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phuket.. buh bye !

Last day in phuket, we only have couple hours to stay here.
We decide to go to Wat Chalong, the biggest temple here in Phuket. We see the tample on the way to Kata/Karon Beach, its beautiful !
After went to Wat Chalong we must rush back to catch our bus to Bangkok..
We back to our hostel at 11 am. We must repack our things.
At night actually we've been talking again about the way we go to Bangkok. Actually i really want to go by train. My plan is we go by mini bus to Surathani and then from Surathani to Bangkok we go by train.
But Maria have a very good consideration.. our luggage. We can't really move from one to other transportation very easy because of it. I think that was made sense, she's right.. but i am sooo disappointed because can't travel with train.. i think its more relax. I had bad issue with bus, i am talking about the seat.
Our room mates Patrisio and Maeve planning to go to the beaches with scooter.. aaawww.. i am really sad because of this.. i want to go with them because it must be fun to go with more people, especially with them.. its from our experience when we went to the night bazaar with these people. Nikki and her boyfriend coming too.
But had bus to catch anyway... we say good bye, took pictures and go with taxi.
We had two option with the bus, 64 seater or just 24 seater... We choose 64 seater. Its a double decker bus.
The seat is not comfy at all !! it might comfy for those who have height less that 150 cms, but not me !
The seat is trapping me down !
The bus stop twice. First bus stop, its a small restaurant, we stop at 5.30 pm. We didn't eat there, Maria seemed so sleepy. We take sleeping pils so we don't really feel trired when we got to Bangkok. And also we're afraid to get headache.
The second bus stop was amazing place. The place is so huge and all double decker bus seemed stop there. We only had only like 20 minutes to eat !! its so different with Indonesia buses.
I had trouble because the bus attendant (yes they have a buss attendant just like a flight!) speak in Thai language. She didn't explain anything in English. So wen they ask us to sit in the prepared table, i just sit.. but i got all suspicious because they serve this soup, with "white meat".. and i ask.. yes thats pork.. all the food is made from pork !! i only grin to Maria and step back from the table.
I can't find the bus attendant. But then i see.. this guy wearing Arabic man head cover, we called it syal. I ask him "im a Moslem, and i want to eat" and he ask to made sure im Moslem, and then he ask me to choose food from different stall. Ooooohh yess ! thank you !!
The lesson from all my travelling is.. never afraid to ask.. you're aforeigner, no one will blame you necause you had any idea what was happening !! After rushing eating and while Maria take few picts .. we're late !! everyone seemed eat so fast that we're the last passenger get into the bus ! oooohhh... right !
We're sleeping until we get to Bangkok at 5 am.

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