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Phi2 tour & Morning Phuket ! (Day 1 Phuket)

Woah... last night was incredible journey. From Krabi to Phuket by bus. It took us 2 hours ride from Krabi to Phuket and the bus ticket only 115 baht.
Our other option is by shuttle bus but the price is twice more expensive 350 baht. We choose public transport.. its a journey full of adventure.. so.. adventure here we go ! going with economic class bus !
We finished our Phi2 tour at 3.30 pm (AMAZING!!!!). I do lots of snorkeling, and swimming. Lots of fun for sure.
We also went to Maya beach, also a place where "The Beach" were made.. but it's waaayyyyy to crowded. We just sit or play with the wave, its too crowded to swim i guess. The more we sit and watch the more boats coming with lots of people. But the beach was so amazing. With white soft sand. The water color are gradient green and blue.. also grey..on the back ground there's high crag. This island is a national conservation so, theres no one live here. Still green with trees and bushes. I didn't do trekking on the island, even i wish i could and had time.
All we do is sit on the white soft sand, enjoying the sun, and check out CUTE guys with brown yummy six pack (sorry no flubby tummy that attract us !). I think this is the time when i could say i enjoy my self for being a single grown up hehehehehhe.. i could flirt any time i want. There's so many tourist from different countries either. Some lookslike japanese/chinese and most white peoples, wether from Europe or Australia or Uk and USA. All you need is just listen to their accent and you know where they come from.
I went swimming for a while, Maria just sat on beach watching. But i went to shore very quick because there's more boats and people coming, i'm just afraid one of those boat crash me !
We also went to the monkey beach, phi2 don and phi2 ley.
I do snorkeling in all of this island. Georgeus is the word. We also stop on the middle of the sea, have something with "Shark" on the name i just forgot the name... it is very deep (for me) like 15-20 meters. But is soooo crystal clear ! you could see more fishes and more colors down there. The deeper you go the cooler the water temp. But i don't think it was a big deal if you could see what i have see down there. I just can't describe it by words. The coral reefs just like fish apartment.. i think "NEMO" movie is right.. i even could spot bigger fish like ray fish.. not very big.. but to see them.. oh.. Lord.. i am so lucky.
You have to try this !
If you think there's more color up here than down there.. you are wrong !
They attract me with different way. Beside colorfull they also shiny i think.. its just like it have its own light. The blue is different, the green too.. red is magic.. purple ? cute !

We finally finished the tour with an amazing round of speed boat near the beach at 3 pm.

We were so exhausted but we gotta run for the bus to Phuket,. So we just change our swim suit with clean t-shirt and went to the bus station with the car from the tour. The bus station is so small. Its not really far from the beach. We have to go back to Krabi Town again to get there. We were lucky again, the latest bus is about to leave to Phuket.
It was 2 hour trip, and we were slept. So tired. We didn't really take pictures during the trip, its not an executive or v.i.p bus so people come and go inside the bus offering foods and drinks and many more, we don't think it's really safe to take cameras inside-out our backpack. Better be safe than sorry as my grandmother say.

We arrive at 8 pm. And when we went outside the bus terminal, we saw a girl standing near the road and we ask for direction.

Instead giving us direction, she offer us to go with her with her boyfriend car !!! yippie !
So we go by blue Toyota Yaris, with our backpack. They keep saying the Thai airlines is already closed.. and we finally explain.. that we were not going to the thai airlines office but to the backpacker hostel in front of the thai airways office. I'm the first looking the light neon said "Phuket Backpacker Hostel". And we take picture with the girl, and checking in.
Happy night. We choose dorm, and share with two other "strangers". But its the back packing way ofcourse. The room price is dirt cheap, only 118 baht per person per night. They had shared bath room, and its VERY CLEAN. And the hostel it self very cozy with public kitchen and very huge tv and lots of dvd's collection ! Internet are free ! so i could write this blog and send mails !
What a great deal !
After hit the hot shower, we went to sleep. This time we share a room with couple from Argentine and Ireland. They were nice...

The hostel is really neat and clean ! the front office is nice, she smile every time she talk. When we get there seemed the room is mostly booked so the hostel is full of travelers. We went to seven eleven down stair to get some mineral waters because the hostels didn't provide water just like in Krabi. And seemed the breakfast also not included. But if you want to get breakfast you could order it, and its also.. with reasonable price ofcourse.
Internet is free !!!! yippieee ! we could use internet as much as we want and the speed is absolutely fine !
Phuket Backpacker Hostel is absolutely nice place to stay and i will recommend this hostel to my friends !
I want to get my breakfast now.. ciao !!

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