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Day 1, Krabi Thailand & Four Islands Tour

Today when we were woke up, we feel extremely excited. We get up little bit early, eating noodles as breakfast and vitamin C as we will get lots of fun in the sun.

The Baan Iyara hostel is really comfy, and not so much noisy so we could sleep very well. Its very clean and neat too (most important thing !). I'm just thinking where in Indonesia you could have a room with air conditioner, hot shower, tv and small fridge, huge cupboard, clean towel EVERYDAY, that cost you less than Rp 100, 000,-??? answer is-NO WHERE !!

Baan Iyara hostel ( is few meters from big street, so not much you could hear from the street. Also Krabi not a crowded city... even i think Jambi is bigger than Krabi. We went for a little bit walk. We just want to find place for breakfast. And sure to see the town (if you could find nearest shopping center of food court).

The hostel also have one computer if you want to use the internet. I think it will cost you about 5 baht per hour.. cheap ?? it is !!

We wear our sun screen with SPF 30 and swim suit and then wait at lobby.

We're waiting impatiently, and ask the hostel receptionist (Wa an) to call the tour provider (Baracuda Tour). I book the tour since a month ago before we leave on line ( But i also find a site that offers low price too
this could be another alternative beside barracuda tours. But if you stay at Aonang Beach, i think its not a big deal to book it at advance or just go-show. There's plenty of tour operators at Aonang Beach.
Baracuda already fax Baan Iyara about the tour, so every thing is set for us when we're arrive. We ask to be picked up at 8.15. The tour included lunch, the price per-person is 600 baht (Rp 156.000,-). Its cheap and its half day !!

At 8.20 the a pickup stop infront of the hostel, its about the time !

When we jump in, there's 2 couples on the pickup. Two guys and two girls. We, then pick another couple near our hostels. So there were 8 peoples on the pick up.
The pick up took us to the Aonang Beach. On the road i see lots of places that interesting to see, including one site that also had small reclining Buddha, along the street.

I feel worried, the sky look little bit cloudy and the weather little bit cold. We just hope that there's no rain today.
When we're arrive the hostel owner told us that it's been raining since last 3 days in Krabi. Well... due to moon soon its possible to happened.

When we got to Aonang.. woah.. feels like Bali (never been there, hehehe). I mean... just looks like what my friend been describe. The street next to the beach. And there's shop and restaurant along the street. Its clean for a tourist place. I'm quite impress with that.

Two couple that picked up with us seemed went to the Phi2 Island tour with a speed boat (Cool!).
So we have to wait for another two person for the tour. (The tour for 10 person/boat).

They give us a sticker that we stick to our t-shirt that we must wear, because as he said there will be a lot of different tours when we get there, so that would different us from other people that join other tour for lunch.

First we go to Poda Island, i'm all crazy about snorkeling, so i did !
Its alittle bit crowded, but the water is clear.. i know its not the best month to do snorkeling in andaman sea, but still its beautiful .. I haven't see much fish yet, just 3-4 different kind of fish.. they were yellow, grey and some are blue.. but the sand is WHITE !! and the sea color are green and blue.. amazing !

The beach is clean that you could walk along without being afraid there will be broken bottels or something that could hurt your feet.

Maria did her first snorkeling here. Its not too deep, and the wave is small.

Then we went to chicken island where we could feed fish with bread that we bought at Aonang Beach !! lots of tiger fish !! i mean like thousand of them.. and i went snorkeling AGAIN !! the coral reefs are amazing.. but the fish is the major attraction ! there's plenty of fish, different colour and size. I see sea eels again.. but this time i didn't feel so much scare as i see the, first time when i went snorkeling at university.

I think its because there's so many coral reefs for this little fishy to stay they were .. euuhhh.. every where !

Maria little bit afraid with the "bulu babi" (sorry i don't know the words in english) its kind of sea animal, the color is black and its round and its have spikes all over its body.. and they were poisonous !! also its kind of deeper to do snorkeling here. So i jump there using a live vest.. just in case ...

The water little bit cold.. but it was okay.. the color also green because the algae at the bottom of the sea.. beside that everything is fun.. other tour member also swim and snorkeling or just sat on the boat feeding the fish.

After Chicken island we went to Taloo island were we do our lunch. There's several tours went there also. The lunch is with chicken and rice (Indonesia tummy yummy!!!), its great lunch. And then we walk along the shore and see the boards that tells about tsunami information last year.. the wave is 4 meters high (sigh), and we see the evacuation maps and warning.. well.. its seen that they don't want the same things happened again, and they were well prepare.. its good..

We went to Railay beach, the last beach. We went to a cave at the end of the beach... this beach said is one of the most beautiful beach in the world. It is. At the cave we see something that.. unusual.

A..(sorry) huge "dick" (a.ka penis shape) made of stone (1,5 meters high), painted with gold color. And there were hundreds of dick with different size and shape and.. wow.. even the tiniest.. what is this ??? i told my self.. some kind of dick worship here ??!!

And as i try to find and explanation i see something written in english.
So this "things" called Lingams, its belief create fertility and prosperity to the whole earth and man kind.They give that as a gift to the Goddess of Phranang. After their prayers and wish have become true, they put all of this Lingams to this cave as a gift to the goddess.
Its interesting.. hehehehehhee....

After almost 3.30, we went back to Ao nang beach. Tired, wet, and cold... but because we have to wait for people to get back to Krabi City so we decide to get gellato (softer and nicer than ice cream) from the gellatos stall not far from Barracuda tour office, yummsss !

We also ask for the tour to Phi2 and its only 1000 baht with speed boat !! we will go at 25 of August to Phi2, and then go to Phuket by bus !!

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