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Special Phuket

Last night we just can't do anything else than get shower and just had some sleep, wake up at 7 am, still we can't stay at bed more than that (working habits).
We were starve to death that we went downstairs nexdoor to beloved 7 eleven and grab some juice and bread for breakfast.
Its very couzy at Phuket Backpacker hostel. We eat our breakfast infront of computer, browsing, since its free charge and no limitation (amazing !).
There's several other people there, i went to the kitchen and see there's more rooms at back of the hostel, theres also a small garden. Its the private rooms. We could use the kitcheen for free too. Theres a friedge where we could put our foods, with a note that we should give the foods names and our bed numbers on the wrapper.
Theres plenty of books and movies we could see there, but we should rent it/ pay from the front desk for each movies. Its a good collections !
Our room mates is still sleeping when we went back to our room at 2nd floor. Its lucky that we had the room near the porch, so we cound hang dry our wet towels and cloth. Yes, we did try to wash our own cloth, because no way we could buy anything like cloth since i broke my backpack.
And since we still feel little bit tired we decide to do some city tour by our self. I need to get new back pack too.
So we march to the market at 9 am. Theres less shop opened. We went to a souvenir shop, but the price is amazingly high, and i think its not worthed tho. So we walk again to the "Surin Circle" and went to one of the boutiq near it. Also, were not very satisfy with the cloth that they were selling. So we walk again and look for ramayana.
On the way to ramayana we get in lots of small shops that sold everything, like tshirt, and more souvenirs. Im looking for a tiny shirt for my niece.
At lunch time we eat at Mc Donalds that we accidently find when were looking for a traditional market that appearantly closed. And next to the Mc D, not far from the corner theres a shoe shop that also sell lots of backpack.
So after bargaining, begging, arguing, i finally got 90ltr back pack (80+10) with price 1600baht. The price is reasonable because the bag is big and seemed very strong, had iron as back support, and its comfy. The brand is Alpine Lowe. I never heard the brand before.

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