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Bali Day 3: Ubud-Monkey Forrest-Town

This morning i wake up a little bit late. The "cold" weather made me want to sleep longer. Its been raining last night so, the temperature is cooling down, and the air just very different. But i am in Bali... heheh there's things to see here !
The break fast is good, we have banana waffle, hot tea, and fruits. I am full.
Today we plan to visit the monkey forest. We walk from the hostel to the monkey forest . Ubud is not that very big town. You could walk almost everywhere.
As we walk through, i see lots of shops that sold beautiful art products such as carvings and paintings. Batu bulan one of place near Ubud also well known with the traditional dances like barong dance or kecak, etc. Even at night if you walk around the city, you will hear balinese music heard from anywhere. Its a very nice place. Weather not as hot as in Kuta for sure.
Ubud well known not only because the nature but also because people in here mostly a great artist. You could find so many lovely paining and carvings.
But its expensive for me hehehehe....
The monkey forest open at 7.30 am. We went there nearly at 8.30 am. The ticket is Rp 15.000,-/person.
First impression, its just like any other forest, but its full of monkeys since the entrance gate !
But the monkeys are quite nice, not really aggressive. We visit the monkey pools and watch monkeys swim there.. they were very funny ! swim, jump, dive (yes they could dive !!). Made visitors laugh.

Theres several monkey watchers (local balinese) to watch the monkeys if they disturb visitors.
Theres one guy that been climbed by the wet monkey, but he just laugh even when the monkey is soaked wet ! they are funny.. hehe but if its me.. hahaha.. no way !

The monkey forest is really kind of green, is beautiful we went to one of the temple inside the forest too. But then we just look from the outside of the gate only (call that "peek").

Also Peter said there's a waterfall down the forest, but when we went there the stairs short of slippery and theres no hand rails, quite dangerous, and when we almost reach the waterfalls seemed the stairs been collapse and we can't continue our adventure and went back up.

We also see other stairs that lead us down to a pretty pound filled with koi fish (japanese gold fish ?). I see lots of coins on the bottom of the pound ... i think its a wishing pound. Too bad i don't have any coins to toss at the pound... so i just make a free wish hahahaha ! i wish i could come back to Bali again !

Theres a stairs and path after the pools so we walk there and see theres small river (kali ?) the water is fairly clear. But i could see there's garbage there. Its just too bad.... I think its the same problem anywhere.. people just throw their garbage into the river. Shame..

Its really nice just to sit on the forest, we don't even realize its already 12, time for lunch. So we headed back to town, walk.
We stop for internet on the way back to hostel. After 45 min look up our mails and replying few mails we went for lunch.
The price for food in Ubud not so bad too. I eat lunch that cost me only Rp. 12.000,- including drink. I think Ubud is very nice to stay in a very long time. I like it !

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