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From bangkok to Chiangmai

I have huge back pack on my back(80ltr), one in front of my chest (30ltr)and we still had to drag other bag (50 ltr) to the MRT station, and then sub way. Have to walk on sky walk before reach the subway.
Nightmare !
Its the other price to pay when you're a shopohoilic. I got tshirt for my family, sisters, evern small tedy bear for my niece.
We check out at 10.30 from Central Shukumvit 25. We had our break fast there, also lunch after we get to internet first to back up our cameras memory. Maria camera already full so she have to move half of the datas to a new sony micro flas disk that i just bought (390 baht).
We bought KFC for our dinner at train ( no more "is this cooked with pork?" question at least). The KFC located outside the station. When you get your ticket you have to seek very carefully to the KFC sign on the other side of the waiting room of the station, its on the corner of the food court stairs (the food court on the 2nd floor).
We went here yesterday. We quite supraise to see a white guy as a cashier of the KFC. Ofcourse it could be anywhere, but not at Indonesia for sure. That white guy speak very fluently Thai language, that we even re-thought that he might 50% Thai (he is absolutely physicly 100% white guy).
Our train number was 15. We got the last seat. Its not really a seat, at night it will become a bed. Both of us choose the upper bed, with fan and its rapid train. The ticket price is 491 baht for each.
The train leaving the bangkok station at straight 2.30pm and we will arrive at 6.00 in Chiangmai.
The journey ?
Feels almost the same like a train that i used to go to Palembang from Lampung. Business class.. but you could see lots of "non-passenger" get thru you offering foods, drinks, etc. But at least they were more nicely than you see on Palembang-Lampung train. They don't push you or threat you to buy anything for sure.
I can't really sleep because outside the window the scenery is beautifull. Its not all jungle like in Sumatra. You could see rice field, jungle, yes, and small towns.
I don't want to missed that. Also the sunset for sure.
The ticket guy is really nice to us. He said that his brother went to Indonesia for working (i'm grinning because there's alot of Thai guys working on our plant shutdown job).
There's none pick us up. We check my mail from the raiway station internet (10 baht/15minutes), its fast enough. The internet just looks like a vending machine.
The guest house said that they were probably wont sent anyone if theres none at the station using yellow shirt with julie guest house name. None.
So we ask the information about the tuk2 price to the guest house they said it was 60 baht.
We went outside and theres a woman offering songthew (pickup van) for 100 baht but Maria insist for 50 baht. They left us. But after about 15 minutes the guy back and agree with 50 baht (good job maria !!)
At the first sight when i see the guest house, its alittle bit dark, and Maria also said.. "errrhhh... is this the same guest house that we see online???" well i don't know for sure.
The office is seemed still closed as they said on the net, they will open at 8 am.
So we're trying to sleep pn the hostel looby. That morning there's several people sitting, or just lying down the bed or sofas that the put outside the hostel.
There's several people also seemed just arrive just looks like us with loads of backpack on their back waiting, and trying to get some rest. But same just like us they have to wait.
At 7.30 then they open the front door of the office and i ask about my booking confirmation. They said there's only double room but without hot water. I don't feel i was booking a room without hot water, so i insist to get one. They said they will arrange the room but we should wait until 11..

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