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Bali Day 2 (Kuta-Uluwatu-Ubud)

We plan to rent a motorcycle today, also check out and get a ride to Ubud today.

Last night we short of decide we don't really like Kuta, its too crowded and too hot. It is very touristy that all you could see is foreigner and aggressive vendors try to sell their stuff. Its just not a place for relax, unless if you like party, and crowded place... then you will like Kuta.
So we went to front desk and check out. Then we rent a motorcycle from guesthouse for Rp 50.000,- for Honda Karisma (usualy for Rp 40.000). The address is at Jl Benesari Poppies lane II cellphone 08123917608. There's plenty of motorcycle rentals along poppies.. you had many choice from regular to automatic/scooter. And of course you could haggle the price down.
After breakfast and bath we put our luggage at front desk... and here comes trouble. I lost my driving license both for car and motorcycle, and Peter say he doesn't have international driving license. Hehehehe.. not good thing to do. I told the owner what happened, and i did ride motorcycle since i was like 13. He believe that.
But then i think.. he's not really used to ride motorcycle, and i do. Beside that.. police will notice a bule rider faster than a young innocent super cute chick (HAHAHAHA!) that ride like hell.. they wont bother that.. could be bad if he ride in front. So.. i'll drive i'll take in charge. And that seemed not bother him that much either (i thought he would tho). So, without proper papers we ride the motorcycle around Kuta (sorry for not being a good citizen..)
Here we are riding motorcycle around Kuta... the plan is.. to go to Jimbaran, Nusa dua, and to Uluwatu. We ride for like 30 mins and realize we are still in Kuta !!!!! ugghhh ! we lost !
Decide to see map and ask questions as many as i can to people on street, motorcycle riders, and some old guys... i ask and ask and ask..
I just can't believe there are less road sign in Bali rather than in my jungle city back then in Sumatra !! no sign where to turn, no sign that point the road goes to where about... its all very confusing !!
As one of big city in INDONESIA i think BALI should be shame of them self for not having so many what we call road sign ! and oh gossshhh the street so small to compare to wide street back then in my city !
No way i wont see anything here... return with empty hand, just lost around kuta (its pathetic !)
..errrhhh.. Peter seemed not really care, i think its because he already went to Bali for several times tho. But i am glad to get lost with someone hahaha !
We ride to bigger road, and theres lots big trucks and more cars. Its scared me a bit, i ask him if its okay if we go fast.. he just nod ! so i went 80kms/hrs !! never feel this happy..hehe. It is fun to ride motorcycle in Bali. Traffic little bit confusing but its not that dangerous as in Phuket for sure.

Peter (Little bit shy??)

Me at Nusa Dua Cottage gate

Finally for like 30 min we find Nusa Dua.. wow.. huge cottage. Beautiful and does seemed very expensive. We ride around for few minutes and then we headed to the beach. Its not a very crowded beach. And don't have that long white sand beach.. but it does clean. I think its because still quite early in the morning only several tourist there. Also there's less vendors selling their goodies made from seal shells. Its a quiet beach with only several people lying on white sand. I am not in the mood of having sun tan that time. Its a private beach so maybe thats why its not as crowded as in Kuta.
I bought three sea shells necklace for Rp 30,000,- quite expensive !! maybe because i am with Peter so they charge me more (they might expect him pay for me (^_^)! )
We then had some rujak (fresh fruit salad with peanuts sauce) for Rp 2000 for each of us near the beach. Ohhh its so sour... but its good not too spicy.. not bad ! I thought Peter wont go for spicy food, but he seemed okay.. you could ask for sweet sauce if you like to.
After rujak and a cup of coffee we decide to continue our motorcycle ride. We did a turn on the cottage to see more buildings and good parks and ten we went out side. Back to big busy road, asking the security guard for our next direction.. we headed to Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

At Garuda Wisnu Kencana (Jimbaran beach at back ground)

We go to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and the entrance fee is Rp 15.000,- and for Peter he suppose to pay Rp 30,000,- i ask the security guy why is different.. they said because he's not "local" and then after talk and talk.. Peter only pay for local fee (hehehehe...). Thank you !

Posing on the wisnu statue.. its huge.. i like the gamelan sound on the background..

When we went to the huge bird stone carving (Garuda perhaps?) statue we saw there's wedding party.. or music concert must be really rich people who could married here.. but its beautiful.. hmmmm.. romantic.

