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Brussels-City That had its Own Signature (Day 4-Part 1)

All that is gold does not glitter Not all those who wander are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkein

I woke up at 6am. None woke up yet....

I already prepare my stuff last night, so i grab the toiletries and my chargers and attack every electric socket that i found the other night... its quite danger because you will never know who walk by and took it hahah.. but i only did it at toilet--girls toilet and at kitchen.

Hot shower made me really fresh! after drying my hair i went to dining, feel happy woke up early so i dont have to queue on shower and i got the socket for my self hahaha! at least i will have my ipod and cellphone the whole day!

But.. ekkkk... why theres already over 15 people on (disini lah puzzle kehidupan terungkap... cewek bule jarang mandi!! LoL)

Breakfast is free at Van Gogh... so i grab as many as i can.. this is breakfast i know.. but i want to eat a lot of bread!! and jams!! hahaha

After breakfast i went to Metro and go straight to the Cinquantenaire Park or some call it Jubilee Park (in Dutch) the home of lots of main monuments/must visits museum in Brussels.Its basically named "Park of the 50th Anniversary" in French language.

My walking tour start with the huge Europe Union building just outside the metro. Itsthe executive HQ for EU in Brussels.

European Union Berlaymont-HQ of Execitive EU in Brussels

Me in Brussel European Union HQ

EU Comission Building in Brussels

Not far from there just one left turn i could see the entrance of the park. You could see Robert Scuman head statue.. first i was thinking who the heck is this guy?? first theres a street with his name on, building and now statue... and then i learn that he is a politician whos twice being the French Prime Minister. He was one of the founder of the Europe Nation.

Robert Schuman Statue at Cinquantenair Park

Walk to the park oh i love the air smells of the flower and fresh air! Its so green and there are plenty statues there.

Memorial Statue of General Albert Thys

Theres some people running and doing sports, mommies with babies and some kids with bicycle its very neat!

Park for Family

The park also so clean... its so big that i can not see the end of it beside the triomphe arc on the other side. Later i found out that the park size was 30 hectare! no wonder i can not see the edge!

Cinquantenaire park map

Its an amazing park.. i think i can not describe how beautiful it was... al i could do is post as much as possible pictures here! so you could see what i see back there!

Cinquantenaire Park statue

Walking by my self on the white pebbles road only my step sound and trees above me the sky are blue... smell of roses in the air.. oh yeah.. its a beautiful day to visit a park!

Cinquantenaire Jardin at Brussel.. the tree and flowers also the art work.. so beautiful! (me too!)

Cinquantenaire park with Triumphal Arc on background

Small flowers on the grass.. wild flower..just like me hehe

Small flowers on the grass..its wild flowers!

Some of the art work at the Cinquantenaire Park Brussels

Triumphal Arch at Cinquantenaire Park Brussels

I loooove this picture so very much (pre-weds kind of?)

Why we can't build any park like this?

The thing that really draw attention from me is the Cinquantenaire Arch, from it history it took quite a bit more time to finish than was originally intended. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Belgium’s independence, King Leopold II wanted to erect this triumphal arch in time for the 1880 world exhibition, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. By 1900, the Cinquantenaire Arch still wasn’t finished, having been quite a bone of contention between the king and the Belgian government. It must have seemed to many Brussels citizens at the time that the arch would never be completed. Alas, in 1905 the monument received its final touches, and today it graces Jubelpark with undeniable grace!

Cinquantenaire Arc for Leopold II

Work on Jubilee Park Brussels and its central Cinquantenaire Arch started in the 1870s, though as mentioned, not everything was ready for the 1880 celebration. The arch proved to be a larger and more expensive task than originally thought. Only the column bases were done by the exposition, and so wooden panels and plenty of imagination were employed to create a temporary arch. Far less spectacular than the finished product, this temporary Cinquantenaire Arch nonetheless served its purpose. After the Golden Jubilee was over and it was time to get back to business, the Belgian government didn’t take too kindly to the idea of spending a considerable amount of money on an arch. King Leopold II got his way in the end by use of private funding. While the Cinquantenaire Arch may have not been ready for Belgium’s fiftieth anniversary of independence celebration, it was looking quite dapper for the country’s 75th anniversary party in 1905. Its better than nothing tho!

Brussels Triumphal Arch
The Cinquantenaire Arch at Jubilee Park Brussels is the world’s second tallest and widest triumphal arch. Its only less smaller than the Arch de Trimphe in Paris. And also on the top of Cinquantenaire Arch there is an impressive bronze quadriga (horse-driven chariot that was used for races in the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, and Romans also raced them in other games).

The 2nd Largest Arch after Arc de Triomphe in Paris

I though it was certain Greek and Roman gods and heroes characterizes the quadrigas, and the one atop the Cinquantenaire Arch represents the province of Brabant, which was formerly a major Belgian region. The central figure in the quadriga is raising a flag of independence, marking Belgium’s 1830 break from the Netherlands it neighbor country now.
Quadrigas on top of the Cinquantenaire Arc

There are also mosaics along side of the Cinquantenaire Arch in Jubilee Park Brussels,  the rights and lefts wing. It was added between the years of 1920 and 1932, these mosaics is friendly scenes that are intended to show Belgium’s peaceful nature.

Attached to the arch is the Belgium Royal Museum of the Army and Military History and the Auto world. I went to Royal Museum of Army because its free (heheh i am a freebies person!). 

Brussels War Museum

This is for 5 years old prince... so... tiny

Time bomb with actual..clock!! hahaha

I adore him for his leadership-admit it, he is great leader! meet Mr Hitler

SS Troops uniform

More armories.. ohh my knights!!

Brussels Flag

Anyone i know???

My last visit at this park i went to the mosque.... where  everyone stare at me hahaha.. its because i went there and i dont think my out look represent moslem at all! But anyway when they know me they're very friendly actually!

Great Mosque of Brussels

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