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Day 6: Bedugul (Market-Botanical Garden)

Last night is cold !! Thanks God we ask for extra blanket yesterday from the room boy !
But i like it, i wake up very early at 5.30 am. See sunrise from window, the fog still softly down from mountains. The lake view is amazing. I just sat in front of window for few minutes. Peter seemed still sleeping.
Last night we walk quite far away. I wont mind because the weather is good, and its quite cold. Walking in Bedugul street not that nice because the street had no path for pedestrian. So its quite risky to walk at night next to a street that quite busy with big trucks and cars passes away with high speed. And its worse because it doesn't have street light !

I could see the Ulun Watu temple floating on the lake at night, stars are amazing, no clouds !
We eat in small "warung", actually we ask them to wrap our dinner cause were planning to eat it later we're too full with Peter b-day cake yesterday, also lots of strawberries ! Peter said his parent have strawberries too on their backyard. We just drink coffee and tea at the warung.
We eat in front of our room porch, looking to the lake... its dark but you still could see the lake (oh i wont forget it !). Dinner is good, we talk a lot. I wear my scarf and jacket, its quite cold. And no mosquitoes (horray !!). I eat nasi goreng for Rp 8000,- its nice. Peter had his "nasi campur" with meat. But we think the first nasi campur that we eat on the stall next to the street is the best, and cheap !! and its all halal cause i could see there's plenty moslem at Bedugul.
We agree this is the best place that we went beside Ubud. Just sit infront of the porch and see lake and feel the wind.. so mind freshing !
I went back to bed again until breakfast time. But i feel happy because i could see the sun rise in Bedugul... its as amazing as i thought that i can't stop smiling. Sun rise in here is different than any other place. And plus.. i don't know when will i see it again !
Today after breakfast we went to Botanical garden. Its passing the market, so we get another pack of strawberries for snack. Botanical garden is HUGE !

Peter said it was nothing to compare with the one in Ubud. The ticket for each of us is Rp 7000,- The park was build at 1959 and first its only for coniferous plant and the size of the park "only" 50 hectare's area, but now its grow to 157,5 hectare's. The plants also more various, also the "animals" (like insect or small animals) . This park partner with Indonesia Government research institution (LIPI). This park placed in mountains area with height 1250-1450 meter above the sea level become the vegetation of east indonesia tropical plants (haha its on the map that they gave us !).

Not long from the entrance i read the map that they gave us.... there's guest house. Peter said we should look up for the guest house cause he really like this park.

One of the guest house room price is Rp 100,000,- and the other is Rp 125,000,- so we ask the entrance officer about the guest house, and she call someone and ask us to wait at the guest house. We see the room is so small ! the Rp125.000 had shared living room with TV and all of the room had shared bathroom outside. And i said to Peter.. no way i want to stay there because the bathroom is at outside the room and shared !
Then we ask about the other "VIP" guest house and they said its a very new place. So we walk to the new bulding at the corner of the park.

The room is amazing ! its all brand new, we're the first to stay in the room, there's only 4 rooms that ready to use. The bedding all furniture are brand new ! hahaha !
The room are Rp. 300,000,- per night. And we like it !

We went back to Ashram to collect our things. We only had less than 20 minutes to pack our things and check out ! we're in rush ! we're check out right in time. We have lunch on the first warung that we saw. The food still as good as we eat the very first time, and cheap. With huge luggage we walk back to Kebun Raya Bali to check in.
This time when we said we want to check in to the guest house we don't have to pay the entrance fee again. After check in and got our room key we get rest a while, Peter need to wash his cloths, and i fall a sleep ! hahaha !

We eat our lunch and went to have "short walk" (thats the first intention) around the garden. Its was 2.30 pm. The park is huge !

You could feel the huge difference between the air in here with Ubud and Kuta. And walk within this trees, and green bushes are amazing. The park also so clean !

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budi said...

Bedugul Botanical Garden has a collection of thousands of plants that reach 16,000 plants consisting of a collection of 1500 species, 320 genera, and 155 tribes plants. In addition there is also wild plants and various birds. The total area of Kebun Raya Bedugul 154.5 hectares with a very friendly landscape at an altitude of 1250-1400 above sea level.

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