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Back to singapore again

Back to civilization again ??
I don't know if shopping centers counts as civilization (for girls yeahhh, hehehe).

This morning i wake up too early. There's few girls just got back from party, and they were so late, and NOISY to the hostel.
So we decide to just take a bath and get out from the hostel at 6.15 am. We left some of our biscuits there, too much to carry.
Theres a tuk2 outside the hostel. But he want to ask us for 80 baht to the hostel, for both of us.
Oh, God, we cried, not again !!
We said 50 for both, and he just don't want. Sorry.. but we're too tired with all of this tuk2 ISSUE, maybe its REALLY a tradition in here if you were talking about tuk2 that's mean headache.
We decide to walk a bit and there's a songthew passing thru. He stop, Maria don't want to do anything about the songthew because of yesterday incident. But i told the driver how much to the airport, he said 60 baht (wew ! lower than tuk2??) and finally he agree with 50 baht for both (could be cheaper because its not really that far).
Anyway, we just jump in to the songthew and then there's two other girls join us to the airport. They were planning to go to Koh Pang Nga. We already been there, sunshine and beach.. good luck girls !
The songthew stop us at local departure, wrong terminal.
But its not that far to go to the international departure. So we walk with the help of trolley (yess they had that !! so happy to see specially when you carry so much luggage!)
Okay, this is it... could we get thru without paying for extra weight with our big luggages ?
I did pay for extra luggage so we both could bring at least 20 kgs each. So total is 40 Kgs.
And you know how much our total luggage after we measure it at checkin counter ????
39,3 kgs !!!!!!!
I think that was a good news, and need to be celebrate with being happy for the rest of our flight.
But..psssttt.. little black secret know.. the total weight of our luggage is actually 43 kgs more. I just do some old trick to the backpack. If you were worried about your luggage over weight, when they put that on scale, don't lay them all. Put it straight up where there's less space/pressure to the scale, the weight getting lighter, its physics law. It works for me all the time on budget airlines !

We had our breakfast at the coffee shop at the 1st floor near the Tiger Airways ticketing. I had a cup of tea and a croissant for breakfast. Trust me.. its NOT enough for my Indonesian tummy. So i get few bites on chocolate that i brought also.
And when i take my wallet out, oh no... there it is.. my pink swiss army knife. AAAAAAAARRGGHHH !!!
Once again, i forgot to put it on my luggage.
Maria and i got sudden panic (especially me). But then we try to hide it on my wallet where theres so many magnetics cards (ATM, credit cards, etc) and it is attached to my keys as a key chain, but still it's a knife.
We went to the second floor of the airport. First we cant really decide what to do because we still have like 1 hour time to spent here. There's only coffee shop out side the waiting room. We try to peek in ..well yeah.. there's more shops there but not as much as in Singapore.
First i think it was amazing that a small city like Chiang mai have international airport, but then Maria reminds me that there's been Olympic games held here, so yes, its good. Small but comfy.
So we went to the immigration line to get to the waiting room. And (gasp !) they were taking pictures of me !! (arrrghh!) if i know they will take the picture i would made my self not looks like some one that "had" to be awake at 5 am ! (read:messy and dull).
We do body scan, and then they x-ray our things, my heart beating fast because i don't want them to take the swiss army knife !! and they re-scan my things AGAIN ! i think my face become more pale than it used... but then they said okay... then all sudden i could breathe as normal (i'm such a criminal...don't ever try this people !!)
We took few pictures there. The toilet is clean and international standard (toilet tissue, clean, smells good and no squad potty or leaking waters).
The flight is all right, and amazingly boring. I'm wondering what would it be on the plane for 18 hours or more?? I try to sleep, i feel tired but just can't. Read mags.. oooohh the mags too good to be read, that you know sometimes that you want to keep some of your reading because you afraid that you don't have anything to read.. that "syndrome" happened there, that time, so i quit reading the mags. I just try to write few things on my temporary journal.
Anyway theres a guy that ask for our blog address cause he see us taking pictures and i explain that for our blogs. He is a nice guy, always smile ( you need that when ever you were in a place that you never been, and you don't know anyone !).
So here we are in singapore and its raining quite hard. We're planning to go to Orchad road as soon as we book our bed at Betel Box. When we finally had our bed we feel so tired that we sleep until 5 afternoon.
The raining is not as hard as before, but its cold and cloudy. I guess moonson not only hit Thailand. We went down stair with umbrella. Hungry !
We rush to find Ayam Penyet Ria, just few blocks from Betel Box, all we need to do is just walk along the road, in rain !
My feet all cold, but thinking about the Chilli that i will eat, uuuhhmm.. Yums !!! we're Indonesian we can't live without those hot chilli and extra hot spices.
We almost can't find rice in Thailand, so when we did find rice.. awww and tempe !! feels we just at home (even the tempe sliced so thin !!). We full after eat a portion for eac of us. Maria have a hot Milo and i had my hot orange juice. I have fever !
After eat and lick our finger tips (yummss), we went back to hostel and wash our face and get ready for Orchad Road.
We took MRT and went to Orchad road. We're lost as usual on our very first day on every town.
Singapore, especially in geylang areas is look different than before we went here. There's a lot of pretty light and some people were busy building tent along the road. They were preparing food stand for the holly month Ramadhan.
Its good to see how this country could celebrate all of their religion beliefs. It's quite different than in Indonesia. I said so because even we had so many cultures and 6 religion and beliefs, you could only see the Moslem celebration.
As a moslem, it's good, but as a nation, where is other culture that we should show to others ?? so much to think about.... i rarely see chinese celebration held in Jambi.. where theres so many chinese. Or where its chrismast.. i could only see they put lights and christmast tree only in shopping centre. In Singapore, its every where !
But then we find the place that we want to go.
We have Burger King as dinner at Orchad, and watch Barongsai dance(lion dance) competition until 9.30 pm. The competition is an international competition. We could see the participant mostly is from Chinese or Hongkong. They were great , and people seemed like it.

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