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Matras Beach--source of those intl volley beach sand!

February 17, 2010

I never know that fact, i thought people here been talk about it and its just because they are originally from here. I thought they were exaggerate things about this beach-Matras Beach in Sungai Liat Bangka Island.

But then i was wrong.

Thats what i thought, until i saw it my self!! i just told my self, if any of those tourist saw this beach, they will say Kuta-Bali or Lovina is nothing!

Exploring the beach

its not that deep, and the current not that strong

Clear water... no garbage

Aww... it feels like its calling me to swim!!

very soft white powder like sand.. i could imagine playing volley ball with this sand, its very very nice to stand on! (and HOT!)

and its a windy day too! thats why the wave a little bit bigger!

It feels like a private beach. Less people. I would love to lying down here all day, sleeping, and had my tan. Its just perfect.

Local government already build small stall for food vendors etc, but i didn't see any that open

The other unique thing about this beach is, there is a small fresh water source, hidden on this beach where you could wash up. The water is very cold, and there is plenty big rocks covering it. And its the only beach that had fresh water flow to the ocean.

Behind those rocks and trees, there's small river filled with fresh water

It is VERY CLEAN, compare to beaches that i've visited before in Indonesia and Thailand. Its still natural, the only thing could see is old trees and dead sea weeds. But then there is nothing like garbage there--ok very very less.

If now, you ask me, if i could choose where to go Bali or this island, seeing this beach, i would definitely choose Bangka! Its truly a hidden paradise!

PS. I have to be fair here to say negative things about this beach:
I can't find a toilet here or place to change my clothes! so you have to figure that out! i just hope the local government will fix this immediately!

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