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Last day fun in Bangkok (full of bling2)

Istana Raja (King Palace)

Megaaaahhh nyaaa !

Om yang jaga tempat kediaman keluarga raja...

Emaasss ???

Yesterday is very exhausted day.
But as always we did it with fun !
We went thru the same activity like the other day, went to the Chao Phraya River using MRT and sky train from Shukumvit.
We already know where we should stop at, at 8th pier and then walk outside the pier to the street. And the grand palace is next to the street (theres a small market that you have to get thru).
First thing in the morning we went to the Grand Palace, its where the royal family live.

Sooo amazing. Its very crowded with tourist, you could see lots of different peoples here. This morning we see lots of Chinese or Japanese. But most of them are white people.

Check the details.. amazing bo ! detail kaca tempel sampe segitu kecilnya !

The palace is beutifull, and colorful like any other thai traditional buildings. It's so amazing to think that this people could build such a beautiful palace. Its also well known as one of "must seen" tourist place, so everyone that come to Bangkok should visit this place. Its amazing.

Details on ceilings at the Prince Palace, beautifull.. reminds me of malay tho (because of the red and gold color)

We have to pay 250 baht to get in to the palace and also several place like marble palace and i can't remember 2 other places that included into the ticket.

The temples and palace is shiny gold colour.. the colour that most woman attract.. hehe.. i guess thats why i like this places most.. is sooo ..errhh bling2?? (for what ever that's mean). But in the shining daylight it is BRIGHT GOLDIE COLOUR.

I think the gold colour only paint.. i didn't see any guard there to stop us touching those shiny building. But yes there's several places that you can't just touch the wall.

Sun glass.. yupp.. its gold shine my eyes !

We walk..and walk and walk.. among like thousand tourist there, its georgeus !
Some part of the Grand palace are being restored so we couldn't get in.
Taking pictures is a new adventure here. You will find its hard to take pictures in certain places. Because there's so many people you can't take the long shoot. Its too bad that few of our pictures almost cannot spot two of us, because theres so many people there.

The palace is really big, we could get lost if we don't have a map. And the weather when we went there is so HOT !

So were advise you to bring lots of water if you planning to go there. But near the out gate theres haagen daz ice cream stall (yums !) near the royal family museum.
We also went to the museum and see how the royal family try to reserve the buildings in here. It must cost lots of money for sure !
There's plenty of pictures and well.. the museum quite dark and i think its little bit spooky, but its museum anyway.
But i think its worthy for tourism.

We didn't go to the marble palace because its quite far and we're exhausted. After exhausted to temples and palace.. we went to Siam Paragorn Shopping Mall !!

I think it's just a coincident. Because we're actually planning to go to the "Erawan Shrine". We went to that place and then we see.. woah.. malls.... good. But first thing first.. we have to find the Shrine that said could made a wish come true if we pray there (believe it or not, its all up to you). But i think it's only related with business ofcourse.

So we took pictures at Erawan Shrine from distance (from sky walk) and then went to shopping mall. I think it's un-polite to take pictures of people whos praying there.. mostly chinese. We also made our own wish there (hehehehehh...). We see there's so many people praying around the shrine.. i don't think it's appropiate to take pictures on peoples praying... most of the visitors are chinese.

We goes to Movies and watch the newest Nicole Kidman movie "The invasion". Its really good !

And for the tips.. GET THE CARAMEL POPCORN !!!

For those who love sweet and salty foods.. its good !! i can't get enough of it *burp*... i'm full...

The theaters where we watch the cinema like mega theaters.. consist of 19 theaters.. in Indonesia.. 12 or 15 i think is huge.. but 19 ??!!!!

After went to cinema, it was still like 9 pm, we were on the way back to our hostel.. but we're thinking, how could we just go back and sleeeping ? so we went to another mall.. not for shopping just to window shopping, to see those branded things.

Then we went to MBK (again) i really like the knock off tshirt. Its really good.. you can't really see the difference between a knock off tshirt with the reall one. the shirt is soft and thick and the pictures is good quality.

But when we went there.. the tshirt stall is gone !! there's only souvenirs stall.. ouggghhhh.. we missed those tshirt.. (hikksss)

But .. hahaha.. must be a joke.. 9.30 people were rushing, the shop is closed !!!!

Even Jambi mall closed at this hours.. i thought Bangkok is City of angel, and sisters city with Jakarta ??!!

What a terrible shock... for us (hehehheh..)

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