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Strasbourg Day 2-Tales of confuse people! (with beautiful parks!)

This is the 2nd day in Strasbourg. I learn a lot about this town today. Still with Mr T we walk and use tram to the city center. Mr T actually teach me bad stuff... we actually go on tram without paying! arrgghh! how can i believe its free!! (i know i am way too naive!) but please do not try this lol i felt guilty!

The sights of Strasbourg

First fact that Mr T told me is, this city is between Germany and French so there's a mix of cultures everywhere. Anyone here speak fluent French and Germany, i heard more French tho. And Mr T told me too that between 1870 until 1945 this city switch nationality up to 4 times!! between Germany and French. Strasbourg is the capital city of Alsace region. Its the 7th largest city in France with almost 280.000. people live here (not included tourist like us hehe)

oldest clock inside the NotreDame Catredal Strasbourg

This city was founded first time by the Romans, so its very old.. well if you consider 2000 years is old hehe... this city first build as a military camp for the Romans-to protect the northern territory from the barbarian attack.

With Germany and French culture also the old Romans its highly cultured city that surely will amazed you. This city also been on world heritage since 1988. There are plenty historical buildings to fulfill your needs of beauty *sigh* another interesting fact about this city is... its a "young people" city, with over 60% of it populations is people below age 40! (wink wink) its not all serious city because if the head of Europe Nation based here, its a good place to mingle for single hehehe...

Strasbourg history link with vineyard-Huge barrel gift from Couronne d'Or

First we went inside the cathedral that built in 1176-1436. The entrance is free. Inside is amazing.... its different from Notredame in Paris its more dark not much color.. the thing that i notice is the similar rose facade window. I like it better in Notredame in Paris somehome the light goes perfectly there in here.. its kind of darker..

This cathedral is the biggest church in Alsace but smaller compare to any other church in other regions.

Inside the church there's pipe organs and few sculpture also two tombs that i could see. But the most interesting part of this church was on  the back left side of it. There is a large/huge old astronomical clock. It was there since the medieval times as Mr T explain.

It's called the "Three king clock". Its just like a massive 18 meters tall cuckoo clock made from woods, copper and iron. Next to the clock on the left side is the prettiest pillar of all the church.. its called the angels pillars. There are actually 3 different clock there but the one that attract me is the huge one. Mr T show me how it work... he just laugh synicly because there are like almost hundred of people there taking pictures in front of the clock but none know how to make it work! i just said... ok Mr Mc Gyver show us!

About two meters from the left side of the clock theres a box made from glass.. i thought it was for church "contribution" lol hahaha... and its only took 2 euro to turn on the clock lights it said on the box hahah thats why Mr T so grumpy!!

As soon as he put on the 2 euro the lights is on and the dolls on the clock moving and its last for several minutes... awww!! why no one notice those???

After that we went outside to the right side of the cathedral... as we want to visit the tower. The ticket to get to the tower is 10 euro per person... but its a historical building once again... its worth the climb.. and again we love high places!!

But then after they gave us the ticket--First thing first Mr T said, we have to do lunch European way... i said its 10.30am.. its not really lunch time... but ok.. i wont mind. So we go back to the NotreDamde and there are plenty of tourist there. Very different than last night when we went there. Passing through the Place du Marche

So we had the brunch Mr T and me had crepe, but i had the large menu with ice cream and chocolate also banana (lol). W e enjoy the sun like every one else. I didn't bring any sun block because i just thought----a very wrong thought that it wont do anything to my already brown skin. LoL, it gets darker for sure! Because in Indonesia when you had these temperature around 18-19 degrees you wont get the sun burn... i dont think so in Indonesia.

No sweat just sun shine.. and i like it that way.. its just too dry for  me that i need to use high moist lip balm all the time! also using olive oil to keep my skin from dryness.

Its really nice to had the sun lights also to watch the tourist passing through around the NotreDame.  Admiring the cathedral that once held the world highest building (1647-1874). I can't stop telling Mr T about the difference between this cathedral with Notredame in Paris. The gargoyle is the most interesting for sure! This cathedral was designed by Erwin Von Steinbach also one of the most beautiful gothic architecture.

Ticket to get to Strasbourg NotreDame tower!

Mr T said, lets go to the tower now... so up up and awayyy we climb the tower... i feel very fit and stop several times for Mr T. Well he seemed on fit conditions too as we mocked each other to race to the top. We stop to admire the gargoyle on the top of the cathedral.

View from the top of Strasbourg cathedral

Some pictures that i take from top and around the cathedral...

More view from Strasbourg Notredame Cathedral

another part of the Strasbourg city

more view of the Strasbourg city

After enjoying the view of the Strasbourg city from top we walk through the Place du Marche again Mr T ask if i want to join the tour with the train in front of the Cathedral tower. I said, no problem. But eeekk... they closest tour was in Germany language. I wont enjoy those! So we walk again to the river bank..and next to the Palais Rohan we saw a boat tour ticketing! I'll ask Mr T said.

Swan family near the boat tour

While i am taking pictures Mr T back again waving two tickets.. wow.. we're going on a boat tour! Its a different boat compare to the one in Paris. I think the one in Paris much better.. because this one had glass on the top so its harder to take pictures because i can not use flash!

Strasbourg home of Council of Europe & European Parliement

The tour very informative, i really like it because they explain in details about the city history.. and even about the European Council! This is why the City was chosen by the Europeans as the seat of three institutions: the Council of Europe (since 1949), the European Court of Human Rights (since 1959) and the European Parliament (since 1979).

Near Palais Rohan Strasbourg

This city had amazing history since the Romans and now the house of 3 European council its a great achievements!

Palais Rohan Strasbourg

After the tour i told Mr T about the Orangerie Jardin and we walk a bit and use tram to get there.

Strasbourg-going to Orangerie Jardin!

Swan Family at Orangerie Strasbourg

Alsace crane? they eat meats!!!

The Pavillion Josephine at Parc De l'Orangerie

More pictures from Strasbourg

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