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Natural hot spring in Bangka????!! (Bangka Day 3)

February 16, 2010

On the second day at Bangka my friend told me about this natural hot spring. I thought they were joking... there are no mouintain in Bangka.. how come they got the hot spring???

So here we go again the pack with riding motorcycle about 30 minute to the hot spring at Pemali. I feel anxious because hot spring kind of fun after traveling for several days. I could swim and everything... hmmm...

Jambi had hot spring too. The one that i've visited is in Kerinci region. Its very huge!

Along the way i could see pretty view of ex tin mining hole that become lake, its very beautiful. Its seemed mysterious.

The entry ticket for Tirta Tapta Hot Spring is Rp 15,000,-/person and they charge Rp 1000,- for parking/ea

I had to change my jeans to short so i went to shower. Not bad its big, but its a little bit dark. Not very clean but for indonesia standard-its not that bad.

The first pool we see is the one with slide. I didn't see any guards there. I saw little children climb to the top of the slide and boys are playing around the slide.. wow.. i wont bring my niece here. I can't understand why safety not #1 here. Even if the water only knee or waist high.. still i could see children age 5-6 or younger here that goes to that pool.

Its too crowd for me so we move to other pool where my friends said about this pool. Smaller but its good there. Without hesitate i just jump in the pool. and OMG!! OMG!! iTS TOO HOOOTTT!

My friend reaction just laugh at me when they see my red face and tears almost dropping at the edge of my eyes.. omg! its too hot ! hahahaha... i feel like boiled !!

After a while i think its better for me to have a swim. So we move to bigger swimming pool where i could do my 12 laps routine. It feels so good since the water is warm, but not as hot as that small pool that i went to first time, duh!

After swimming i feel so hungry so we went to the canteen and get some cheese fried cassava, Rp 15.000 a plate. Its taste so good, so soft... hahaha i love cassava!

After full, i did little bit exploring and see there is a huge cage at the other ned of the hot spring. And its deer-rusa from Bogor palace (haha sorry about the name, forgot the english!). Oh they also had duck boat here on the hot spring area. But we didnt explore much because its past 6 pm and we have to head back home. We ride our motorcycle again back to Sungai Liat. And we take several pictures on the way too!

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