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My Germany Culinary List!

These are the foods that i try while i was traveling in Germany. Just too bad some had the restaurant name and some not.. also it might not be the "BEST" one but.. like i said.. i'll try to be honest on it!

I will rate this from 1 to 5, 1 is the worse-don't try this ever!

1. Chocolate Crepe with banana, ice cream and whipped cream. Location: In front of Strasbourg Cathedral (Place de la cathedral). I will give this 3, Crepe is just like average nothing really special, but the view is good and you could do sunbathe and see people/tourist coming to the Cathedral of course!

Oh my.. eating this and enjoy the view and the sun.. hummm

2. Eclair and Almond cake at Europa Park. I think that time we are still in between Italy ans Swiss Part of the park, near the huge pond (near the circling high ride). The coffee and cake shop is in front of the pond with few duckies. Its not actually an opt when you really hungry tho.. just something between your breakfast and lunch. Eclaire is nice.. i'll give 4!

3. Spinach Pasta at Food Loop a food roller Restaurant at Europa Park (you figure this out!). We just ate the cake but then i feel so hungry so we eat at this restaurant. Unique thing about this restaurant is everything comes from a reel and its spin.. and it feels like inside a space ship.. especially because you order your food from a touch screen and then the food will come in reels ...hehe i had a Pasta with spinach and a glass of apple juice. I will say 5 for the restaurant! have to see this! (and errhh yes there's queue to get the table! hehe)

4. Pizza with 4 different cheese/Pizza 4 Formaggi. OH MY! this is really good!! the restaurant name is Rheinblick in Leopoldshafen Baden Baden Karlsruhe! you could see the Rhein river flow with grace while eating your hot melting pizza ohh my..i am so drooling now! i'll give 5!! and ohh i see lots of bikers stop here for pizza too! nice!

5. Tortillas & Fajitas with baked potatoes and fish with shrimps at Maredo. Its near the Karlsruhe Baden baden museum. I was hungry so very much (you could see from food that i order!) I think i will give 4, i love it! its in big portion so.. i am full and smiling like cat in mad hat!

6. Kisher Spaetzle-Cheese noodles. Oh my.. i love this! I think its almost in every Germany original cuisine restaurant... i dont know i just like it...maybe its the noodle part hahah! I will give 4!

Kisher Spaetzle-cure for my noodle itchy... more yummy!!

7. Baked Soft Cheese & Blue Berries also salads. Its near the University of Heidelberg (i think its near philosophy faculty!). I will give 3! i almost eat pork in here (i am not suppose to!)

Might not the correct picture for baked cheese.. too bad i can not find my picture.. :(

8. Mushroom sauce & cheese noodle, also roasted lamb. I believe i ate this near Frankfurt red district. But its Bavarian restaurant.. it feels GOOD! i will give 5!

9. Spargel Soup with Cheese Sauce, Oh my.. i love this, i love love love it!! the taste is so creamy!! i'll g ive 10!!

Spargel Soup/Asparagus soup with melted cheese.. ohhhh.........

The information also not complete yet.. i will upload the pictures.. yess i do have the pictures!! and also there are many things i tried beside these... just have to manage where i put the note is!! (i use sticky note!)

Nb. No worries, i loose 2 kgs instead gain while i was in Europe!! i love the foods!

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sullivan said...

Thanks, yah, dah sharing. Info di blog ini berguna banget. Coba aku baca ini lebih awal, pasti travel aku sebelumnya, kan lebih well-prepared.

Fico said...

@ Sullivan
Heheh... emang berangkatnya tanggal berapa? aku kemaren dari tanggal 18 May-3Jun. Dua hari istirahat langsung balik kerja, jadi gak sempat update blog ^^v

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