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New Adventure : Bali Day 1

Jambi Airport

As i wait for my flight to Jakarta, i don't even know what i feel. Happy, anxious, scared, jumpy..
I just check in to Batavia flight at 12.00 noon. And the flight was late (not new thing in Jambi i guess).
The waiting room is full of people, some that i know (i see two of my neighbor about to visit her daughter in Jakarta). I just sat in corner with my MP3 on my ear, but its not turned on.. just don't want to start a lame conversation with strangers. I did this sometimes.. heheh..
The plane was late for 20 minutes. As i board.. i choose the seat near window at wing side. Next to me is two guys at age 30-35 y/o. I still don't want to start a conversation.. so i still plug my MP3 player on my ears and put my shade on, sleep after take few shoot through the plane window.
Window seat, 3 rows back from the emergency exit is my fave seat, you could see the wing, and i think the best seat to take pictures.
I arrive at Jakarta at 13.30 i think. I still have few hours before air asia let me boarding. I put my huge back pack at the luggage trolley and start to roll out side the departure area. Looking for good place to eat lunch box that my mom push me to bring since Jambi had serious flight delay sometimes.
I don't feel like i want to stay outside the waiting room, the weather is hot, and its just too crowded !! as i went to Air Asia office i saw a sign said Rumah Makan Padang" and it had mushalla (praying place) its a good place to get some sleep.
I had less sleep since yesterday is my last day at work and i arrive at home last night at 7.15 pm straight from office with more bumpy road than last month (price for work in jungle). I had to re-pack my things last night and find there's several missing items that i can't find. I had to ask my sister to buy again, and borrow my brother in-law camera as well.

Jakarta Airport

Back to cengkareng (Soekarno-Hatta) again.
I went inside to check-in counter for Air Asia but the counter still empty. So i went back to Air Asia ticketing office, they said i could check in at 5 pm. And its still 1.45 pm.. so i look around the busy check-in areas, found corner next Air Asia counter, and sit on my trolley start to open my lunch box.

My Luggage

I only eat half of my lunch when the guy next to me start to talk with me. He is working for PT Semen Bosowa in Maros Sulawesi. He is with his friend on the way back to Sulawesi with Air Asia flight too. But his flight at 6 pm. His name is Faisal, and he gave me his card.
I like to travel by my self because it seemed that people tend to "want to know" you if you were seemed alone. Well its good. We talk until like hours !!
Until it was 5 pm and i had to check in and they were gone. Good guys !
I check my luggage in, good, no 11 kg's on my sight. I went upstair still have 2 hours to kill.
I check my gmail account on my cellphone no words from my "travel buddy" Peter (i'll explain this "details"on my next post).
I got my self a pack of panadol pills, i just afraid i'll get some flu cause less rest and i start to sneeze.. none like flu while traveling !
I went to waiting room, but the room is just too chill. I want to sit outside but then there's this bule guy sitting and read a book. So i went to the alley between gates and sit. And when i put my MP3 on and start to read my book "Why man don't listen and woman can't read maps" a woman try to read my book title. And at the end she talk and introduce me with her friends. They were in Jakarta for a health drink product seminar, they were from North Sumatra.
She depart and leave me after few minutes talking.
I ask the counter what time the flight will boarding, the air asia guy said it will be at 7 pm. Its close enough, so i sit on the waiting room for gate A7, in front of a guy read to some travel books and loud ipod.
He stare, i see, he bow, thats what happened for next 20 minutes. Not mind he is checking me out tho.. hehehehehe.. still no string attached and i am single mingle.. he is not bad at all, and had good smile.
But sure.. as i read.. vacation "fling" is the worse.. mostly wont end up in serious relationship.
I feel good when the waiting room is started to filled with several people, and speak in different languages.. english.. mandarin.. some korean and japanese...
Time to boarding... there's mix couple, i love to see their daughter... pretty !

What's funny about Air Asia is you had to really fast to get your seat !
When every body almost run to the front stair to plane instead of doing that i run to the back door stairs. I think thats a good way to get to my "fave seat" since i know the alley on the plane would be stuck from people getting their seat from front and put their luggage on the top of their seat, took times before you really sit on your seat.
And.. i am right !! none following me.. and i got my seat !
And more lucky.. none sit next to me, and i got all 3 seat by my self !! hahahahahaha !!! i am so lucky !

So 2 hours flight i sit with my leg stretched to the next 3 seat next to me !
Lots of other passenger see me.. and i know.. they were jealous ! me and my long feet get rest so good that i slept until almost landing ! i smile when i sleep !
The plane is landing nearly 11.30 pm Bali time. I did not change my watch because i think it would be easier for me to count time if i want to call back home.
My tummy is upside down... see outside its dark.. must be look so worried.
I look around the luggage claim place.. theres a girl with same smile and short of happy-worry smile just like me.. i start conversation "first time to bali?" and she said "yes!!" and then we talk abit until i see my luggage comes out. She then said i could share transport with them if i want to, then i said i had a friend pick me up--maybe, i am not really sure he will show up.. well he did say he will.. but then.. maybe i am not so sure, but i thank them.
I walk out and see.. Peter is there (my travel buddy).. we.. never see each other almost 2 years, just know each other by mails and this is the very first time i ever see the "real" person (weird but its happened) and my Bali adventure is started i guess...
We went outside the airport.. but on the parking lot there's a taxi cab stop, and its blue bird. We're lucky. Then we went to poppies lane 2 for hostels. The taxi fare is cost us about Rp 30-es thousand (i forgot the exact amount), but sure its lots cheaper than if we go from the taxi ticket from the airport arrival place which is 60-90 thousand rupiahs.
I already call kedin's inn two days before, but then they said the room is fully booked.. i am up for new plan. Its midnight and last 4-5 hostels that we check are full ! its not even peak season ! i am obviously very tired. With my 11 kgs back pack walk around poppies 2 is not that easy as its quite busy small/narrow streets with people, cars, and motorcycle passing you over and over. We finally went to smaller street or "gang" and find a hostel there.
We stay at "Bali Cottage" for Rp 50.000 per night incl. breakfast. Not exactly accommodation that i want, but we're just staying for a night, and the room is fairly clean tho (but i'm not so sure if they change the bed sheet). I mean the bath room is clean, and my friend not complain things.. we're good for tonight.

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