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Europe trip; book your ticket online!

I would say most of the transport ticket during my trip to Europe was booked while i was sitting nicely in deep Sumatra jungle a.ka while i was on my working day in remote place and while at home (where i have to sit on the porch dancing with mosquitoes and trying to get full bars signal at same time).

There are more than one traveling website that said we must book in advance to get the cheap ticket to Europe, and it does really work that way. The more you sit and wait to the departure date the more the price sky high!! do not wait, book your Europe trip tickets early! (6 months in advance better!!).

The thing you need for online booking? of course, good internet speed, and a credit card!! ^,^

The tickets that i got online is my return flight with Lufthansa from Singapore to Paris and Munich to Singapore, which is open jaw (i think i will explain about what open jaw is somewhere). Also i got my self a return Eurolines bus ticket from Paris to Brussels. And the last one is the train ticket from Paris to Strassbourg i order it from SNCF website.

For the Lufthansa flight ticket i got help from a travel agent, since my credit card limit only like $500 and the flight total cost is around US$900 (return).

And the Eurolines buses, i did it my self, with my very limited French, yepp i did the website is in FRENCH language maybe that time i was so careless that i didn't see the top right side for ENGLISH language, but the link i gave here already in English.

The same thing happens for the train ticket from SNCF, its all in FRENCH language. Oh dear... do use the online google translator for your kindness if you don't know FRENCH language!! First page is in English but when you about to go to SNCF booking page (when you click "buy a ticket" button on the top left previous web) it doesnt have "english options" well again unless if i really did missed the button of course!!

But the truth, with my very limited French, i could easily book the buses ticket and the train without hassles! its not that hard, really!

Most of the ticket that i got are with cheap fare/promotion rate. For return bus ticket i got it for 18 Euro (Paris-Brussels-Paris) and for the train ticket---well this is the most amazing one, FIRST CLASS on TGV train, which is the super fast train, i got the very last seat offer for 40 Euro only!!! the normal rate for TGV train 1st class is above 100 Euro, and 2nd class is like 36-40 Euro or something so, i got it dirt cheap!!! hehehe.... (the advantage of joining the mailing list!! they will alert you for cheap price!!) sometimes the last minute deal could be this cheap, so keep your eyes open on the website!

For the train from this website you still had many other choice for trains. I think the cheapest train is the sleeper class at night/night train. But from Paris to Strasbourg where  i want to go to its only took like 2 hours and i dont need the sleeper class! oh and also, the 2nd class not that much difference than 1st class, so no worry about the comfort thing.. its only 2 hours trip! (train is very clean and nice also!!)

Don't wait too long! its worth the online booking!! (price & the QUEUE-its killin'!!)

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