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Tanjung Pesona Beach, Good First Impression (Bangka Day 2)

February 15, 2010

People say pictures say things that you just couldn't say. I wish i could post my whole pictures of Bangka Island here.

On my 2nd day, i borrow one of my friend uncle motorcycle and we ride along Sungai Liat street. Its a small town, the traffic is less crowded than Jambi, no traffic jam.

I like the air at the afternoon, its sunny hot, but you feel the "water" on the wind that blows. You could smell the sea salty air by riding motorcycle.

We went to a beach about 15-20 minute ride with normal 40-60 km/hr speed. The road is good, asphalt quite thin in some part, and could be slippery with the sand on some street corner/bent. Along the way to Tanjung Pesona Beach i could see how Bangka is a mix culture between Bangka people, Malay, and Chinese cultures.

Its still Chinese new year, you could hear fire cracker nite before. Some places even had the lion dance at night. At day time, you could see lots of chinese teen ride with motorcycle or walking, visiting one another house for what they call "kongnyan"/Imlek.

Tanjung Pesona Beach had a resort called Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort, placed in Pantai Rebo Sungai Liat.

When we stopped at security gate i just told them i want to go to lobby to check the room price. We do plan to stay over at one hotel. They allow us to go in. According to my friend to get to the beach usually they ask for Rp 10.000 per person.

To go to the beach we have to go a little bit down hill, and i could see the breath taking clear water from the road down, and i take apicture so youc ould see what i see for first time (i am a beach bum haha!). My first beach after so looong!

We park our motorcycle (its free), and i just ran to the beach. They have a park (jungle gym) for kids too. They even had two horse for rent there (its small local breed-ponny). Not bad!

First touch of the sand. Its not pure white sand, a bit yellowish but the beach is MUCH cleaner than Kuta Beach, i could assure you! i am not afraid of broken glass walking barefoot in the sand feel so nice.

Theres only less than 15 people on 3-5 kms shore, could you imagine that?

Its a heaven for me! just too bad i didn't plan to swim there that time!

I don't like over crowded beaches where lots of people lying down on the beach, dogs, and agressive people selling stuff and offer massage or braids etc (hahaha!). This beach very "beach" like pure place for relaxing. It had a clean canteen where you could buy ice cream or eat some food or snack. And as far i could see, there are just domestic/local visitor.

Its truly a hidden gateaway that i am very recomended!

Later we know that on the resort not far from there like 50-100 meters up you could find a nice restaurant with excellent view to the beach, but sure its more pricy. But from top/from the resort the view is worth the price.

We stay at the beach, playing with wave and sand and walking along the beach until almost 6 pm. We explore the resort too and went to this long bridge, its just so romantic (aaawww! wink wink).

We go back to the parking and then take few more pictures and swear we will go back here again ! hahahah !

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