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Last Morning in Paris, still a wacky day! (Day 3)

The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist ~ Russell Baker

On last day in Paris i actually made an appointment with Guillaume to woke up and get out of his apartment at the time he leave for work. Its pretty normal for couch surfer host, well for security reason that's for sure. I short of ok with that. But then he said, i could leave later and return the key to him at his work place. I could wake up pretty late and pack my things, while he leave for work

I just can't believe how he could be my host! he trust me, and its an honor! i did clean up as i could while packing and just to show a little thank you for him. I really do appreciate what he gave me (roof and dinners and loads of stories about Paris! also accompany on the tour yesterday!). I can not ask for better host than him!! (he's the best host ever for me!!).

Couch surfing is one of the best thing that i ever done for sure!

After clean up i decide to do my last walk around Paris. Believe it or not the last place is the most important for me; a visit to Arc de Triomphe and Champ Elysees!

From Guy Moquet station (only 100 meter from Guillaume apartment) i went to the Metro station Charles de Gaulle Etoile near the Arc de Triomphe. Walking up stairs from the train station to the road, when i turn my self there it was.... Arc de Triomphe. Now i know how the French aka Parisien feels about their country.

Its a fabulous building, stand there so arrogantly, so beautiful... i just stand still just few mins to stare and look at it, and say..oh wow..

Champ Elysees street on my back (taken from Arc de Triomphe)

The famous Arc de Triomphe and Me!
I went to the passage near the street cross, it goes down the street. Very convenient to cross the busy road! but..errhh its same like every corner of Paris (well most of...) its smell like urine! yucks...

Passage under the street to Arc de Triomphe

And the first thing i did notice like the Eiffel Tower yesterday.. its HUGE!!!

Top of Arc de Triomphe

Names of brave soldiers Arc de Triomphe

Champ Ellyses

Amazing street!!

Narsis di Arc de Triomphe Paris
While i was taking pictures and busy with my camera.. i didn't notice a young guy (cute tho) taking my picture as if he hug me from my side!! and his friends were laughing at his silly act! when i did notice i just stare at him and he said something in French... i don't understand i said in French (je ne comprend pas!) but he kept saying something in French, and his friends laugh even harder!

He ask one his friend to translate but its not much helping so we were lost in translation. He short of saying want to take pictures with me! hahaha i said ok... but then errh why he hug me like that!! ohh (TT.TT) i don't even know his name!! hahahaha! but he and his friends sound fun and they are actually nice! he said something that i understand while holding my hand he said "....tres belle" means very beautiful and i was saying "merci beacoup!" thank you very much while blushing like teenage!

I actually very cautious because a friend of mine said some pickpocket use this same scheme to steal wallets or belongings..but haha my backpack was secured with tiny lock and sling cables hahahah! (but not my heart...awwww!)

The guy who "hijack" me at Arc de Triomphe
After fussy fuss with lost in translation we said "au revoir" his friend said enjoy Paris! i said yes!! and then we walk separately i still took some pictures and stay there for a while... i want to remember how is it feels to be at Arc de Triomphe... because its not like everyday i could come here!!

And i don't want to be that kid of "tourist" that came, took pictures, and go. I want to feel what is it like to be there.... the air, the sky, everything! even the pollution! hehehehe

Marching a long the Champ Elysees... i was so happy! wooow this is the famous street that i've been dreaming to walk at!!

Errrhhh.. why i met with this guy again??? and you know what he said?? he said its a FATE?? LoL whattt?? hahahahahahahah!! nooo!!!
My admirer and his hugging habit-Champ Elysees
I swear if i met him ever again.. hahahahahaha... no i don't want he's kind and funny..but why he can not speak any english???? also.. hehe my heart is somewhere else *wink* (kalo yang single ntar gue daftarin deh!)

Me at Champ Elysees!

oh dont forget macarons on Champ Elysees!

I try to enter one of the branded shop there.. all i could do is grinning... i can not afford even a small tiny pin hahahah! well... so much for shopping here.. i love it.. but no.. i am not into branded stuff..just too bad! hahah i am a "cheap" girl hehehehe

Louis Vuitton Champ Elysees-Paris

After walking along the famous Champ Elysees, i walk pass through the garden that belong to the Palais de Elysees. I walk along the Champ Elysees Avenue and end up in front of Tuiletries Jardin close to the Louvre.

At 1pm i went back to the Guy Moquet metro station and get my stuff at Guillaume apartment..... leave a "Thank You" note for him and went to his hotel and leave the apartment key for him. He was very busy and in middle of a famous movie seminar, and I can't stop saying thank you for him, because he's been so nice!

I went through a painful METRO ride from Guillaume work to the Gare d'est bus station! its a reminder to write here.. girls!! do not bring your huge 26" full luggage if you want to pass through over 6 Paris metro station!!

They had no elevator and no lift!! so you have to lift your luggae along those freakin stairs!! and try to catch the metro. It will be better if you carry a back pack.....

Next will be Brussels!!

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