, the hardest part is when you had to face your fans that kee cheering you up during the game... you will feel disappointing them. Its bad enough you loose the game.... but i could understand what my host tell me about how Union is actually one big family... family members cheers up each other when theyre down.

I like how humble their player to greet their fans!

My host ask me if this is what i think of a football match should be? i say nah... i thought all of you would be sit down and do nothing. This is fun, and i look at the fans inn different way here. It could goes bad, because they are disappointed but its not, they choose to sing and dance! Where else i could see that?!!

End of game!

I ask my host if this is common? the dancing at the very end of game? he say NO hahaha so, yes, the sky is blue, its a warm day, and the match not so good but i am happy to support the team (until my hands hurt for clapping).

Thank you FC Union i really enjoy the fun of being a fan! I think ill be one of FC Union fans too!

Police with horse outside the stadium

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