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Day 5: Ubud-Bedugul (Peter b-day !)

At night before i went to the hostel owner when Peter had shower. I ask them where i could find a bakery very near here. They ask the occasion, and i explain its Peter b-day tomorrow and i had no time to get anything for him except this b-day cake. He told me over and over he dislike celebrating birthday party. But for me.. i always like surprise.. good one of course !
The son seemed really excited, he said he will get it for me. I gave him some money and told him he have to put that on fridge so i could give Peter early b-day surprise at breakfast.
I don't know what time he will get the cake, but suddenly Peter want a bottle of beer and he explain, he always celebrate the b-day at night before the b-day because he said his b-day exactly at holidays that celebrated in Australia with big parade etc.
Got really jumpy every time he check the fridge that i offer him to check the beer my self !!
But i didn't see the cake until we went to sleep. I start to worry !
And this morning, aaaaawwwwww ! i wake up late AGAIN !! when i went for breakfast i see the son owner and ask, he said the cake still at the bakery (what?!!). And he said after breakfast he will get it for me.
Peter doesn't know about this, so i smile every time i see his face, and giggle ! (i can't really hide things...)
Right before we check out, i got the cake.
Peter ask what is in the box.. and i said.. its surprise for you. Its a birthday cake !

I am afraid he get disappointed. Or he don't like celebrate b-day as he said.. i can't really know what he feels that time.
As we walk to the junction where we should wait for the shuttle bus, he ask about the cakes, and if we could peep the cake.. hahah we did.. and its chocolate cake.. its smell yummy. And its not blackforrest as i told the owner son not to.. good ! because i think.. Peter work in bakery, he must taste or made good blackforrest.. so lets made something common but original tho...
When i see his eyes.. i see he is quite surprise.. not surprise but quite not really expect i will give him the cake, and i like it !
We get to shuttle bus and went to perama. We leave Ubud at 11 am.
The trip to Bedugul is very nice. We see lots of beautiful scenery. And also few durian vendors next to street.
The bus stop in a hostel next to the market. Me and Peter very excited to see the market, lots of strawberries !!
We had to walk about 200 meters to the hostel that i want to stay, Ashram. The room price is Rp 125.000,- per night including breakfast and the view from the rooms is amazing !! We're taking the "Murai" Rooms, on the top of the hill. But have to remind people that allergies with stairs better not to take this room. Its hell of stairs !! (but for me its much worthed !)
Its facing Bedugul lake and from the room you could see the Uluwatu temple (click image and zoom in !).

We went to market after get rest for a while. The market pretty small.. they sold mostly fruits and souvenirs. Peter really interested in buying some vanillas to mix with his bali coffee. But after haggling the price still bit too expensive. We buy lots of strawberries and few fruits. We also got our self a durian with price Rp 15. 000,- finally my first durian in Bali ! we also get the marquissa and several chips from cassava.
We decide to eat it on the small hut next to the lake while the sun is set. Several guys still sitting patiently fishing infront of the lake.

So we sit and enjoy the birthday cake with strawberries that we bought from market... it does not feels really like holiday that i wanted ! its a good day too !

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