I like to sit here for a while since we could heard balinese music on the background.. even the weather is so hot.. its windy.. nice..nice..nice.. i like the view.. so we just sit and enjoy the view for a while.
Then we go down stairs closer to the garuda carving just find out that the statue actually not made of rock it made of bronze (i really thought it was made by solid carved rock !!). Well... now i know the truth hehehe...
We feel so starve and its already 12-mid day, so we decide to have our lunch at the canteen where we could see some girls dancing. I eat batagor (fish meatballs and tofu with peanuts and chilli dressing) while Peter had gado-gado. I have the "es cendol" which worth the try, its really nice ! its indonesia traditional drink, taste sweet, good to drink after you've been long under the sun. Its not bad at all ! We watch the girls dancing with the barong its really good. I would love to stay here bit longer but we had other places to see.. hmm...

After eat our lunch we ride motorcycle again for like hours.. heading to Pura Uluwatu. This pura (temple) on the very bottom of Bali island. This Pura name meaning in balinese is the meeting between the sea and the land. This is where Bali island meet the big huge ocean. I thought we were lost again so lots of asking on the way there because its only small road with high grass and tree next to it, and its just long straight road, with less traffic coming toward us... but then after asking we didn't lost again and we finally saw the name of the temple, in a small road with a guy stand on street for ticketing, the price for each of us is Rp 7000,-

Its just worth the effort, the riding the motorcycle in the sun, and i feel so tired, but still happy ! the temple is amazing. The wave hitting the bottom of the rock its just like dream that i ever had ! just beautiful. So quiet ... like i feel peace here... it must be really good to see sunrise here..i think several people say its the best spot for sunrise. The temple it self full of monkeys too .. so be aware with your belongings.
After 3.30 pm (i am not so sure) we headed back to Kuta, high speed. We're planning to go to Ubud but we don't know what the latest shuttle bus that went there. Peter said there will be bus from Denpasar to Ubud, we just need to go to Denpasar.
When we finally arrive at our hostel i think it was at 5 pm the hostel said the last shuttle bus to Ubud was at 1 pm with PERAMA bus tour, and they don't know if there's any other transport else than renting a car.
Then we think we might could find transport along poppies lane, so we walk down the lane and see if the travel agent still have buses.
They're not of course. Lots of tourist in Bali already complain about this lack of transportation in Bali.. while in Jogja they already had TransJogja like in Jakarta. And the buses and the road facility.. they were not as good as i thought !! the road in Bali mostly as small as the street on my neighborhood !! only like 3 meters wide. But yes there's less hole or patches along the road. But its really tiny whiny and not much road sign about direction, distance and about traffic.
So i think its right when people said, be aware if you drive in Bali for the very first time !!
We then decide to rent a car because its already 5.17 pm and we're running out of choices. We rent a car from Dana Yoga Tourist service in poppies lane II (Mr Sugi-08124629245). From Kuta to Ubud they gave me the price of Rp 255,000,00 . I don't know the exact distance between Kuta and Ubud but i try to haggle the price down and i did and it stop at price Rp 150,000,- for both of us. I think its fairly enough since if we went with shuttle bus both of us will cost likely Rp 80,000,- well..... sure it could be lower if we had more time to look up tho. But its worthed, because we have this very nice mini bus, with cold airc ond, and the way the driver drive is really nice and smooth.
We arrive in Ubud nearly 6.45pm. I feel like fall a sleep during the trip, so sleepy... and starving, but still had to look up the bungalow that Peter ever stay in. He said its a very reasonable price bungalow, and clean too. So the driver is kind enough to drive around and find the bungalow. The bungalow name is "Sulendra" the price is Rp 75.000 for two person per night including breakfast.
Not bad..... the room is clean and have hot water. I am so tired (i think both of us are tired!) and starving. So we clean our self and then went out to find something to eat for dinner.
I like Ubud because its not so hot and the air feel so fresh ! i can't wait to see what Ubud looks like in the daylight !!

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Unknown said...

Thanks girl
Nice blog, I'm planning to go Bali and explore it by motorcycle.

Fico said...

@ bodhi
Thanks for the comment. I think its a very nice idea. Be aware of the traffic, people ride like crazy there with surfing board. Also should consider the weather too. Riding in the rain wont be that nice!

Have fun!

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