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From Singapore to Krabi

Our flight is at afternoon. So we went out at 8.30 from Betel Box on a mission to find a digital camera for ms. Maria.
But first we went to Bugis square and took some of pictures. We eat our lunch at Bugis Mc D. I even meet Nana, my cousin from Malaysia, its a huge supraise that she and her family went to Singapore the same day with me. They went to Singapore just for shopping.

Shortly we arrive at Funan IT Mall, we found a shot that sold good cameras, not much different price than in Indonesia, but the Mall is good, i think i cold cry to see what they sell there...
We go to several shop, and finally went to this shop and see some camera that would fit Maria specs.
Anyway we got the camera and we rush back to Betel box because we're planning to go by MRT.
As we check out we walk with the backpack on our back to Paya Lebar station, its quite a struggle with the hot weather and heavy load on your back.
I can't really remember the station that we passed, but we're not that far because its only like4-5 station from Paya Lebar to Changi airport.
Yes.. Joo Chiat more close to Changi airport than city centre i guess. The MRT station name is Paya Lebar.
On our way to Changi, we met few Indonesian. Proudly say they were on their way back to Indonesia with Garuday Airways. Its so typical Indonesia. Well.. they had money.. what could i say.. heheh. They were from Surabaya.
The guy talk to us that he wouldn't allow his daughter to do what we do, backpaking to other countries. I just think.. yeah.. yeah.. right just keep your daughter at home just like a frog under a coconut shell, knows nothing about world and see less and have less life experiences.
Thank's God my parent is different.
At the end they thought we were going to Thailand for WORLD MARTIAL ART CHAMPIONSHIP (okay.. this is the point you should laugh hard). And we just nod and say that they're right that i join the taekwondo and maria join judo's team (rolling my eyes).
Its funny that that guy don't trust us leaving our house unguarded by our brother or father... ohh.. what a pre-historic thought... sigh.
After the MRT stop we had to go to the budget terminal, because MRT only stop at Changi airport. We just follow the sign board to the budget terminals. And after stairs and hall ways, we finally arrive to a parking basement and there's a bus waiting for passenger to budget terminals.
Its free.
So we just sit and wait. The bus start to move after like 30 minutes more. We arrive at the budget terminals, its bigger than Malaysia budget terminal, and much cleaner. We firstly wait at where we check in our luggage. We request for the seat near the window, and we got it.
And then we decide to go to the departure area. Wow, impressive. We should do this rather than sit outside near the check in !!
They have free internet, cafe, chocolate stores, lots of stores !

While Maria using the free internet i look around and bought some of the chocolates and some t-shirt, because i have less.
I also went to money changer and change the dollars that Mr Peter C gave us before were leaving Indonesia (Thank you ! thank you !) to Thai Baht and then give half to Maria.
Maria also return her tax payment (i don't really understand about this). So basicly when you shop, they ask you to pay tax, and then they return it at airport. She got that when she bought her camera, and then she had her money returned.
The flight is one hour long. We have to reset our watch back 1 hour before. During the flight i try to write the things that i could remember during the trip. First the flight is okay the sky is clear, when were about to landing, the weather suddenly bad, and the plane just jumping like a car on a bumpy road.
Me and Mari just look at each other and smile, oh i'm scared to death !!
The sky is really dark outside, and we could see the wing just like flapping upside and down ! shows how strong the wind is blowing.
When we land we could see the rain is really hard outside, and its already dark, while it was like 6.30 pm (its beach area it shouldn't as dark as it is).
We thru the immigration, feels like very long time to stand in line. I feel so excited to hear tv sounds language that i never heard before. The immigration officer not smiling to me. They strap my passport and stamp it. Ask about my return ticket and how long will i stay, etc (regular questions).
While were finished doing the immigration, i'm kind of scare, what if the hotel doesn't pick us up... Maria keep comforting me. After we take our luggage we walk down stairs to the door and see several people outside, were the first passenger go out some of them still waiting (maybe) the rain to stop. And then i see my name written on one of the card board that one of guy holding. We just some to see him.
I will tell you more tomorrow.. gtg..hehe...


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Wahyu Firmansyah said...

Reading your blog is very interested. I like backpacking and all about it. By the way, have you went to Lombok Indonesia? I invite you to go there, it's a paradise island.

Fico said...

We haven't went to Lombok Yet. But we're planning to travel to most of Indonesia beautifull destination including Lombok, & Bali.
We wont miss it ! heheh...

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