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Paris~Day Out With My Host!! (Day 2)

If you reject the food,  ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people you might better stay at home...
James A. Michener 

I was talking to Guillaume last night until about 1am. We talk a lot about things. He missed Indonesia for sure! we talk in Indonesia, and sometimes in English when we can not find the words to say hahah!

He cook for me last night too, it was very nice! and i sleep smiling with full tummy and happy thought about i had new friend here in Paris. I can not say how lucky i was because he was willing to accept me at his apartment!

His apartment is small as he said on couchsurfing and i don't expect much, its enough, the sincerity and welcome feeling that i had, its more like staying with your old friends! I gave him the Glen Fredly MP3 CD not really what he expecting, but i could see he missed the song hahah so he feel ok with that! (so sorry! could be better than that!!)

So  the next day, Guillaume promise will spent sometimes with me.. well i think its ok, because he seemed so busy, but awwww he just so nice! so wake up at 8, and we walk from his apartment, we will explore Montmarte!! but we had to do it quick because he had to go back to his workplace and prepare some stuff for a meeting in his hotel. I said thats fine :)

First place we see is the Sacre Couer. It was a mix of everything its beautiful, the building also the park near it.... we actually only walk only like 2-3 kilometers from Guillaume apartment.. the surrounding neghbour hood are awesome, Guillaume said this is where the Paris rich people live.... beside that the location on the top of the hill made us possible to see the whole city from the front of the Cathedral.

Inside the cathedral, i was amazed by the mural on top of the Cathedral. I was amazed how much effort people made to show their love to God. I definetly speachless to see it my self... there was 4 huge angels carved in very detail shape, also the lights help to pop up the angels characters....

We went for lunch with some frites and gyros again. He knows that i can not eat pork, and its so nice to meet someone who could understand this without judging first!

At his work place, as i assume Guillaume still very busy with a meeting that he had to arrange at his hotel. So, i decide to explore a bit the area surrounding his work place. Its actually pretty close to Jardin du Luxembourg and the palace.

It was beautiful!! i like the trees and the artsy statue... and to enjoy this by my self i feel slight guilt... i wish i share it with my sisters or my very best friends.. huhuh.. wish you were here guys!

Spending sometimes at park, and visit the palace with loads of people enjoying the sun.... its an amazing palace.. its just too bad i spent literally 10 minutes for pictures and just passing by in front of the park.. as i had to go back to Guillaume working place.

I will recommend it, as a must see if you went to Paris!! its beautiful with the trees and lots of people jogs.. amazing place to enjoy the sun with fountain and lots of statues .... love it...

When i went back Guillaume done with his job, he said sorry over and over hahaha.. i don't really that mind.. i spent sometimes at the garden too... so i wasn't missing things that much!

So from his work we went to the city center then walking along Seine river. Its around 4 that time....

Parisiens--people of Paris, love sitting and drinking wine with friends and enjoying their time at the river banks... sitting down enjoying sunset.. it was beautiful afternoon. Its also a romantic place to walk with your SO... i wish... *sigh* Mr T is here hahahaha.....

So we decide to do the BatoBus tour! the price is 14 Euro (stab my pocket deep hahaha!) but its really worth to try when you dont have enough time or only had short stay in Paris...

My Paris BatoBus pass

With this pass i could take the boat and jump within 8 stops; Champ Elysees, Louvre, Hotel de Ville, Jardin des Plantes, Notre Dame, St Germain de Pres, Muse D'Orsay, Tour Eiffel. But because this is the last boat then i am so very lucky then..and not lucky too hahah because i can not jump on and off the boat!

So... i better gave you a glimpse of my amazing tour!!

Love this picture from Seine River

Paris Afternoon @ Seine river

sunset at Paris

Wedding on Seine cruise at sunset.. aww.. this is VERY romantic!!

Sacre Coeur-Loveit!!

Inside Paris Batoboat Tour

Meet Guillaume my very..very sweet host!!

Parisiens dans Seinne (hope this is the correct french! haha)

Sunset at Paris Pont Neuf Bridge

Pont Neuf

As the final stop for the boat, also the enclosure is.... of course the Eiffel tower!!

Eiffel from distance
Its a very beautiful sunsets with Eiffel standing above the Seine River... there are hundreds romantic song playing in my head.. i feel static.. i came so far for this... i TAKE FRENCH course to get here.. but i never thought.... this is it!! i am heeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee!!!

Je t'aime bien!!

As i get closer to this tower, i swear i feel going to cry.. its so beautiful! I just can't believe i went here not with my husband or even boyfriend.. ugghh! lame... but i always thank God, i did had the chance to see it my self... with all of the grace and..errh tourist.. hahaha...

Eiffel and grey afternoon sky..

Me & Eiffel from Seine

This is sooooo perfect afternoon!

Sampe jugaa!! finally here! i can't believe it! its EIFFELLL!!!

We stay for a while to watch the lights show from the park near the Eiffel. After that we had long ride back to Guillaume Apartment. I can not stop talking about how beautiful it was! i bet Guillaume think i was a crazy babbling girl! but i had the most awesome afternoon... ever!

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