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Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!


Hehehe.. buat yang bertanya2 ada apa dengan diri kyuuu kok sudah lama gak ngeblog... (ge-er) ok here i am..

Dreams come true, posing with a rare white (albino?) tiger, my fave animal

Cute pussy cat (its purring when i hug it !!)

This time i went to Jakarta & Bogor again. When every body seemed leave Jakarta for Ied Fitrh, me and family rushed there to gather there. We book the flight one month before, as we know its will be hard to find cheap and available ticket close to that day. My mom and sister leaving at Sept 17, 2009 and me at 20. Its a bad luck for me because then next month government choose to celebrate the Ied Fitrh at September 20 instead of 21, so i leave right on the "day".

My flight at 10. 42am and my sister and brother in law pick me up at Soekarno Hatta airport.
I loooveeee Jakarta when there is no traffic jam. We reach her mother in law house just less than 40 minutes. Usually it take like one an half hour from airport, or could be more.
After my brother in law and my sister "sungkeman" we drive to Bogor. But not far from Antam building (hehe we discuss about my chance to work there) suddenly the car in front of my brother in law stop and he hit the brake and we still sliding, and buummm..... we crash the car.
Its not a big accident because we crash it on the momentum, because the sliding down (before the first tunnel) anyway only damages and traumas left hehehe... lucky us both cars are insurance.. so we continue our way to Bogor.

Its Sunday and its Ied Fitrh day, the road to Puncak its jammed. But my brother in law said its relatively flowing. Do not go there on Weekend, or holidays, its just very stressful i think. Because seemed everyone goes here !The road small and packed with cars and motorcycle.

We finally arrive in "Coolibah" in the afternoon around 3 pm. And its count as fast ! yikes!
The villas at coolibah complex are AMAZING. I mean it. Huge houses, pretty swimmingpool garden... oh God.. its very nice !!

The villa we rent is new build, had a swimmingpool with so fresh and cold water. Had 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms down stairs (that's what i know) two kitchen, huge plasma tv, and i think over all its very nice ! the rent price is Rp 3 million per night (USD 300). That's because its holiday normal price is 1.5 million.. (USD150) this is a very good place for honeymoon... fresh and cold air, flowers and quiet relax place *wink-wink*

We spent 3 days there. I'll write the full report after up loading the pictures ...

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Ok deh mbak, lanjutkan traveling-nya tapi jangan lupa ngepost di blog kalau mengunjungi tempat-tempat lainnya ya,..:)

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