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We were sent to police !!

Okay this is what happened if a fraud songthew guy want to messed with two Indonesian girls.
It wasn't nice at all.
The story begun when we just finished visiting Wat Phrasingh. We decide to go to Doi Suthep by our own in stead taking tours. After went to seven eleven infront of Wat Phrasingh we ask an old white guy about the songthew that goes to Doi Suthep. He said it wont be more expensive than 40 baht for both of us from there.
So we stop one of the songthew (van/pickup public car), we ask wether he could took us to Doi Suthep. But he stop another songthew that coming from different lines and ask (??) that 2nd songthew driver to take us to Doi Suthep.
We cross the street to get to 2nd songthew, and don't want to made silly mistake we ask again wether the 2nd driver want to take us to Doi Suthep, he said yes for 40 baht for both of us.
We then jump in to his songthew. There's no other passenger at the back its only two of us. We quite happy that we could pay 40 baht instead 500 baht just for Doi Suthep.. well.. its out of town, its about 7 km's away.. but we could do it with songthew anyway.
So suddenly just like after 5 minutes ride with songthew the 2nd driver stop and ask us to get to another songthew that said could took us to Doi Suthep for 40 baht (what the heck ???!!!!!!!)
First Maria tought we could just jump in without paying the 2nd songthew but i could see the driver insist for his 40 baht. Maria get really angry !!
I told him its okay if we pay 10 baht for each, but not 40 baht. But he insist. We know they want to fool us, and Maria still get mad at him and give him 10 baht for both of us.
This 3rd songthew driver face turn red and said "if you don't want to pay my friend, he will took you to police station" both of us right away say "YES !!!" we want to go to police station. Its just wont going toi happened to us AGAIN (read in Bangkok)
And, amazingly he did drive us to Police station. I still chilled out, because i could see Maria is still really mad. But when we got to the police station, and we jump off, the driver talk to both of us and try to scare us that he will really told the police that we don't want to pay him. He make his eye bigger and high his tone RIGHT INTO MY FACE.
Okay, that's it !!!!!!!!!!!
He saw how mad Maria is, but he surely don't want to see me mad... but he did made me MAD !
We rush to go inside. I know from his body language actually he is not really want to get in. So i push the door, i could see few police guy inside. My brother inlaw is a policeman. I am not afraid. I didn't do anything wrong.
I step in, and talk to the first police that i see, and unpolitely before i FINISHED what i said that 2nd songthew guy cut what ever i said and try to talk at the same time, i said to my self... oh.. okay.. you are toatll wrong, want the asty part of me, allright, here we go.
I went crazy, and unstopable. Both of us Maria and me talk at the same time very fast in english. Made the police statioon so noisy. Until one of the police ask if there's anyone could speak english and translate what we said in english to thai language.
We did fnally find a couple tat could speak both thai and english. We told her what happened.
First she still thought it just a missunderstading until we told her that the driver absolutely said yas when we ask for Doi Suthep. If he can't take us there, he could say no, like the first songthew driver that we see before him.
After few minutes argueing, and explaining, yelling, and sighning, the policeman infront of us maybe thought "okay, thats all, this is all to silly.. better to send this two crazy girl out of my office". So he did ask the girl that translate us to ask us to go and not to pay anything since were not going anywhere AT ALL.
We go. I said thanks to her and her bf (nice guy). And to the police (that looks like really upset with all the noise), and SORRY to the songthew driver (that not succeed to fool another FARANG just like he always did). We rushing go outside, and think that we're too "hot" to think where else to go.
Still mumbling at street finally we went to our guesthouse, and take a rest for a while.
After 1 pm we were hungry so, we decide, mac love is our choice (read Mc D's), i want cheese burgers and ice creammmm ! after this hassle and heat... i deserve it.. hehehehe

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