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Betelbox Hostel Singapore

I book Betelbox Hostel today via mail.
My last trip to Singapore so impressive, i like to stay in that hostel. The front desk is very helpful and friendly. They also had an amazing cat, i love that huge cat !!! Smart cat, his name is lucky.
I stay for several days, five days if i am not mistaken. I never been to Singapore, and i don't know anyone there. I thought i would be lonely and it wont be fun, i am wrong.
I met most of new friends at Betelbox. They were from different countries such as Australia, Thailand, United State, UK, Malaysia, and Africa.
Few days, and you know more than 5 peoples ? its amazing !
The main issue about this hostel is.. i think there were no hot water ! well.. there is hot water at 1st floor next to common room. But i think its not wise enough to take a bath there (several "bule" girls did that), i feel impolite to bath next to a place where people eat (am i too polite ????)
Anyway.. the price is more expensive than the last time i went there (6 months ago?). The dorm price is S$20 (20 beds, mix)its used to be S$18, the female dorm is S$22 (6 beds), i forgot the double bed private room (still have to share the bathroom) the price is per night per person. The room and the air condt. is nice (cold enough) and also clean ( i am not sneezing means less dust, as i allergic to it). Breakfast consist of fruits, and fresh breads and lots of jams (including vegimites (correct spells???)) Australian love this jams, Mr Carl M love it so much ! the taste is too salty for me. We could take as much as we can. And there's a public kitchen that we could use, its cool, they have toaster, blender, and hot water (Noodles? hehehe).
The other main problem is for anyone who don't like to walk. The nearest MRT(underground train/capsule) is about 400 meters walk from Betelbox. But for me it's no problem at all since the road is pleasant for pedestrian. And there's lots things to see too.
Oh and also, at night this joo ciat road is very different. Very loud and colourfull. At day its almost empty. At night you will see lots of people here as there's so many pubs at the road (one is under the Betelbox). But still.. its no worry things. No "bad bad drunker" as if you find one in Indonesia very easily at night at the same place as joo ciat. There's plemty of pretty girls with short skirt and extreme high heels. They were nice (at least they were smiling at me, banci di Indonesia aja galaknya minta ampun !! hehe)
Food stall ? hahaha.. read this I FOUND AYAM PENYET RIA at the very same street to this hostel !! and other halal food just about 100 meters on the way to MRT !! sate, nasi goreng, nasi uduk, martabak mesir, semua ada bo !
I miss that place for sure ! i now understand why there's people who's willing to stay for months in Asia hostel.. the atmosphere, neat and clean places, foods, hospitality.. that's what you need when ever you were away from home !

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