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Bangkok City of Pretty boy

The bus fare from Phuket to Bangkok is 626 baht, and its 15 hours journey. Two time stop and each stop is about 15-20 minutes. The stopping place is clean, its where we eat.
We finally arrive to Bangkok, City of angels. Its really similiar to Jakarta i think.
We arrive at 4. 30 am. The lights still on. An there's already so many people on street. Just the same like jakarta.
Maria already ask the bus attendant about the taxi fare or bus fare to Hi-Shukumvit where we're going to stay. Im still sleepy. The bus i quite comfy. At least this time i had some spare space for my legs to move.
I'm still thinking wether its worthy to leave Phuket to go to this city.
I've heard alot before from a friend that staying here, its not much different than Jakarta. I'm just wondering what he like most about this city tho. He teach at a university in Bangkok, but when we went there he went back to USA (too bad !).
After getting information about what will we use to go to the hostel, we finally decide to use taxi due to our huge bags are just too big.
The bus attendant said that the taxi fare will be like around 300 baht. We try to haggling until 100 but the lowest is 200 baht. Its actually accidently happened, because the taxi drivers and tuk-tuk’s is pulling, begging and asking us to go with them, so we short of say the numbers that we want to get rid of them. And it works one by one they were say “no..can’t that’s to cheap, more” and only several stay with us. And then one of them agree for 200 baht ! We got a nice pink taxi with a good price for sure, the distance is quite far from the map that we see. And when we ride the taxi, it took like 35 minute to Shukumvit.

We were dying to get some sleep when we’re arrive at Hi Shukumvit hostel.Its 5.30 in the morning. The first look at the hostel is the hostel is clean and seemed not too crowded, its short of reminds me of an english course place in Jambi.
When we arrive the front desk ask if we already book the room. And he just act like a girl, and keep saying that we were too early to come there (I thought hostels are 24 hours). And he said that we should wait until 9 am. And if still insist to check in we should pay for 90 baht. We said we don’t give a damn, we just want to sleep. We will pay. But still he annoy us and keep saying we should book the room first.
Maria pretty upset, and me neither. Maybe he just ever had bad experience with Indonesian travellers or so.
The room price there is 290 baht for a female dorm. We pay for the first day. And leave our bags at the office, and then we went outside to seven eleven across the street. And right on the street next to seven eleven we saw a Pad Thai stall, there’s several peoples doing their breakfast there. So we decide to give a shot for this Pad Thai for 25 baht.

Its sooooo sour ! euuhhhhh… all of thai people like sour foods, they pur lots of acibut its warm tho.. (read spicy), a good warming up for our tummy.
After that we went back to hostel, and then meet the front office that waving two breakfast coupons for us to eat at next door Italy restaurant.
So we hit next door to eat breakfast for the very second time. It’s a couzy and clean place. The owner is an expat’s couples. I like the woman style that so classy. Good.
We have toast and jam and cup of tea for breakfast. After that the front office finally let us have our bed and we sleep until 1 pm after take a bath.
There’s no air conditioner since the air con only on until 8 am.
We then woke up, have fully recharged again. Ready to hit Bangkok road.

First we went to BTS (Sky Train) to buy a card for 20 times journey and all flat 20 baht to all destination far or close. We went to MBK the “Indonesian” mall . And we did meet with several Indonesian there for shopping. We eat at Mc D’s and meet some Indonesian lady that went there for shopping, they were from Bandung. We buy knowck off tshirt for 190 baht here, the quality is very good that you almost can’t tell the difference with the original one.
After that we decide to go to Jim Thompson for silk. It’s a famous place for a silk place. My mom ask me to brought Thailand original Thai silk. And its wow.. expensive.

After getting my credit card hot, we went to Suam Lum Night Bazaar using sky train (MRT) and underground train or BTS. We bought token coins from the ticket vending machine to get the BTS train. The vending machine is on each station entry door. Just put your coins as much as requested, and you could use paper money too. We did this because we don't think we will use BTS as much as MRT. Because BTS have limited destination only.

Yupp.. we stop at Lumphini station, and from the exit of the station.. you could see Suam lum night bazaar lamp right infront of your way...

Its an amazing place to shop. Every woman must love this place. Its ultra cheap, and its also so big. We spent the whole afternoon and night there that I almost can’t feel my toe because we walk so much. I bought another 4 meter silk for my mom, and it cost me 500 baht (amazingly cheaper than Jim Thompson offcourse). This is a very good place to buy something for your family because you could find everything in here.

Thailand tshirt also much cheaper in here. I bought several and Maria too. We bought lots of things in here that we must hold our self not to spent all of our money. Oh i did an air brush tatoo on my right upper hand. Its a fairy tatoo... cool, but its kind of itchy at first when they did it. No, i don't want reall permanent tatoo...thanks. heheh..
We went back to hostel at 9.30 at night. Exhausted but so much fun.
And finally we meet with our room mate. She’s a Canadian engineers. Oh world so small that you meet lots of travelling engineers. We talk about work and laugh about it. Its so fun to share stories about working places where its say as man world. Cute.
We went sleeping happy with our shopping bags all over the place.

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