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4 hrs at changi (4 jam di changi???!!)

Due to something i have to spent my time 4 straight hours in changi airport, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!
First i browse i find some nice place at my terminal (terminal 1) and decide want to visit the movie lounge and have some feet massage.
Then when i arrive at Changi i just find out that all of the fun stuff are in TRANSIT AREA in level 3. To get there i have to do immigration check and have to show my boarding pass !
I arrive at terminal 1 Changi airport because i use Air Asia. The arrival are at the 1st floor. So i just take the booklet near the exit door. And find out that the only place i could go after getting my luggage is what they call the "Public Area".
First thing first, i find something to eat. I just take the elevator to the 2nd floor of terminal 1, to the departure area. Wash my face on the toilet and then go to another floor, to the canteen (forget the name) there are several food stall there. Noodles, some coffee shops and its just not bad.
After eat, and read the book i decide to go to terminal 3. Using the train that connect the terminal its very fast, and clean. I love it !
There are more shopping there in terminal 3. I get my self some chocolate, and went to the body shop store. Its very clean and bigger terminal but not much people here.
I went to all floor using the elevator... this is just amazing.
I am thinking about free tour around singapore but i dont thin i will have enough time to come back tho.
I find theres a place where you could left your luggage at terminal 3 and 2. Its at basement i think....
Changi is a very huge place so 4 hours is not a boring time.
Bad thing is.. i just can't understand why i can not connect to the wifi????? it would be more fun if i could browse tho...
I also looking for the free internet.. but appearantly its only at the "Transit Area" uughhhhh !
But that's all right.. next time if i ever had more than 4 hours stransit here (or maybe over night at Changi) i will never mind, i got the list of places i would go to here, and still its in airport !
Please remember MOST of all are in TRANSIT AREA means you have to check in first ! if its in PUBLIC area means you don't have to check in and go through immigration check.

1. Movie Theatre
Terminal 2 & 3 transit area

2. X-BOX Game (heheheheh!!)
Terminal 2 transit area

3. Free internet
Terminal 1, 2, 3 there's over 500 internet terminals around these 3 terminal

4. Bars & Live Music (whoaaa !!)
- Harry's Bar
Terminal 1 & 2 transit area, Terminal 3 PUBLIC AREA live performance in the evening
- Stars & Legend's Bar
Terminal 1 transit area, live music start at 7 pm-11 pm
- Poolside Bar
Terminal 1 transit area
- Bill Bentley Pub
Terminal 1, PUBLIC AREA
- Hard Rock Cafe
Terminal 3 transit area

5. Shower, Fitness & spa treatment (before you enjoy your long flight??)
Terminal 1 (rainforest lounge) & 2 (plaza premium lounge) transit area

6. Rooftop swimming pool & jacuzzi (yuppp you see it right!)
Terminal 1, transit area

7. Massage and foot reflexology
Terminal 1, 2, 3 transit area

8. Rest area (where you could enjoy a nice.. errhh more comfort sleep?)
Terminal 3, transit mall .. they do have that snooze chairs !

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Anonymous said...


sering banget stranded di changi berjam-jam...

ABUSING INTERNET is always on my TOP list! Hahahaha.....

Fico said...

@ Retrira
hehe aku lebih suka adventure.. keliling2 liat2 sana sini.. hehe udah bosan baru internet is my salvation ! hohohooho..

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