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Bangkok and tour to the wat wat (???)

We just got back from "wat tour".. we did it our self. From were we stay (Shukumvit soi 25 "Shukumvit Centre" is the hostel name) we took MRT from Asok to Siam and then change into Silom line at Siam to Saphan Taksin and then go down to lower level to the pier (Central pier/Sathorn Taksin).

We choose the express boat (13 baht/trip) cause its have flat fare, the other one ferry price is 100 baht but you could go as much as you want.

I don't think we could go as much as we want, just several time for today and we go to the 8th pier at Tha Tien.

We have to go across the river to go to Wat Arun Temple and the ferry cost 3 baht.

Wat Arun is AMAZING. Beautifull and so high.

We went to the highest of temple part. My arse and my tight is soooo tight, i am afraid i will look like Maradonna , hehehehe.. or Arnold legs.. hehehe

After Wat arun, we go back to the Tha Tien cost another 3 baht. We want to visit the reclining Budha at Wat Po.

Its alsooo sooo big...

We went there, just go inside without noticing that we should pay for tickets and nobody stop us.. i think its just because we just looks like Thailand girls.
We're planning to go to Wat Prakaew after that but tuk-tuk driver messed it up, and took us to a gems store.
I bought a pearls ring with ruby on it, beautifull... this is my first ring since i work. I should be nicer to my self.. hehehehe....
We missed the Wat Prakaew but we will go there tomorrow since its close so early at 3.30 pm.

We also went to Khaosan Road, woah sooo crowded...
nothing special.. i just bought noodles with egg and two scoup of ice cream. It was fantastic to meet with all of these bakpackers. You could hear them speak with different langauages.. sometimes the languages that i never heard before, well mostly it was from Europe or anywhere in middle east (hard to find here) or Israel.

We go back to hostel at 6.30... tired... exhausted.

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