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Day 8 :The attack of Lovina baby jelly fish !

I feel like i don't want to wake up and just stay on bed. Now starting to feel bit tired, its been 8 days on my vacation, hell of fun is how i describe it !
I woke up because i heard the swimming pool cleaned, and someone swim after that...
Last night we swim until almost 10 pm ! just having fun hehe because its hot too and feels good in the water with stars above.. quite romantic too. From the restaurant we could hear someone sing, laughs music, etc.

I don't want to woke up but i feel hungry. So, dragging our self to the restaurant we had breakfast with pan cake with hot tea/coffee. I like Ubud breakfast much better...
Peter ask what to do today, i said clearly "WE snorkeling" and he seemed not really agree with the idea. Until we finish breakfast we haven't decide what to do (well.. i did already decide). Sit by the swimming pool, i ask again for snorkeling, Peter just didn't say anything. I ask the shop owner in front of the Hotel for a snorkeling trip and she said that would cost us Rp 40,000,- per hour per person. And then i ask what about 2 hours? she said that would be Rp 100,000,- i said i'll come again to pick my friend.
I went back and explain to Peter that lying down next to the pool on the pool bench. And then i realize he's not listening me !! and he sleep ! aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww !!!!
So i think okay, i'll do this my self, he could sleep here, and i went snorkeling by my self ! but when i went to the room he suddenly wake up ! (grrrrr!)
Peter then finally decide to join the snorkeling trip, but he said Rp 100,000,- too expensive because the boat only took us to one snorkeling point and just wait for us. Okay he made his point.. he is right... Peter suggest to find other boat with lower price.
But as when we leave the hostel, the boat owner already at the gate and calling us (oppss!) we try to pretend we don't hear but the wife is running to us. So i stop and said we want lower price, we want Rp 100,000,- for two hours for two person. And i add.. i pay this by my self too, so Peter not paying for me.. and i ask her not to give me expat price just because i am with one of them...and then she said okay.. (hehehe).
The husband show us the fin and the mask. Peter fin fits perfectly.. mine a llitle bit too small ! but not really matter i think... I also request for a safety jacket, for precautions.. then i decide to wear it. Its indonesia.. hehe you should prepare for everything hehehehe... I also don't feel like i want to really swimming.. just want to "float" and look down under.
So we went to the boat.. its a beautiful day, sky are blue clear, the sun shine, no wave and no wind.. its perfect for snorkeling !

The boat that we use is quite different then the boat that we had in Jambi (yeah.. haha for sure) its small but its "deep".

The boat owner said he will take us the the snorkeling site which is 15 minutes from our beach. When we arrive there several boats with tourist heading that way, and when were finally there theres more tourist doing snorkels. I could see the snorkels and their head over the water. I am so excited !!!

Our boat just perfect because it had stairs to go to water... i short of worry before i see the stair because i think i could climb up the boat after jumping to water because its so high ! But then theres ladder.. hehe i am cool !
We start to snorkel at 8.30 am. Peter down first.. me.. still struggling with my life jacket (stupid...stupid..stupid !!). After finally find out which rope goes where and wich flip goes to what direction, i finally join Peter.
More fish.. bunch of small fish with different colors. Ohhh this is soooo what i want !
We see something new.. well at least i thought i am the only person who notic ethe "BLUE STAR FISH" yesss its blue not red like i ever saw in Thailand !
Fishes is more in here, but most of them are same.... i see NEMO or the clown fish too.
I feel relax to see lots of fish.. and garbage like plastic wrapper on the bottom of the sea.. can't stop thinking how stupid Indonesian could be (i am indonesian that feel shame of my self). The plastic wrapper could cause the reef die and not colorful again.
I see reef shape like brain too.. hmmm...
We ask to the boat owner before we jump off.. do they find shark here (Peter ask). And he said yes.. sometimes but not big (i imagine big white sjark with razor sharp teeth..oohhh no) and he laugh and said its only on certain months the shark went here... and its not the time we were snorkel (fiuhhhh hehehe).
The fish in Bali is.. "shy".. hehe not like fish in Andaman Sea, they will come close to you.. hehehe.. but these fish just swim and short of wondering, why were following them !
Almost 2 hours we swim, and then suddenly i feel something "bite" my feet !!!!
And then my arms, and my neck. I call Peter and said something bite me, and leave small red itchy marks. Peter look down and he said theres plenty of baby jelly fish near where i swim !!
I look down and i did see one of them ... euuuhhhhh !!
We swim to the deeper area, no jelly fish.. but the wave quite big that i swallow some of the sea water (yuck). The reef is more beautiful, but its not that crystal clear there. I see more tourist come and go, and it does bit crowded cause i crash with other people twice.
I get tired and swim back to the boat, Peter still swim around the boat. He said the jelly fish sting his lips, hahaha ! poor guy ! hehehehehe....
We went back to the beach .. and i feel my tummy not too good, i think because of the sea water that i swallow, and my tummy is hungry....
We went back to hotel and clean our self, and then went to the warung to have our lunch.
Oh i am happy today.. even though theres some minor attack.. and its not from a shark hahahaha !

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