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Last day in Bali (Kuta)

We arrive in Kuta from Lovina in the afternoon. We decide to stay in Poppies lane 2 because at first we could compare it from Poppies lane 1, theres much better guest house and much cleaner and more options on poppies lane 2.
After check in we went for lunch at Kuta beach food court

Because its too hot so we decide to eat inside the food court. Its not so busy hours so theres not really that crowded. But i could see that this place could be packed in certain hours.

We went to Discovery Mall first to look up some clothes but then, euuuhhh.. a bit pricey there !!
So we end up shopping in Matahari (yay!). On the way to Discovery mall i saw the huge sling shot. I glance at Peter, and he say "NO". I laugh hard, i love this.... hahaha but i didn't try it.. just look at peoples who dare enough to do the sling shot... its so high !!! fun !

Kuta at night... this is what i call night life ! its feels like i'm in phuket but with indonesian language ! bars with loud music... motorcycle.. cars .. tourist.. cafe.. all the lights and sound.. also the sound of the wave on the beach.. ahhhh.. i could stay here forever... i don't feel strange why lots of expatriate want to live here...

When passing Hard Rock Cafe i see this (sorry its blurry picture) "And in the end the love we take is equal to the love we made" Beattles. Cool !

We went dining at Food Court in Kuta beach. Listening to music and i order coconut... yums...

We went back to the hostel at nearly 10.30 pm. Too tired..... Early morning its raining.. and we went to the beach...

We had our last morning walk at beach to see sunrise.. its not the best spot.. but its our last walk on the beach. Its raining really hard last night. We headed to Kuta beach from Poppies lane 1.

Theres few morning surfers already at beach (isn't they feel cold some how?)
Some food vendors sold hot coffee, tea and some locals food. We just walk until the edge of the beach, passing the discovery shopping mall.

The beach is dirtier because theres lots of garbage on the shore. Few people do their jogs, and some with their dogs.
And its raining for a while.. suddenly we saw this two beautiful rainbows very near at beach.
Its a good vacation.. ended beautifully..
We just sat down for a while to enjoy the "not so crowded" beach. Kuta beach well known with crowded beach bums and aggressive vendors. But this early morning you wont see them much (vendors and the beach bums).

Seeing two rainbows at the same time not the first time for me, but still.. its Kuta beach Bali double rainbows... hehehe its different...
Before 11.30 am i pack my thing and, i feel really sad. My vacation in Bali have to be ended. I grab my backpack and walk to the Kuta beach, looking for a cab. Peter staying for few more days. And we said our good bye as i got my taxi.
Thanks to him, my travel is quite interesting. Bali is the absolutely a place for relax with your friends, and yes, would be very romantic place to go with your love one (hehe...)
Oh God.. its just so sad this have to be OVER....
I really enjoy the vacation, 10 days seemed not enough for Bali. I will come here again... thats my promise...

hikss.. hikss... byeeeee bali !!!!!!!! i'll be right back !

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