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Day 7: Lovina (Love Indonesia)

Night before.....

I need beach.. i love beach.. never see beach for past 8 months. Peter live next to the beach.. no he not fond of water that much (uuughhhh !!)
I said i want to go to Amed.. well it doe have to made long turn to go to Amed and the price could cost is about Rp 200,000 per person. I want to stay and snorkel and just sit next to beach.
I know its going to be hot (Peter don't like it). He short of said its not a very good idea...

I sleep.

Next morning (this morning), i woke up.. Lovina is the next destination. First he said he don't really like the idea (again !), because he ever went there and its not that much to see !
I said there's dolphins.. and i could snorkel.. we could ride motorcycle around again.. i don't like crowded beach like in Kuta. And i want beach (INSIST!).
Peter said okay... (hahaha!).

We do a short walk again this morning to directions that we never pass before, but not the far one like yesterday. We went to a temple inside the park. But because theres several people praying we don't think its a good idea to go inside the temple.

We went to the bust station at 1 pm, and enjoy the ride for like 2 hours with lots of chips from the market.

I feel quite sad had to leave Bedugul honestly. Its very romantic place, quiet and i like the fresh air, and the view.. the best ! with mountains and lake and rice fields and trees ! awesome !

The road to Lovina from Bedugul is speachless... beautifull.. the road is small and lots of curves, up and downs.. its short of remind me of the road to Kerinci mountain.
We enjoy the ride listening to my cellphone mp3, and see lots of pretty scenery. I just think once again, i should go back here someday !
We arrive at Lovina perama bus station nearly 3 pm. We don't know where to go. When we arrive the bus driver said that we have one free lunch. So we eat our lunch. Not really enjoy it because there's plenty people offering accommodation while we chew our lunch. Well.. Peter seemed have no problem with that... hehe i like to see when he eat.. really enjoy it !
This one guy offer a hotel, with swimming pool and very next to the beach. Its seemed very nice hotel. I look at Peter eyes and give sign (what do you think?) and he short of wisper in Indonesia (its cheap, and seemed nice). He ask for the brochure. A guy from our table said the hotel does look nice. Its 2 km from Lovina beach.
I said to Peter its okay, Lovina would be looks like poppies but less crowded, and he said up to me. So we said we want to see. So the guy with his friend get our bags and their motorcycle.
Peter goes first with that guy friend, and i ride with another motorcycle.

I amazed with the pool. Not so big.. but the atmosphere so relax ! the room not so small.. but yes.. they do tell lies said it could be lower than Rp 100,000,- (they said could haggle until Rp 75.000,-) but once again.. its okay.. i could stay here for months !!

After check in we went for short walk around the hotel. We find internet cafe and check our mails. After that we take a rest and have dinner in one of the small warung (stall) infront of the hotel. Hotel foods quite expensive.. we already guess it.

That night finally i could eat something with Bali taste. I eat mixed seafood that cooked inside banana leaf with balinese seasoning and white rice. While Peter had tuna cooked the same way like my food. Its yummy ! And the price is fairly cheap too ! and clean !
After dinner we decide to take a swim at our hotel swimming pool. Enough to burn some of our energy that lefted..

ps.. sorry for the feet pictures it was mine ! (hehehe)

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