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Stuck in Batam (...& sick)

The best thing about going from Harbour front ? they checked your luggage in.
I don't have to carry my 23kg's back pack while i try to wake up from the flu medication. Hehehehe...
But the sun is still shining, i feel happy because finally the trip is almost over..
During the ferry trip i were just sleep, while Maria awake and listen to her MP3. I just feel exhausted, and maybe because the weather at singapore that made me feel tired all sudden (raining all day).
We got a different Penguin boat, its much better than the one that we got when we left Batam to Singapore. At least this one had a dining room, where we sit. Its a good chioce because in here we could sleep because the seat is bigger, and had a table between the seat.
The weather little bit cloudy but the wave is not so big. We made pop mie for each of us. We forgot to buy something in Harbour Front. Beside that actually before leaving we feel little bit full after the break fast.
We finally arrive in Batam, but alas !! all the flight are full, even to Palembang !!!! so were staying for a night in Batam (new adventure).
Were staying in Nagoya, the hotel name is Grand Mutiara. Taxi driver that drive us suggest to stay at Nagoya because it's in between Batam Centre and Sekupang pier where we should take boat to Kuala Tungkal. First we want to seek hotel near Sekupang, but he said there were less choice there, so we said, Nagoya is all right. It's not a vancy hotel. But its better than hostel tho.
I am not feeling so well, i had flu, i got headache and fever. But i will survive until back home (i had to!!).
I already call my mom so she dont need to worry.
Batam is not really "safe" for girls, that's my experience when i work at woman advocacy, to prefent trafficking. Most of womans in Indonesia are "sell" in here. Bad..bad place.
But i've seen worse so we will be okay. I never been here so it's quite experience too tho.
We had our lunch at Pizza Hut, i ate alot. At least our hotel is close to PH. (Another junk food).
We went to Nagoya Hill just to look around something. (Hehehe.. girls..). Its short of a shopping centre. Huge enough to explore all day after our journey from Singapore. We just want to make sure that we didn't missed anything !
Maria got a new cutie shoes with heels, cute. I bought my self a sexy shoes and a boot !! and its all Edward Forrer (sorry about the blurry pic, its from my cellphone). I'll use the boot sometimes to work, and i am so excited to think about that. And about the sexy heels ? i will use it for special occasion.
I got upset thinking that .. Bangkok doesn't have my shoe size, its so unfair !! my size is 41.. and their biggest shoe size is 40... same like most Indonesia shoe shop.
We're girls.. we're dying for shoes !!
We went back to hotel at 5.30 afternoon. We went to buy crispy banana fries near our hostel for Rp 10.000,- (i never eat fried banana this expensive before!!).
We take rest, Maria sleep fast, i still watch tv until 9. I think its because flu i can't really sleep.
We woke up at 5, and take breakfast at 6.30 with friend rice and fried noodles and eggs with orange juice (hehehhe).
We check out at 7.30 and then went to Sekupang. From our hotel the taxi flat rate is Rp 60.000 to Sekupang.
Sekupang ?? bad, dirty, full of "calo" that offer you ticket and pulling your 23kgs backpack.
We got "Sabang Marindo" ferry ticket and it cost us just the same price with the airplane ticket Rp 235.000,- . The ferry will depart at 9 am.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ladies,

Hi, salam kenal, saya Damar, backpacker wannabe...hehehe...
aku terseret blog kalian dr indo-backpacker nih. Very inspiring!

boleh ya nanti saya kalo sudah berani dan bisa backpacking, bertanya2 ke kalian...


Fico said...

Salam kenal juga Damar !
Hehehe.. jangan jadi wannabe aja.. ayo jadiin kenyataan ! cewek aja berani jalan sendiri, pasti suatu saat bisa ya?!
Pasti kita bantu deh sebisanya.

Good luck !

MariE said...

selamat mengumpulkan keberanian damar....
kita tunggu beritanya, jangan2 waktu lo berani kita mo jalan lagi so bisa barengan kale....

salam kenal juga....

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